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November 20, 2014


Hey Folks!

Being from the North Eastern Part of the United States, we feel for the fellow New Yorkers in Buffalo that are dealing with the crazy blizzard passing through. Here are a couple pictures that were visually appealing. 

The Blizzard over Buffalo NY

The roads after being cleared


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Hypersensitivity and Anxiety

Are you anxious or nervous? Are you sensitive to light or sound? Would you like to live a calmer, easier life?

For Hypersensitivity and Anxiety click here  

We have done the first of your apps with my young pupil Mitchell, and there are definite improvements in many aspects of his behaviour. He is much calmer and cooperative and seems to be interacting better with his classmates.   


Organization and Time Management

 Are you disorganized? Are you frequently late but don't mean to be and mix up time? Do you find it hard to keep things in sequential order?

For Organization and Time Management click here  


ADD-ADHD, Memory & Bed wetting

Do you have trouble paying attention, are fidgety and impulsive? Do you have trouble with short term memory or with things that are said? Perhaps someone you know has had trouble with bed wetting?

 For ADD/ADHD, Memory and Bedwetting click here


Dyslexia and Dysgraphia

Do you or someone you know have a hard time reading, especially with reversing letters and numbers at an older age? Do you have poor handwriting? Do you have a hard time getting your thoughts down on paper?

For Dyslexia and Dysgraphia click here


Vision, Co-ordination & Attention

Do you know someone who struggles with vision - getting headaches when reading, eyes jump over words and lines, or who can read but doesn't like to? Or who had trouble learning to swim or is a messy eater? Who has problems concentrating, but not necessarily hyperactive? 

For Vision, Coordination and Attention click here



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Visual Processing for All Ages




There are many things that can go wrong with a person's visual system, with the most common being poor acuity - seeing things blurry instead of clear. Of course, the worst would be blindness or near blindness.


However, there are many other things as well! 

  • Sustaining Focus
    • This is the ability to keep objects in clear focus (acuity) over time. Some people can see well for a short period of time, but within 10 minutes, the strain is too great. If you are working with a child, at this point you will notice that the child can no longer read as well, is rubbing eyes and blinking.
  • Double vision
    • Some of the people you work with may have double vision all or part of the time. Since no one routinely asks, and since this usually happens since childhood, it may not be known by the viewer that something is amiss. After, they have always seen this way and assume that all people see the way they do. If they close one eye while reading or tilt the head so only one eye is reading, double vision may be the cause.
  • Convergence
    • A person who is slow copying probably has a convergence insufficiency. It hurts and takes a long period of time to refocus from one distance to another.
  • Tracking
    • Tracking is the ability to smoothly follow a moving object. It is needed for reading so that we don't skip over words or lines. Comprehension and fluency is lost from rereading.
  • Saccades
    • Good saccades allows us to move our eyes quickly and efficiently from one spot to another. We use it to read efficiently so that we are not looking at each individual letter.
  • Peripheral vision
    • In combination with the saccades, we are able to take in several words at a time to read faster and more fluently. Some people have poor peripheral vision, causing tunnel vision and losing their place when going from line to line.
  • Visualization
    • Most people visualize a movie when reading a novel, and recall the movie when necessary for comprehension. Others remember the words or the story. When remediating comprehension, it is easier to teach visualization.
  • Visual discrimination (h,n,r or o,e or f,t; 1,7)
    • It is important to be able to easily discriminate between letters and words that look similar for reading fluently or correct math computations.
  • Visual perception (b,d or u,n or 2,5 or saw,was)
    • A person who confuses left  with right may also have trouble with reversals. This also causes problems with reading, writing, and math.


So what to do?


Start with a visit to the optometrist. Note that most do not check for all of the issues mentioned above. A developmental or behavioral optometrist will test for all of them and more. It is always best to see a professional, but if your insurance will not pay for vision therapy, consider the following steps.


The Pyramid of Potential addresses these issues. Start with neurodevelopment by integrating the primitive reflexes. Vision is developed in infancy - integrating the primitive reflexes replicates important stages in infancy that may need additional stimulation. You can use several of the programs from There are downloads that are particularly important for vision which can be found on the following website:

These are on sale this month and are usually $19.95 each. But through the month of November you can get each for $16.97. They should be done in the following order:

  • Hypersensitive and Anxiety - for light sensitivity and peripheral vision
  • Organization and Time Management - for Convergence
  • ADD/ADHD, Memory and Bed-wetting - for near-point acuity
  • Dyslexia and Dysgraphia - for tracking and convergence
  • Vision, Coordination and Attention - for tracking, convergence, and near-point acuity


 Next, stimulate the vision system through simple exercises. These can be found  in the workbooks that are included in the above downloads.


Finally, if there is still a vision issue that was not fully addressed, see a behavioral or developmental optometrist. The costs will be greatly reduced because of the work that was done beforehand. You can find one at or


In time, with some simple work, vision will no longer impede the ability to succeed in school, work, or life!


Did You Know?
Visual Processing Disorders: By Age Group

Basics You Should Know About Visual Processing Disorders

  • Visual processing disorders are also known as visual perceptual processing disorders
  • They affect how the brain perceives and processes what the eye sees.
  • These disorders can occur without impaired vision of any kind.
  • Like all learning disabilities, visual processing disorders can be a lifelong challenge.
  • People with visual processing disorders have problems with the way they interpret information, but what others will notice in people with these disorders is the behavior that happens after the difficulties occur.
  • There are several types of visual processing disorders, each affecting different aspects of visual information processing-see "Visual Processing Disorders" for more information.
Visual Processing Disorders at Different Ages

Many people experience problems with learning and behavior occasionally, but if a person consistently displays difficulties with these tasks over time, testing for visual processing disorders by trained professionals should be considered. 

To read more about the visual processing orders at different ages, Early Childhood, School-Age Children, and Teenagers and Adults, go to the National Center for Learning Disabilities. Follow this link:



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Video of the Week
Vision Development: Causes of Learning Disabilities
Vision Development: Causes of Learning Disabilities
Kathy Johnson describes how vision - beyond acuity and the need for glasses - is a cause of learning disabilities. Watch her eyes closely!!

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