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How do I get my Teenager to Brain Train?



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July 2, 2014
Hi Everyone!

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How do I get my Teenager to Brain Train?





Many kids who have learning struggles, by the time they reach their teens, have been through the mill. They have had hours and days of testing, lists of accommodations lasting for pages, nagging parents and teachers, hiding the struggles from their friends by being a jokester or hiding shyly, hours and hours of homework a night, and the list goes on. By this time, they are tired!! Tired of the work, the nagging, and of having these issues.


You may have told him that he's smart, but he know that all evidence points to the fact that he cannot     Read


Do math

Pay attention

Fill in the blank


You might have tried therapies: talk therapy, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, etc. Nothing made enough difference. You have tried school-based interventions, private schools, tutors.


So, now you have a plan. You read the article on Pyramid of Potential; you saw the testimonials; you read old newsletters; you are ready to try yet another thing - and you hope once again that this is finally IT!!


I know the feeling, as I was that parent, too. But now the problem is how to get your child to try it?


 He is sick and tired of being dragged here and there when nothing ever changes. He has given up.

My suggestion? First of all, try to appeal to their need to just be "normal". Or they would like homework to take less time. Show them what this looks like and let them make up their own minds. If that doesn't work? Two simple tactics: bribery and small steps.


When a parent of a teenager calls me, I let them know that I will not take a dime or work a minute with their child unless they have already given their consent to work with me. Period. Save your money and time. They are valuable.


But let's say that the child is willing to do the first step, hopefully without the bribe, but OK with it. Then you choose the small step that is easy enough for the child to swallow. Is she into sports? Do the exercise DVD that will improve her ability to do sports and make her look better. Does she say "what?" more than 5 times a day? Then do a listening program. Is she always squinting, rubbing her eyes, or avoids reading for long periods of time? Try Irlen Overlays.


Is there anger and defiance that started well before the teen years? Here's a suggestion: cut out wheat and gluten. When we think of mental issues we think of a chemical imbalance. Where do the chemicals come from? Diet of course! I have seen some (but not all) people with real anger issues have a turn-around in just a week. Worth a try.


Once you have found success in one area, the teen may be more willing to try some other more difficult things to improve their abilities. Be sure to do your best to follow all of the steps in the Pyramid of Potential so that his or her potential truly is reached!


Best of luck!!




Did You Know?

What may be play to children is cognitive development


Joey is now 4 years old and in the pre-kindergarten class at his preschool. While outside playing, Joey and some of his friends take off around the playground, making a couple of rounds. He suddenly stops and begins to watch Lilly play with one of the hula hoops. She gets down on the ground, crawls through it, gets up and starts jumping in and out of the hoop, and then begins to twirl it on her hand. Joey runs over, grabs a hula hoop, and begins to imitate what Lilly has done.


Is he just playing? Well he probably thinks so, but he is learning through the play. Joey was using his thinking skills in remembering what Lilly did with her hula hoop and imitated her.


He used his working memory to recall and play out what Lilly had done.


Check out the full article here:

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