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An Analysis of Reading Issues  
August 21, 2013  

Reading issues and the primitive reflexes are on my mind right
The Moro Reflex 
The Moro Reflex
now.  Take a look at my video on the moro reflex and see my complete article below where I give my analysis of reading issues.    
I am so pleased that I can now offer you my Primitive Reflex Foundation for Learning Webinar for immediate download! 
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An Analysis of Reading Issues

Reading requires a visual component and an auditory component. One cannot memorize sight words if the visual memory is poor. One cannot sound out words if auditory processing is poor (and cannot distinguish between short vowel sounds or sh vs. ch). Also, if sequencing is bad, keeping the sounds in order is hard. If the print is moving around the page or appears in double, or if the child cannot sustain focus for long, comprehending will not be possible.  

For most children with learning disabilities, they did not suddenly acquire the disability (except in the case of a traumatic brain injury), it started with neurodevelopment. For some reason, the ability to sequence (which comes during the infant stage of "integrating the Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex") did not occur. Or for the child with auditory processing difficulties (good auditory processing occurs also during infancy while "integrating the Moro Reflex and the Spinal Galant") the ability to tune into the teacher and tune out the rest of the noises, or to process sounds that are similar, is very hard.

Many children cannot process the letters and lines on a page due to visual processing problems that should have been corrected during that first year of life. They still can't "converge" (focus easily from near to far and back again), which is needed for copying, because that is developed during that first year of life.   A newborn can only converge to the point of mom's face while a one year old can converge the distance of a room. This normally happens during the integration of 3 different reflexes.

What is absolutely wonderful and hopeful is that people can integrate the reflexes at any time in their lives. At age 54 I finally integrated the Spinal Galant and for the first time ever was able to remember people's names. This was quite a shock, since I had not been working on it. What changed? The neural pathways for auditory processing and memory had finally hooked up. And the best part is that it takes minutes a day for only a few months.

I have seen children of all ages improve their brain functioning that underlies all of the reading issues.  After improving brain functioning, then see it followed with about a month of reading instruction to then be able to read beyond grade level.  Integrating reflexes is not the silver bullet. There is none. However, it makes sense that we replicate stages of development in order to fill in holes. 

This is not craziness. We have known for decades that our brains are elastic; IQ can improve. We just didn't know how. 

Can you imagine how our children will benefit when the day comes that children do simple movements daily in the classroom that improve their brains? 

Can you imagine how our teachers will benefit when they don't feel like their efforts to teach some children are hopeless? 

What a wonderful day it will be!

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