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              Do not try and hit the golf ball
"What? Do not try and hit the golf ball? I thought my goal was to hit the golf ball....."
 That is the response I get when I tell my students that I would rather they not do that. You see, the thought of trying to move that little white ball into the air creates anxiety and tension in your physical swing and in your mind.
 All great golfers have a sense of rhythm and balance in their swing. You may see on TV or at a golf tournament that they are really 'going after' the ball, but what you do not see is that these golfers are merely moving through the ball towards the target, with no thoughts of trying to stop at the ball and hit it!
 I say us your balance in the downswing to create clubhead speed, which creates a fluid, free-swinging motion -- with you not trying to get involved in the process!
To learn more about trying not to hit at the golf ball, please contact Mary Schiavetta, PGA Professional, SchiavettaGolf Academy @ Evie's Golf Center.
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