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ClearRock HR Forum: Maximize Your Employee Investment 

Tuesday, November 10th - 7:30am - 9:00am

 Newton Marriott Hotel

For more information, or to register: jackie@clearrock.com
Q. What are some ways our company can create strong engagement with a newly hired executive? 
A. Putting together an "expectations letter" containing key points that you would like your newly hired executive to focus on in his/her new position is very beneficial. Three recommendations for your new executive include: 1) focus on the new company culture and provide a consistent message; 2) maintain positive, regular communication; and 3) strive to project openness, transparency, approachability, and humility, with a results focus.



in the Community
Ellie Eckhoff, M.Ed., Vice President at ClearRock 
Ellie with Carol Bergeron, President of Bergeron Associates & HBA Boston Mentoring Program Director
recently facilitated ConnectCafes for the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association - at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Shire. Over 50 professionals kick-started their day with a speed networking event and finished up with strong connections with women in healthcare.
Ellie is also an HBA Mentor and serves on the Mentor Marketing Committee. It's natural for Ellie to commit to the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association, as an extension of her career working in pharmaceutical and medial device companies. Their mission is to further the advancement and impact of women in healthcare, and to empower more women as business and thought leaders which align with Ellie's purpose and passion.
keystrategiesKey Strategies to Retaining Newly Hired Professionals
With the unemployment rate at 4.6% in Massachusetts (September, 2015) and fewer professionals available for hire, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to retain employees and insure the success of their new hires.
Studies have shown that companies lose an average of 25% of all new hires within their first year. This turnover can cost 1.5 to 2 times the employees' annual salary or more due to investments in training, interviewing and screening as well as lost productivity, lost engagement, and a variety of other factors. With executives, these numbers are considerably higher with approximately 40% of executives failing in new jobs within the first 18 months. This 40% failure rate for executives has been consistent for the past 15 years. 
Given the importance of retaining new employees, companies need to facilitate an onboarding strategy which helps the new employee learn their way around their environment so they are clear regarding both what needs to get done and how things get done. 
HR professionals understand the importance of successfully integrating new employees into the organization, as well as the challenges of implementing an effective onboarding program. Such programs are important for all levels of employees. ClearRock coaches and consultants have decades of combined experience working with individuals and organizations in the areas of onboarding and coaching new leaders.