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Please review our April meeting minutes.

April 13, 2014
Hoosier Harvest Council News
Updates and April Meeting Minutes:
We had a great meeting last Monday, sorry if you could not attend.  Micheal Morrow presented a lot of information about the food hub, Hoosier Harvest Market. We appreciate him attending our meeting. We also had several market masters present who gave updates on their markets, everyone is looking forward to a great market year.  We know that everyone is busy and can not attend meeting, so we will share information from our meetings in a timely manner.  Please let us know if you have a topic you would like for us to cover. repotting-flowers.jpg

We have continued to gain new members, please share this with anyone who you think would be interested in joining.  If you need to fill out a membership application: Please click here and choose the appropriate application for your business.

If anyone is interested in being a vendor at the Highway 38 event in Anderson on May 2 and 3 from 8 am-6 pm. They are looking for some local foods, such as noodles, honey, other local items. Email back and we will get you the contact information.

Members: Please look over your page on our web site and let us know of any changes that should be made.  We want the site to be as accurate as possible.

Our next meeting is on Monday, May 5th at 7 pm. 
It will be held at the Purdue Extension Office at 802 N Apple St, Greenfield IN 46140.  
(updated agenda will be sent out with a meeting reminder before the next meeting)
  • Call to order
  • Approve meeting minutes and treasurer report.
  • Committee updates
  • Speaker and Guests - To Be Announced
April 2014 Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting Minutes   


April 7, 2014


Attendance:  R.C. McDanel,  Earl & Barb Smith, Jim & Vicki Fair, Rex Zenor, Marvin & Jeniece Miller, Greg Ash, Glen Reynolds, Gary Mithoefer, Nancy Strickland, Frances Alicea, Lisa Sweeney, Michael Deutsch,  Chandra Chaves, Joe Paxton, Amy Surburg, Jim & Cathy Matthews, Haley Reneer-Tansy and Roy Ballard.


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.


Everyone introduced themselves including what farm or farmers market they were with.


March meeting minutes were approved as presented.


Treasurers Report -        $1756.73 is the current balance.  Constant Contact has been paid for 1 year, which will take us through April of next year. We have some dues yet to deposit. No outstanding bills. Report was approved as presented.


Hoosier Harvest Market - Michael Morrow, market manager was our guest speaker.

Hoosier Harvest Market is an on-line market / food hub that makes a connection between Indiana farmers and consumers.  Consumers place their orders on the web site and the products are aggregated on Thursday's at the extension office. They are then distributed to several pick-up points in the surrounding area where the consumer can pick up their orders from 4-7 pm that evening. They are partnering with some businesses in being drop off sites as well as distributing CSA totes from Tuttle Orchards.

The food hub is still looking for producers and consumers, but has accomplished a lot in the past few months.  Working on getting more grant funding and purchasing some refrigerated trailers. The goal is that it becomes self sustaining in the near future.  The hub is also working on a farm to school program with several schools.

Farmer members participate by signing a membership agreement with the food hub.  The fee for a year is $150.00 which is similar to fees you might pay to set up at a farmers market. The farmer has access to the web site to place his/her products on the site and determine amount that is available for sale.  A small percentage of your sales help to cover operating costs. There are no membership fees for consumers.

We appreciate Mike talking with us about the food hub. More information can be found on the web site.


Farmers Market Reports

  • Farmers Market at the Fairgrounds - Barb Smith reported that market continues to do very well.  Vendor Call-out meeting will be held on Thursday evening. We are planning on accepting SNAP and credit /debit cards at the market.
  • Greenfield Downtown Farmers Market - Chandra Chaves reported that the market will be opening May 17th.  The market will run from 9 am-1 pm.  She has a few vendors signed up but is looking for more.
  • Fortville Farmers Market - Barb Smith and Nancy Strickland reported they had their call out meeting March 12, 2014.  They have around 15 vendors signed up. Vendor map was available at the meeting for vendors to sign up for booth space.  The market is also applying to take SNAP benefits.
  • Cumberland Farmers Market - Barb Smith reported that they had their vendor meeting on April 3rd.  They discussed changing market times, but voted to keep the market from 8 am-Noon.
  • Heart of Rushville Farmers and Artisians Market - Had vendor meeting on April 1st. No further details.
  • Henry County Farmers Market - Will be having their vendor call-out meeting on Thursday, April 10th at 6 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church, 1202 Church Street, New Castle. 
  • Anderson City Market - Vendor Call-out meeting was on  March 27th
  • Shelby County Farmers Market - Vendor call-out meeting will be on April 12th.
  • Old National Centre Farmers Market - Frances Alicea was at the meeting and spoke about the new market opening from May thru Oct on Fridays from 11-2 at the Old National Centre, 502 N New Jersey Street, Indianapolis. She is still looking for vendors.

WIC/SNAP - Several markets are applying to be able to take SNAP benefits at the market. SNAP is the current term for food stamps.  They can use their card to purchase any food items, not just produce at the farmers market, the same as they do at the grocery store.  It is one way to increase sales we are missing out on by not accepting the SNAP. Eligible consumers get a significant amount to spend on food.


Marketing - Since the last meeting we were able to get access to our old Facebook page.  The pages have been merged.  We will be working on doing some advertising on Facebook to increase awareness of our members.


Web Site - Barb Smith will be working this month to update our web site pages and to add our new members to the site.  Please take time to review your page contents and let Barb know of any additions or changes you would like.  Check out Piney Acres, Blue River Natural Foods and the Farmers Market at the Fairgrounds sites to see some of the options available; pictures, about you business, Facebook feed, product list or market applications.  Also note: Any member who has not paid dues by May 1st will be removed from the site by the end of May.  We have kept them on since the site was not updated for the majority of the past year.


Agritourism - Rex Zenor gave an update on the Agribusiness Ordinance and the complaints that he has received.  It was resolved so that he could hold his Easter Egg hunt on April 12, but it continues to be an issue.  The state of Indiana is promoting agritourism and has passed legislation that should help with this issue.  Hoosier Harvest Council also supports agritourism and will help keep an eye on the legislation.


Future Meeting Topics - R.C. McDanel asked those present what topics they would like to have presented.  Suggestions were:  Small Business Loans, having NRSC talk about their programs, Husk to discuss their business.  We will contact weights and measures, Richard Simon, to see if he can attend our next meeting to inspect scales.  Please plan on bringing your scales to the next meeting. April Hammerand of the Food Coalition of Central Indiana may be attending our May meeting to distribute the Local Food Guides that they produce.  Several of our members are listed in their guide.


Buy Fresh Buy Local® - we are not renewing our membership.  If you are utilizing any graphics with that Logo, please remove it, as we cannot use it after April 15th.


Roy Ballard's Updates:

  • In the process of filing a Value Added Producer Grant for the Hoosier Harvest Market.
  • If you are planning to do any wholesale sales, there is an upcoming GAPS training.

Next meeting - will be on Monday, May 5th at 7 pm. Watch future announcements for topics.


Submitted by:

Barbara Smith, Secretary

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