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Next Meeting, March 3rd at 7 pm 
at the Purdue Extension Office 802 N Apple St., Greenfield
Please review information in this newsletter, a lot of exciting news.

February 5, 2014
Hoosier Harvest Council News
Updates and March Meeting Announcement:
What a winter we are having, I'm looking forward to spring. I know a lot of you are as well. We did not have a huge attendance at our meeting on Monday, but feel we are making a good start to the year.  Please read the meeting minutes to keep up to date.  We would also appreciate feedback from our members. We need to form a committee for Farm Tours - please contact us if you are interested in being involved with the farm tours this year.snowy-sidewalk.jpg

We have 2 new members: Indian Lake Trading Company and Country Kids Chicken Ranch. We have also talked with a few others who have indicated they will join.  If you need to fill out a membership application: Please click here and choose the appropriate application for your business.

Our new Facebook Page is up and running along with our Twitter account.  If you utilize either - please like us and follow us.  We would also appreciate if you share out status.

Our next meeting is on Monday, February 3rd at 7 pm. 
It will be held at the Purdue Extension Office at 802 N Apple St, Greenfield IN 46140.  
(updated agenda will be sent out with a meeting reminder before the next meeting)
  • Call to order
  • Approve meeting minutes and treasurer report.
  • Committee updates
  • Facebook Training 
February 2014 Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting Minutes   


February 3, 2014


Attendance:  R.C. McDanel, Chris Baggott, Earl & Barb Smith, Jim & Vicki Fair, Rex Zenor, Robert Engleking, Jack Coe, Chandra Chaves and Roy Ballard.


Meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm.


Annual meeting minutes from January 13, 2014 were approved as presented.


Treasurers Report -   Was approved as presented.  We are expecting more renewals and have signed up some new vendors. No outstanding invoices.

Current balance $2251.21             Prior balance $2272.22

                Deposit               Membership renewals (20)                $1230.00

                Expenses:            Web Site development:                      $1125.00

                                           Food for last meeting:                         $76.30

                                           Mailing Material:                                 $49.71


Open Forum Discussion:


Chris Baggott has been approached by the Lt Gov regarding agritourism and he suggested the group works with the state on Agritoursim/Agribusiness legislation.  Earl Smith made a motion to form a committee.  Final nomination was to "Form a committee with the goal of creating a position statement on Agritourism by the end of the month to be presented to the State of Indiana.  The committee will consist of Chris Baggott, Earl Smith, Rex Zenor, Roy Ballard and one other member to be determined."  Motion was passed by unanimous vote. Roy Ballard pointed out that this group helped to develop the Agribusiness Ordinance in Hancock County; it is not perfect it does give guidance that a lot of other counties do not have.  Rex pointed out that he has several events planned on his farm this year and that he has to go to get a permit for the events.  Piney Acres has been the guinea pig for the ordinance and its interpretation. 


Piney Acres is planning an Irish Roots Family Night in March and an Easter Egg Hunt in April.  He would like to serve local foods - names of local chefs were shared with him.


Earl Smith recommended that we could possibly align with other organizations, such as Farm Bureau and other local food groups.  The purpose would be to get our voice heard regarding issues farmers are having in producing  and marketing local foods and value added products.


We want the group to be involved with: Legislation, Marketing and Networking.  When we are affective in those area producers will see the value in being a member of our organization. Jim Fair noted that he had a hard time identifying what the benefits of membership of our organization are and how to convey it to other potential members.  We need to do a better job of displaying the benefits of membership. - Buy Fresh Buy LocalŪ was discussed.  We have not received invoice for the year, although we do know that it is $500 per year.  Discussed what value we get out of that expense.  Most members are not using the graphics.  Chris suggested that we could make a huge impact by using  that money in other advertising to get more people to buy from our members.  We want to guide customers to our Facebook page and web site.  We will need to come up with a new Logo since we will not be able to use the BFBL Logo and graphics.  Suggestion for a contest was offered.


Upcoming Events:


Farm Tour - need to find out which members are willing to host a farm tour and get a committee formed soon to plan the tours.


State Fair - Potential to have a larger presence at the Indiana State Fair in the Horticulture Building.  Need to find out detail and what we would like to present.


Horticulture Congress - Could have more involvement with programming/presenting at next years event.


Roy Ballard announced the following:

  • The Mobile App for the Hoosier Harvest Market will launch next week.  This will allow customers to place orders on their smart phones.
  • QR Code Project - Part of a USDA Grant that will have a QR code for all produce that can be used for customers to scan and find out information about the item, including how to choose, nutrition information, how to prepare, etc.  Would be a great addition to use when selling your produce to the customers.
  • Indiana Small Farm Conference - 2nd Annual event will be held in Danville on Thursday, Feb 20-Saturday, Feb 22. Register by Sunday, Feb 9th.  Info at
Next meeting - discussed changing the day of our meeting, other than the 1st Monday of the month. Suggestion for Wednesday, but may not work once we get into farmers market season.  Will continue with the 1st Monday for now, but is open for discussion in the future.  Our next meeting will be Monday, March 3rd at 7 pm.   Chris Baggott volunteered to do some Facebook training for our members at the meeting. 


Agribusiness Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, February 11 at 2:30. 

Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 19th at 6 pm. 


Submitted by:

Barbara Smith, Secretary


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