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August 2013
15th Annual Mastodon Roast
Minute with New Director of Alumni
Biking for Cancer: He Did It!
IPFW Successes
In-State Tuition for Part of Ohio

Famous IPFW alum returns to direct Our Town at IPFW


One of the most exciting and anticipated aspects of the new IPFW Department of Theatre 2013--14 subscription season is a production of Our Town in December, directed by and starring Fort Wayne native Dan Butler. Read More ...


Our Town 
December 6--15, 2013 
IPFW Studio Theatre


IPFW License Plates
Join almost 400 Mastodon fans who show support and pride by purchasing the IPFW license plate----available to anyone: alumni, students, faculty, and the general public. By purchasing a plate, you are donating directly to the IPFW Alumni Association scholarship fund.

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Career Services is looking for alumni who were student workers at IPFW.

If you were a student worker at IPFW, Career Services would like to invite you to participate in a training video for new student workers. You offer a unique perspective that will be greatly appreciated.

If interested, please contact Rachel Landis at utesre01@ipfw.edu

IPFW Fall Job Fair
IPFW Main Campus,
Walb Student Union
International Ballroom
Save the Date!
September 26, 2013 
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

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You've probably heard of "buy local" campaigns. Well, we're doing something similar: "buy IPFW alumni." We want to know if you (an IPFW alumni) own or operate a business. Please take a couple of minutes to compete this short form and help us help you!


 Mastodon Roast
Tuesday, September 10
IPFW Alumni Center

 Nearly Naked Mile
Wednesday, September 18
IPFW Alumni  Plaza

 IPFW Color Stomp
Wednesday, September 25
IPFW Main Campus

 Job Fair
Thursday, September 26
IPFW Main Campus

More Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 10  |  5:30--8 p.m. 
IPFW West Campus, Alumni Center
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You are cordially invited to the 15th annual Mastodon Roast, our signature event, for dinner, drinks, and an evening of fun. 
Meet IPFW's new director of alumni relations, Justin Busch; hear about several new and exciting changes; mix and mingle with your favorite professors, coaches, and fellow alumni; and enjoy a hog roast dinner and drinks. Dinner is free for grads, faculty, and guests. Must 21 or older and pre-registered to attend. RSVP Now!
Spend a Minute with a Mastodon
Minute with a Mastodon features our diverse and unique alumni through a series of questions. Take a minute, or a few, and get to know IPFW alumnus Justin Busch!.
Justin Busch 
B.A. '02 - Communication
B.A. '03 - History

Director of Alumni Relations at IPFW 
A little over a week ago, IPFW alumnus and two-term IPFW student body president Justin Busch returned to IPFW as the new director of alumni relations.

Spend a minute or two with Justin and hear about how his education led him to the White House and back, what advice he has for current students, and how he is looking forward to being part of the IPFW family again.

Q: How have your degrees been beneficial to your career?   
A: I was very fortunate to have a great academic adviser (School of Arts and Sciences) that helped shepherd me through the process of obtaining a degree in communication from Purdue University and a degree in history from Indiana University. Both degrees have been very beneficial to my career. I am a firm believer that almost every job greatly benefits from excellent communication skills and the ability to build and maintain relationships. Many of the skills I learned from my communication professors I used in the presentations and speeches I gave as an aide to two U.S. senators and as a presidential appointee. The tools of research, professional writing, and a zest to learn from our past formed during my time pursuing a history degree from IPFW. I have used those skills in the past working on public policy development and the many documents I prepared for my bosses, who needed to be well-informed, up-to-date, and given acute advice and council on a wide range of issues.


Q: How did you become interested in public affairs? 

A: I have always been drawn to opportunities to be part of efforts I am passionate about and to be in service to a cause bigger than myself. Since graduating from IPFW I have been able to work on numerous campaigns for individuals I believed in, I also served as a White House intern, presidential appointee in Washington, D.C., deputy political director to Senator Dan Coats, regional director for Senator Richard Lugar, and now as the director of alumni relations at IPFW. It was a great honor to serve two United States Senators, the President, and the American people, and now I am very excited to serve my fellow IPFW Alumni, the school we are all proud to have attended, and the two great institutions it represents. 

Q: What course(s) have you found to be most valuable in your professional life? 

A: If I had to pick one class as my favorite, it would have to be the course I took in marketing with Larry Wardlaw who is a vice president of the Asher Agency. Larry had a winning combination of being a very engaging speaker and educator. He was able to bring real-world advertising work and issues directly into the classroom and he always made time for us after class to discuss local issues. To this day I always look forward to the next time we get to catch up. 


Q: Where do you hope to be in ten years?
A:I feel like my mother slipped this question in here so you could report to her ...  I think she'd be happy to hear that I hope to be right here involved in my community in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I think there are many exciting things going on in the Alumni office and I hope to lead us to further success in the years ahead.  Read More ...  


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He Did It!
On July 4, 2013, IPFW student Kevin Sanders began a 1,300-mile bike ride form Bar Harbor, Maine, to Fort Wayne. Relying on only "God, a single tent, and the grace of good people along the way for sleeping accommodations," Kevin was able to accomplish the impossible.
Only five years ago, Kevin was diagnosed with a malignant stage three cancerous brain tumor and underwent surgery, with a 20 percent chance of regaining the ability to use the right side of his body. Not only did Kevin regain the use of his right side, he also managed to bike 1,300 miles in 27 days! 
Kevin called it "The Hope Ride," and his heart's desire is to bring hope to cancer patients and "show them first-hand that life doesn't have to end after cancer. Read More  ...     
IPFW Successes
From NCAA committee members to French Film Festival award winners, IPFW is filled with successful alumni, students, faculty, and staff doing amazing things!

1. IPFW senior Tim Saltys has been named as one of 31 members of the NCAA Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. The former member of the men's tennis team and current member of the men's cross-country squad has joined a panel of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience. Read More ...    


2. IPFW staff member Christopher Riley, assistant director of multicultural service/CTE coordinator,
was selected as one of the YWCA's 100 Good Men
 Read More ... 

3. Abraham Schwab, associate professor of philosophy, has co-edited a book entitled The Human Microbiome, to be published next month by Oxford University Press. 

4. IPFW alum Sara Hopwood, B.A. '11, is playing for Team Canada on their national softball team. She was recently featured in the Vancouver Sun. Read More  ...
5. VCD Assistant Professor Andres Montenegro won the residency award for his animated film project, "The Little Quest of Petrovsky," at the Carrefour de la Creation at The International Animation Festival Competition of Annecy, France. The short animated film will be distributed in France and Europe, and presented at Annecy's 2014 festival. Read More ... 
IPFW Offers In-State Tuition to Students in Parts of Ohio 
In the past few weeks Indiana's Commission for Higher Education and the Ohio Board of Regents endorsed a reciprocity agreement for county residents and campuses on both sides of the Indiana/Ohio border. As of July 1, our campus has been able to recruit and offer Indiana in-state, resident tuition rates to students in the following six counties in Ohio: Butler, Darke, Preble, Shelby, Mercer, and Van Wert.

Why does this matter? Conversations about establishing a reciprocity agreement began years ago to give students in Ohio border counties an opportunity to choose IPFW as their college of choice without having to pay out-of-state tuition rates, because of proximity of location.
Read More ... 

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