I'm surprised by how many of my clients think that if their child isn't outstanding in some way, they shouldn't bother looking for scholarships. They're very wrong.  


Your child doesn't have to be a star athlete or top student to get scholarship money!  


 Here's my favorite example of a scholarship that every high school student is eligible for:  


 $1,000 Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship  


To enter, all your child has to do is submit an online short essay (250 words or less) on the following topic:


Imagine that your high school/college has been overrun with Zombies. Your math professor, the cafeteria ladies and even your best friend have all joined the walking dead. Use your brain to flesh out a plan to avoid the Zombies, including where you would hide and the top 5 things you would bring with you to stay alive.


Application Deadline:November 30, 2012

For more details go to scholarshipexperts.com

After your student crafts a plan to avoid zombies, have him or her check out more scholarship opportunities on free search sites such as scholarshipexperts.com and fastweb.com.