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Representative Assembly
Tuesday, April 8,2014
Luke C. Moore High School
1001 Monroe Street, N.E.
Information on the contract negotiations and an indoor cookout!

April 3, 2014 



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Message from the President

Elizabeth Davis


Over the past month we have been working with teachers and parents at Mamie D. Lee and Sharpe Health to make sure their voices are heard in DCPS. The school system's proposal to combine both schools into the now shuttered River Terrace Elementary is cause for concern for educators . They are preparing our most vulnerable students for a rich future with practical skills training that must happen in the community. The site of River Terrace forces these children, many in wheel chairs and on walkers, to cross the busy Benning Road Bridge to access Metro and retail establishments.

In collaboration with our partners, WTU has planned a Walk for Safe Smart Schools on April 16. We are partnering with the River Terrace community and others to push DCPS to re-open River Terrace Elementary as a community school, with a STEM focus and keep Mamie D. Lee and Sharpe Health open right where they are.

Our participation in the debate on school focus, standing alongside parents, teachers and community leadership, strengthens the civic infrastructure needed to make positive and empowering changes within DCPS.  

WTU will keep you posted about the plans.  For more information send us an email to:

Elizabeth Davis
President, WTU


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WTU Calendar


 Thurs., April 3
Community School Conversation
Luke C. Moore HS
1001 Monroe St., NE
(see full article to the right)
Tuesday April 8 

Rep Assembly Meeting 
4:30pm -6:30pm    
Luke C. Moore HS 

1001 Monroe St., NE
(see full article to the right)





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Representative Assembly

Luke C. Moore High School

Tuesday, April 8, 4:30pm


Join us next Tuesday, April 8th, 4:30 at Luke C. Moore for our monthly  Representative Assembly.  Don't miss a great opportunity to hear a special presentation and learn more about the Interest-Based Bargaining model for contract negotiations.  Be there to add your voice and suggestions to the table discussions on the top five contractual issues we need to change in the new contract. Verify your membership status at the meeting and become a full-dues paying member now so that you can vote on the contract later this year.  And for signing up to become a full dues paying member you will receive a gift bag!  


Don't worry about dinner. Just for fun we are hosting an indoor cookout for those of us longing for warm weathers.


Make your voice count by joining us at the Representative Assembly on April 8th, 2014, 4:30 pm at Luke C. Moore, 1001 Monroe Street, NE, 20017. 

See you on Tuesday!


President Elizabeth Davis on WPFW
Every Thursday, 7:20am-7:35am WTU President Elizabeth Davis hosts, Making The Grade on 89.3FM

The program focusses on issues that affect DCPS, students, parents and teachers.

On Thursday, April 3 Making The Grade began a 3 part series debunking the myth that the high stakes student testing and teacher evaluation system has closed the academic achievement gaps in DCPS.   

The series continues next week, April 10, with a look what went wrong in DCPS and a review of  schools that are working across the county.
Join the discussion by calling 202-588-0893 or send an emal to dialogue@wtulocal6.net
Committee for Political Education


The WTU Committee on Political Education (COPE) presented its finding to the Representative Assembly on March 11. The committee recommended that the union withhold endorsement of any candidate in the 2014 Democratic Primary while reserving the right to reconsider in an emergency session or in the general election.

The recommendation was made by COPE after an intensive endorsement process that began with a carefully crafted questionnaire presented to the mayoral primary contenders, one-on-one interviews with 5 of the candidates, followed by COPE meetings where each candidate was ranked according to their positions on key issues. After the results of the ranking process, the COPE committee engaged in a discussion about the pros and cons of endorsing of one of the two top contenders who scored in the top percentile. After a final vote, the majority of the COPE members voted to recommend withholding endorsement for the time being. The COPE recommendation was brought to the WTU Executive Board who approved it unanimously. The recommendation not to endorse was placed before the Representative Assembly, which confirmed the E-Board decision by a vote of 31-2.

COPE meets every Wednesday, 5pm at Eastern High School, 1700 East Capitol Street, S.E. All WTU members are welcome to attend the meetings and join the committee. Applications can be obtained here.



DCPS Hiring Events

DCPS is hosting a series of hiring events open to all current WTU members beginning Tuesday May 20, 2014. This year, DCPS also hosted a networking event on Wednesday March 26, for all those interested in learning about the new initiatives in DCPS' Targeted 40 and Middle Grades schools. Only those schools were represented, but all WTU members were welcome. The event featured two concurrent panels on these topics, and an open networking event. The event was held at Kelley Miller Middle School, from 5:30pm-7:30pm.


Starting May 20, 2014 DCPS will start hosting hiring events for all DCPS vacancies open to current DCPS employees. See the WTU website calendar for dates each month through July. For more information contact: dcpscareers@dc.gov 



Community School Conversation
April 3, Luke C. Moore High School


Community Schools are very important to the richness of the DCPS experience. WTU is hosting a conversation to further enhance Community Schools on Thursday, April 3 from 4:30pm-6:30pm at Luke C. Moore High School.

The focus of the evening will be to broaden our understanding of how the community school initiative is progressing and what challenges still exists. We will also explore the important role teachers have played in the progress and how our community partners have engaged. Our special guest is Shital Shah, Assistant Director of AFT's educational issues department. Shital experienced in the community school movement.

Come for the stimulating discussion and debate. Light refreshments will be served.

Thursday, April 3, 2014, 4:30pm-6:30pm
Luke C Moore High School
1001 Monroe St N.E. 

Ask Angie
Advice from Member Services

What is OSSE State Licensure Guidance?

This benefit is a new function for WTU. Member Services Unit will provide guidance to full WTU members, via email only, on the following:

  1. Obtaining licensure renewal guidance for all Regular II licenses (full certification).

  2. Obtaining an Initial (first) Regular II DC state license from OSSE in your subject area.

  3. Obtaining additional endorsement licenses in other subject areas for those members who hold a Regular II license from OSSE.

  4. Enrolling in a DC state approved teacher preparation program towards qualifying for a 2-year Regular I license (provisional certification) with OSSE.

Please email your questions and/or scan your documents for review to Angie Skinner for more information askinner@wtulocal6.net Sorry, we cannot provide telephone consultation for licensure at this time.


WTU Retiree Workshop Report Back


More than 50 WTU retirees participated in a retirement workshop hosted by The Washington Teachers' Union on March 22. Attendees received information on the Teachers Retirement Plan and how to receive all of their entitlements from DCPS.

Mary Collins, a Trustee on the DC Retirement Board, served as moderator and instructor. The program included Mr. Robert Watson, Sr. of Plan Member Securities who spoke about how to plan for a worry free retirement.   The morning also included WTU General Vice President, Candi Peterson, who addressed issues related to the National Labor Relations Act and concerns about the extended school day survey that is being distributed to teachers by DCPS, which violates the collective bargaining agreement.

For more information contact Mary Collins at mcollins@wtulocal6.net or 202-330-3663


Education Summit To Reduce Suspensions Report Back

WTU continues its commitment to connecting its members to the education initiative we launched in December 2013 entitled, The Principles That Unite Us. This nationwide campaign is designed to empower teachers, parents and the community. Our next venture was the "Share the Vision" conference on February 22. This was a rich opportunity to bring us together to talk about our mission to reclaim the promise of public education in our city. Continuing this theme,  WTU joined with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) on Friday, March 21 and Saturday, March 22 at the Educator's Summit on School Discipline.  WTU President Elizabeth Davis, the WTU Field Services staff, and more than two dozen WTU members attended the event.  President Davis paid the registration fees for all WTU attendees.


A variety of public education stakeholders from across the nation participated as panelists and presenters, including AFT President Randi Weingarten.


As a result of this informative summit, the WTU is organizing a task force on restorative practices. If you are interested in learning more about the task force contact Field Services Specialists Taylor Lewis at tlewis@wtulocal6.net  or Donielle Powe at dpowe@wtulocal6.net.


WTU, Pi Phi Beta and First Book


Having books to read - at home and in the classroom - is the number one predictor of reading success. But for many children in DC books are an unaffordable luxury. This spring, First Book-DC, a partner of WTU, is teaming up with Pi Phi Beta Sorority to bring 40,000 brand new books to DC children during a Books on Wheels event in April. WTU wants to make sure that our students get these books. We need your help in registering 150 new classrooms, which include teachers, staff, and community partners, with First Book.  To register or to invite a colleague to join, please forward this link http://register.firstbook.org/?rgst=firstbookdc 


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact FirstBook DC Advisory

Board member, Kaily Yee, at kaily.yee@gmail.com