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Saturday, March 22
WTU Retiree W orkshop
Anacostia High School
For details contact Mary Collins
mcollins@wtulocal6.net or


April 1, 2014 

DINR Deadline is April  1st the deadline for submitting your Declaration of Intent Not to Return (DINR) form is April 1. Any WTU member who does not plan on continuing employment with DCPS for the 2014-15 school year must submit this form to Human Resources by April  1. 

March 20, 2014




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Message from the President


Walk for Safe Smart Passage, March 29 


Over the past few weeks we have been sharing the experiences of the students and parents of Mamie D. Lee and Sharpe Health Schools. Both schools serve students with severe handicaps. Both schools are now located in areas in Northwest Washington that make it easy for the teachers to take students on outings that will assist them in building quality lives. Travel training is a critical need for our students. Easy access to small businesses is an important part of their learning process.

DCPS has decided to consolidate both schools east of the river in a community where they will have to cross the Benning Road Bridge to access commercial outlets for their life trainings.

On Saturday, Mach 29, WTU, teachers from Mamie D. Lee, Sharpe Health, parents, and community leaders are going to demonstrate how difficult it will be for children in wheel chairs and children with other mobility issues to traverse the terrain in the River Terrace community. Our Walk for Safe Smart Passage is on Saturday, March 29. We will keep you posted about time and location.

The Washington Teachers' Union supports the now shuttered River Terrace Elementary School returning to serve the Ward 7 community as a school and community center. However, we believe making it the landing place for our neediest students is not wise.

Join us on Saturday, March 29 for the Walk for Safe Smart Passage. For more information call the David Street at, 202-293-8600 or email us at dialogue@wtulocal6.net

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Elizabeth A. Davis,

President, WTU 



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Saturday, March 22
Education Summit on Discipline
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WTU Retiree Workshop
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Saturday, March 29
Walk For Safe Passage
Details to be announced
Tuesday April 8 


Rep Assembly Meeting 
4:30pm -6:30pm    
Luke C. Moore High School 
1001 Monroe St NE, Washington, DC 20017



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Report From WTU Field Services


Dear Members of the WTU Bargaining Unit:


It has come to our attention that DCPS has disseminated a survey to members of our bargaining unit asking among other things, whether you approve or disapprove of extending the school day by one hour next year.


WTU is the sole and exclusive bargaining representative for the purpose of negotiating all matters related to rates of pay, wages, benefits, hours of employment and working conditions for all employees in the WTU bargaining unit. It is an unfair labor practice for DCPS, any employee in a management position in DCPS or any member of the WTU bargaining unit to violate the bargaining rights granted by law under collective bargaining.

View page 8 of our contract.



 If you are asked to complete a survey, it is necessary that you do the following immediately:


  1. If the questions pertains to any of the above, write across the page "subject to collective bargaining".

  2. Record who asked you to complete the survey and the date and approximate time.

  3. Keep careful records of any acts of intimidation, coercion, or threats to solicit a particular response to items in the survey.

  4. Notify your WTU Field Specialist immediately with your information by calling 202-293-8600.

Every Thursday from 7:20am-7:35am Liz Davis hosts Making the Grade on 89.3FM. The segment is designed to bring you the latest news and information on our schools and education community. Listen live and call in with your questions and comments at

202-588-0893 / email at dialogue@wtulocal6.org


On Thursday, March 20:  Sharp Health Social Worker tells the story of her students and her opposition to moving to the shuttered River Terrace  Elementary. 

Member Services


The WTU Membership Services Unit provides the following services to ALL DCPS ET-15 and EG-9 employees, Agency ($30. and Full members ($36.08)

Dental and vision care coverage via United Healthcare.

This benefit is separate from your medical health coverage that you elect and pay for from your payroll every two weeks. Dental and vision was negotiated in the last union contract for all DCPS ET-15 and EG-9 employees. Please note, open enrollment for Dental and Vision coverage via United Healthcare is at the beginning of each school year in August. Every employee is automatically covered but you must activate your coverage through the WTU benefits website for United Healthcare to use it.

Please email Cathy Woodson for more information on your coverage at cwoodson@wtulocal6 .net.

The membership services unit also provides the following services to Full Members ($36.08);

Maternity/Paternity leave bank and/or Sick leave bank

This benefit allows full members to access up to 30 days of additional sick leave to use for long term maternity or sick leave usage for members who need to go out on extended family medical leave (FMLA). Members who elect to join the leave banks must agree to donate 8 hours of their 96 hour sick leave to the WTU bank each school year during WTU benefit open enrollment. Enrolled members can apply for leave through the WTU bank once they have a completed and approved FMLA form that allows them to take extended leave. The application forms are easy to complete and processing times vary from 10 up to 15 business days.

Please email Angie Skinner for more information or application forms at aksinner@wtulocal6.net
WTU Retiree Workshop


Know your retiree rights! Join Mary Collins for a workshop on the information you should know as WTU member and a retiree from DCPS.

Saturday, March 22, 10:00am-1:00pm
Anacostia High School
1601 16th Street, S.E.

For more information contact Mary Collins at mcollins@wtulocal6.net or 202-330-3663


Education Summit To Reduce Suspensions, March 21-22

WTU and AFT are sponsoring an educator's summit that will bring together education stakeholders from around the country to help change the environment in our schools by identifying alternataives to suspensions and developing strategies for restorative practices.  For more information visit http://www.aft.org/ 



WTU, Pi Phi Beta and First Book


Having books to read - at home and in the classroom - is the number one predictor of reading success. But for many children in DC books are an unaffordable luxury. This spring, First Book-DC, a partner of WTU, is teaming up with Pi Phi Beta Sorority to bring 40,000 brand new books to DC children during a Books on Wheels event in April. WTU wants to make sure that our students get these books. We need your help in registering 150 new classrooms, which include teachers, staff, and community partners, with First Book.  To register or to invite a colleague to join, please forward this link http://register.firstbook.org/?rgst=firstbookdc 


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact FirstBook DC Advisory

Board member, Kaily Yee, at kaily.yee@gmail.com

Professional Development


 All professional development courses are closed for enrollment, except for Beginning Reading Instruction (BRI). BRI will be held, every Saturday beginning March 15, 2014 at Savoy Elementary School.  For members who missed the deadline for enrollment, for the spring semester, please stay tuned for our summer institute which will offer courses.  Once the summer institute courses are developed, the WTU will announce its schedule.

 For more information email Amina Brown.