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spotted sandpiper
Birds in Flight

 FEBRUARY 2013  


Resending to correct the address of my gallery - the Amsterdam Whitney in New York (511 W 25th St, Chelsea) and the now unlocked images in the Tips section.  


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Looking forward to Spring and my new garden. Most of the flowers I shoot are from my garden and every year I add new bulbs and  perennials. Working on some still life now and trying to mimic window light now. What fun. Stay tuned for some great solo shows planned for 2013. Also teaching Creative Lighting again at North Shore Community College in Danvers, MA Tues evenings in February. Sign Up is open now and starting next Tuesday!

My Website has additions frequently so please check in!   


Cheers, Judith  

amaryllis, dusk
Dusk light on Amaryllis



Rocky Neck Art Colony Cultural Center:  Clothing Optional May 1-27  

Nude in pool
Bathing Beauty

Save the Dates: 

Khan Gallery - June 1-14  Joint show with my husband, Roger Salisbury.  


Two Solo Shows scheduled for 2013:   

Marblehead Arts Association - July 20 - August 25, 2013 

Luscious: Garden's Earthly Delights


Rockport Art Association - October 27 - Nov 7, 2013 - Reception Sunday Oct. 27,  2-4 pm

Good time to visit New England!   Summer or Fall are my favorites. 


NEWS ON COURSES I am teaching:   


1. Creative Lighting Photography  

North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA

Four Tuesday evenings in February, 2013 (Feb 5 through 26th) 

Teaching Creative Lighting AGAIN starting February 5, 2013 for 4 evenings - 6:30 to 8:30 at North Shore Community College in Danvers. Smart Classroom in Berry 311. Sign up now. Will cover principles of LIGHT: available light to FLASH, as well as Portrait Lighting. http://community.northshore.edu/search/courses
Then search under Instructor for my name: J Monteferrante
Sill be offered again in the Spring. 
Sign up now.

still life with candle, lemon and pomegranites

2. Boston Camera Club - Creative Available Light - any light that is available. 6 pm on March 19, 2013    Parish House of All Saints Parish Church, 1773 Beacon Street, Brookline, Massachusetts. Join the Boston Camera Club for monthly educational sessions.  




State of the Art II Gallery at 18 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, MA. 

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, 511 West 25th Street, NY, NY

Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.


High Five Photo Tips for FEBRUARY
 - Creating a Still Life

During the winter, when days are short and weather unpleasant, still life photography or painting is a great project. Key elements to consider are: 

  1. Tell a Story or Create a Mood or Feeling- What is the reason or objective for this still life? Why am I doing this?  Create a plot first. Warm or cool will help set the mood. Create tension or a relationship. Never forget - what is the center of interest? Is it evident? Do you want to emulate realism, abstraction, cubism, expressionism, impressionism?
    Lincoln with Window light
  2. Lighting - You will need to decide on whether you want to use window light, candle light, tungsten light or utilize strobe light such as studio strobes or flash. Diffuse this light with fabric, tracing paper, frosted shower curtain or with bigger lights -  soft boxes or translucent umbrellas. Light and shade are key. Keep light from one direction (like the sun).
  3. Composition - This is not a landscape! Express your point of view. Horizontal is peaceful and suggests movement while diagonals suggest conflict. Differential in height is important and a triangular shape to the object in positioning with triangular movement is one way to go. Curved and circular motion is another possibility.  Remember to consider negative and positive space. Lost and found edges will help set a mood. Soft v. hard edges will help establish a relationship in that sharp edges bring out outlines and contrast while soft edges will help enhance these sharp edge effects. Texture is another element to consider - rough, smooth, even, uneven. Remember to simply!African daisy with orange vases
  4. Materials and their arrangement - From choosing the background such as a home setting, canvas or other cloth or paper material to the objects you will display and their relationships. Surface qualities such as polished wood or acrylic will enhance reflections, while old wood or tumbled marble will not. Shapes, size and placement such as facing or overlapping, will exhibit a dramatic effect. Odd or even number of objects? Color, dark or light, tall or short, with a pattern or plain, straight or curved, large or small among other qualities, will have great effect. Remember, you are in control and the artist.
    Peach reflections 
  5. Traditional v. Contemporary - Traditional still life is horizontal. In times past, homes had high and small windows and artists preferred the light falling from the left. Use only one light source to mimic this traditional look. White foam core can help fill in and soften the shadows. Alter the perspective. The impressionist artist often kept the tabletop skewed.
    lobster feast
    New England Lobster Feast 

Judith Monteferrante Photography has a three tiered focus:  Fine Art Photography, Portrait and Product Photography and Education. Contact Judith for further information.

Please forward to your photo friends and art contacts! 
I appreciate any feedback!

Judith Monteferrante Photography

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