July 23, 2014
For Immediate Release
 Results of the 2014 Council Elections  

Following are the results of the recently concluded council elections:  


Accredited Tissue Banks Council

Co-Chairs: Beverly Bliss and Bruce Stroever

Vice-Chair: George McCann, M.D.

Secretary: Lawrence Sussman


Physicians Council 

Chair: Hannis Thompson, M.D.

Vice-Chair: Wayne Daniels, D.O.

Secretary: Michael Gould, M.D.


Processing and Distribution Council

Chair: Louis E. Barnes III

Vice-Chair: Jan Pierce

Secretary: Holly Hewitt


Quality Council

Chair: Faith Case

Vice-Chair: Jackie Warn

Secretary: Agustin Carrillo-Garcia


Recovery and Donor Suitability Council

Chair: Walter Recker

Vice-Chair: Ronda Horstman

Secretary: Ronnie Aga


Reproductive Council

Chair: Brent Hazelrigg

Vice-Chair: David Weston, Ph.D.

Secretary: Jill Olson


The composition of the 2014-2015 Board of Governors will be as follows: 


Board of Governors 2014-2015

  Kevin Cmunt, President

Daniel Schultz, M.D., President-Elect 

  David Smith, M.D., Immediate Past-President

Thomas Cycyota, Secretary/Treasurer  

Diana Buck, Member-at-Large  

Thomas Temple, M.D., Member-at-Large  

Beverly Bliss and Bruce Stroever, Co-Chairs, Accredited Tissue Banks Council 

Hannis Thompson, M.D., Chair, Physicians Council  

Louis E. Barnes III, Chair, Processing and Distribution Council

Faith Case, Chair, Quality Council

Walter Recker, Chair, Recovery and Donor Suitability Council

Brent Hazelrigg, Chair, Reproductive Council

Frank S. Wilton, AATB Chief Executive Officer [Non-Voting]   


We thank all the candidates who participated in the election and all the members who voted, and we congratulate the new Council Officers. The new Board will take their seats at the close of the AATB Business Meeting and Awards Luncheon, Wednesday, September 17, during the Annual Meeting, September 16-20, 2014.


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