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February 2013

Welcome to the Volunteer E-Update; your monthly update on activities for the CERT, RACES and Fire Corps programs.
This Month...
February 13 (5:30-7:30 PM)
Hotline Room Training, EMD

Looking Ahead... 

March 1 -3 (Friday, 8:00 AM to Sunday, 12:00 PM)

State CERT Conference in Cerritos 


March 20, 2013 (12:00 - 2:00 PM)

Volunteer Recognition Luncheon


March 30, 2013 (9:00 am - 4:00 PM)

Adult CPR, AED and First Aid Training 


Fire Station Meetings
Team Captains to Coordinate Meetings
One of our goals for 2013 is to get each of you meeting and working with our Fire Department staff more frequently.  Because we have changed our monthly meeting schedule, we are adding this feature back in as a meeting and training with your assigned team fire station.

Staff is currently coordinating a series of conference calls with the Battalion Chiefs to communicate the purpose of these station meetings.  Once these calls are completed, teams will be asked to schedule these meetings. 

Team Captains will be coordinating these meetings in the future.  Use this link to identify your closest team site and confirm with us at cert@anaheim.net 

At the first station meeting, your tasks with the station staff are to do the following:
  • Complete the ICS 203 Organizational Chart form for your team site.  Select members to fill the various roles based on their skills and interests.
  • Discuss where your team site is located and information about both the CERT and RACES programs.
Ham Radio Apps
Smartphone Applications
by Rich Lewis

There are several free apps available pertaining to ham radio.  The ones I have on my phone (Android) are for a call sign database, Ham Radio Tools, Echolink, Ham Radio Outlet (HRO), an IRLP finder, and a QTH locator.  They are all in the Android Play Store.  I don't know what availability there is for the Apple iPhones.


The Ham Radio Tools has several facets available, including a contact log area, a band limits chart, formulas (wave length and ohms law), and calculators for antenna construction (vertical and J-Pole as well as dipole and yagis). 


The HRO app is good for purchase research, the IRLP finder will show you what nodes are near the area you are in, and the QTH locator will give you the the grid square you are in or find another for you when you give it the location you are looking for.  It could come in handy if someone wants to know just where you are when you are talking to them.

State CERT Conference
State CERT 2013 Los Angeles Area E and California Volunteers are hosting a state CERT Conference the weekend of March 1 through 3.  We are seeking grant funding for up to 5 volunteers to attend the conference.  There are currently 75 remaining spots for the conference. 

If you are interested in attending please let me know as soon as possible.  Volunteers with a financial hardship will be given priority for the grant funded registrations.  Any volunteer seeking to attend may register and pay the conference fees on their own, however, as a courtesy please let me know you are planning to attend.  Grant funded participants must attend the entire conference.

Call: (714) 765-6955 to confirm interest.

Mary Jo Flynn
City of Anaheim Fire and Rescue Department