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On Friday, January 17th, Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency in California. Rainfall and snowpack throughout the state as well as the Southwest are at record lows. Add on to that the pumping restrictions on the State Water Project and Central Valley Project and the state has a real problem. To temporarily reduce demand, the Governor requested a voluntary reduction in water use by 20%.  


Southern California is in a much better position than many other regions. Over the last 15 years, water providers have invested over $10 billion dollars in regional capital projects such as Diamond Valley Lake, local reliability projects such as the Ground Water Replenishment System, and water use efficiency efforts both inside and outside the home. The investments we made yesterday in water reliability are paying off today. We need to continue to make investments today to be prepared for tomorrow. Water reliability is important to all of California, regardless of the region.

For more information on our current water supply or for ways to be more efficient, please visit


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Bay Delta Conservation Plan Public Comment Period Underway
By Darcy Burke, MWDOC

In early December, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan was released for formal public comment. The comment period runs from December 13, 2013 through April 14, 2014.


The BDCP is over 25,000 pages long and is important for two reasons: it is the permitting document for water reliability improvements in the Delta, and it addresses a number of complex environmental issues in a meaningful, comprehensive manner. Without the water conveyance improvements proposed in the BDCP, Southern California is at risk of losing up to one-third of its imported water supply.

To see the entire document, or to review the executive summary and other supporting information, please visit

There are three ways to comment: email, mail, and at a public hearing.
The Municipal Water District of Orange County will also be convening a workgroup to review the document and provide comments.
For information on how to participate, please contact Darcy Burke, MWDOC Director of Public Affairs at (714) 593-5014 or  


The Oldest Business in Tustin

By Dr. Allan Bernstein, Tustin City Council 

The oldest business in Tustin, the City of Tustin Water Service, has survived three owners and three names and is still going strong after more than 125 years.


In 1887 Charles F. Willard, Hiram Willard and Henry Adams formed Willard Brothers Water Works to provide piped-in water to the homes in Tustin. In 1897 C. E. Utt paid $2,000 for the business, changed the name to Tustin Water Works and drilled a new well. Some say he paid $7,500 - either way, seemed to be a good deal at the time. To cut costs, he replaced the steam-driven pumps with gasoline-driven pumps. 

Walter Rawlings, Utt's stepson, became superintendent and was in charge during the post-World War II growth in Tustin. New equipment and replacement buildings maintained the efficiency of the company.



Residents and Businesses Asked to Use Water as Efficiently as Possible  

By Jessica Ouwerkerk, MWDOC 

Governor Brown recently declared a drought emergency in the state of California amidst declining reservoir levels and historically low amounts of rainfall. Orange County water providers are concerned about the continuing dry conditions throughout the State and are closely monitoring water supplies, but at this time local residents and businesses face no immediate danger of supply interruptions. However, this is a serious situation statewide, and we ask that everyone assess their current water usage and make simple changes to ensure our water supplies are being used as efficiently as possible. 


While Orange County is presently in a good position in terms of its water supplies, we continue to encourage residents and businesses to use water as efficiently as possible year-round. Residents have done a great job of being water efficient inside their homes, but there is still water savings potential outside the home, where nearly 50% of our water use occurs. Residents are encouraged to replace grass with California Friendly plants that require less water, install rotating sprinkler nozzles and a smart irrigation controller that gives plants the appropriate amount of water, and repair leaks inside and outside the home. Governor Brown has asked that everyone reduce their water usage by 20%, and water-saving tips to help you be more efficient can be found at
California Urban Water Conservation Council Honors Joe Berg with Excellence Award
By Sarah Franks, MWDOC     
On December 11, 2013, the California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC) awarded MWDOC's Water Use Efficiency Program Manager, Joe Berg, with the 2013 'Llana Sherman Excellence Award.'  Each year, the CUWCC presents the Award in recognition of excellent achievements made by California's most progressive leaders in local and statewide water use efficiency practices.

The Llana Sherman Excellence Award acknowledges Berg's demonstrated foresight in landscape water use efficiency. As a regional leader, Berg works collaboratively with agencies throughout Orange County and Southern California in order to mentor others and establish a well-informed water use efficiency community. His programs are both innovative and effective, and they have made a tremendous impact on communities throughout the state.

Berg's expertise in water use efficiency has led to the publication of some of the most influential projects and his programs continue to serve as a flagship model for water agencies nationwide. 
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"What are you doing to be more water efficient during the statewide drought emergency?"   
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Upcoming Water Policy Forum
& Dinner  
The first Water Policy Forum & Dinner of 2014 will take place on Thursday, February 6th at the Westin South Coast Plaza Hotel in Costa Mesa. Our featured guest speaker for the evening will be Dr. Christopher Thornberg, founding partner of Beacon Economics, LLC and an expert in economic trends within California and the nation.
During his keynote address,
Dr. Thornberg will present a comprehensive forecast for the U.S. and California economies, with a special focus on water issues affecting the state and why they are so critical to healthy, long-term economic growth. Attendees will gain insight into the ongoing economic recovery and the future direction in which the economy is headed in both the near- and long-terms.

The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. with a pre-dinner reception honoring staff of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's Robert B. Diemer Water Treatment Plant in Yorba Linda. At 6:30 p.m. dinner and the keynote presentation will begin in the Grand Ballroom.

The registration cost is $75 per person before January 31 or $85 thereafter. Reserved tables of eight or ten are also available by contacting Tiffany Baca at (714) 593-5013.   

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