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August 23, 2016   

Dave Veale
Does likeability trump all other 
leadership skills?

I consider myself a very lucky guy. Why? I have the privilege of collaborating with a committed, passionate and talented coaching and HR expert on a regular basis. Dr. Bill Howatt is an integral part of our leadership team here at Vision Coaching. 

Over the last few years we have leveraged his knowledge and expertise in designing our proprietary V1 Coaching framework and methodology. I'll be sure to keep you posted on our exciting upcoming projects as they unfold.

In the meantime, I wanted to share an article that Dr. Bill wrote, as a special contribution to the Globe and Mail recently. (His column is part of Globe Careers' Leadership Lab series, where executives and experts share their views and advice about leadership and management.) 

This article is timely and touches on a subject I see crop up over and over again with the leaders I work with. Likeability.

Many senior leaders who are highly talented and skilled fail. Why? One reason is that followers just do not like their leaders. One option for leaders interested in winning the confidence of their employees is to hire an executive coach to improve their likeability. - Dr. Bill Howatt

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Matthew Vance got a hole-in-one with a Castaway "Retrieved" Golf Ball in Toronto - obviously, golf ball performance is not affected by spending time in a pond.
On the lookout for Mr. Callaway and Mr. Titleist

From my interview with Mathew Vance
Published March 2016 in the Telegraph-Journal.

UNB engineering grad Matthew Vance sees collecting golf balls as a grown man's Easter egg hunt. Matt and his father, Kevin, built a unique machine that can haul in 70 balls a minute from a water hazard and sell what he likes to call "experienced balls" to Maritime businesses.

Matthew, now president and CEO of Fredericton-based Castaway Golf Technologies, incorporated the business in 2014. They developed an innovative solution that is more efficient and effective than existing practices for golf ball retrieval. By removing the balls from the ponds that they are polluting, they can provide golfers with a top quality ball at a 50 per cent discount.

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

1. It is funny how life works. Sometimes you can connect the dots looking back and it all makes sense, but you would have never guessed where you would have ended up at the beginning of your journey. Wendy Papadopoulos is a great example of this. Listen in to a recent Boiling Point Podcast featuring the unstoppable Wendy of Big Tide Brewing Company.

2. Join Startup Canada to celebrate Atlantic Canada's amazing startup culture, honour the nominees and award winners. September 13th in Fredericton. Read more.
3. Ask A UNBSJ MBA is hosted by Enterprise Saint John and ConnexionWorks. It will allow you to sit down with an business expert-in-training to discuss your pressing entrepreneurial questions. These students are at the end of their term and very excited to share their knowledge with the entrepreneurial community in Saint John. August 23rd. Register here .

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