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July 28, 2016   

Dave Veale
The Intangible Benefits of Coaching -
What a Case Study Revealed

We've just completed an important case study, headed by Dr. Bill Howatt, which evaluated the impact of one-to-one coaching on leaders of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
The value of one-to-one coaching has been broadly adopted in the global business community as an effective lever for personalized leadership development. 

Both corporate and public organizations recognize the transformational impact coaching has on a leader's performance but what would the impact be on a diverse group of SME leaders sprinkled around the province of New Brunswick, Canada? We just found out.  

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Shawn Leger and his partners have patented a better seating system for drivers and operators in the trucking and heavy equipment industry.
Taking 'comfortable seating' to a whole new level

From my interview with Shawn Leger
Published March 2016 in the Telegraph-Journal.

Shawn Léger has been helping people get into the right wheelchair for 15 years. He's what you call a "seating specialist".

He became a partner in Medi-Chair in Moncton eight years ago and worked closely with occupational therapists and physiotherapists to ensure comfort for his clients.

Shawn's most recent and exciting foray into the startup business world has taken comfortable seating to a whole new level.

This groundbreaking technology was meant to help increase seating tolerance and reduce back pain for truck drivers, but there have been even more unexpected benefits discovered through recent testing, along with a clear opportunity to change the trucking industry.

4 Ways to Stay Fresh...

1. GlassSKY is dedicated to the empowerment and advancement of women.They do this through motivation, coaching, and mentorship as well as investments in scholarships, microloans, and in research. Listen in to a recent Boiling Point Podcast and be inspired by Robyn Tingley who is, in turn, inspiring girls and women to thrive in fields like IT, engineering, and science.

2. WMI is hosting sales strategies expert Ken Morse to conduct a 2-day intensive workshop: CEOs That SellSep 19-20, 2016 in Moncton. Learn how to increase sales faster and more successfully and be given the tools to do so effectively. Deadline to apply is July 29th.
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3. Board101 application deadline is August 15th!  This new WMI Program is for CEOs of companies ready to establish a first board of advisors (or directors). WMI chairman, Francis McGuire will be moderating along with the CEO of the NB Business Council. More...

4. A recent The Globe & Mail article worth the read: How being hardy is healthy. by Bill Howatt.  Most of us believe we're pretty hardy. We're Canadian aren't we? We deal with freezing winters and hot summers and love to battle the elements. But you also need mental hardiness to help manage the challenges of our modern life, particularly stress. We each have a defined set of coping skills that influence our resiliency to cope with and handle life stress.

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