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May 25, 2016   

Dave Veale
Everything you've Always wanted to 
know about Leadership Coaching...
but didn't know who to ask!

Are you an HR professional, CEO, or Manager struggling to understand what leadership coaching is and how it can help your bottom lineYou aren't alone.

Bruce McLeod
Dr. Bill Howatt

We developed a NEW Webinar Series - Demystifying Leadership Coaching - to help HR Managers, CEOs and employees learn about and experience coaching first hand.

Hosted by some of Canada's preeminent Leadership Coaching experts, including Dr. Bill Howatt and Bruce McLeod (and me!),
this informative series includes 4 one-hour webinars (one a week for 4 weeks)  beginning on June 7th at 12 noon AST.  

Here's a chance to get all of your coaching questions answered and feel more confident about bringing coaching into your organization.  Interested? 

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PS: We're having fun over at the Boiling Point Podcast. If Greg & I were a Beer, how would it taste?And what would you call it?We NEED YOUR HELP to design it and name it!  Read more...

Leadership means developing YOUR skills, too

From my interview with Matt Cormier
Published January 2016 in the Telegraph-Journal.

At only 31, Matthew Cormier, president and owner of Arcticold Refrigeration, has a track record of impressive growth in his business situated in Saint-Antoine.

Arcticold Refrigeration manufactures aftermarket replacement refrigeration systems for the RV (recreational vehicle) fridge industry. 

What's interesting about this type of refrigeration is that it uses absorption refrigeration technology - there are no compressors or pumps. They use ammonia, which happens to be an environmentally friendly type of refrigeration.

Matthew has chosen an unusual place to set-up his growing manufacturing business - in the tiny village of Saint-Antoine (population 2,000) about 30 minutes north of Moncton. 

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

1.  The truth is, there is a lot of positive stories out there if you just take the time to listen.  Listen in to an recent Boiling Point Podcast where Lise Hansen and Allan Gates discuss their reasoning for starting Huddle and why expressing the full business picture in New Brunswick is important.

2.  Are you struggling with your business plan? Do you need help finding market research?NB Association of CBDCs and Women in Business are offering a workshop. Find out more hereMay 31stJune 1st& 2nd.

4. A recent The Globe & Mail article worth the read: Learning to control your anger at work by Bill Howatt.  Anger is a powerful emotion that occurs when a person has a difference between what they want and what they have. It's the result of feeling a loss of control and it's an attempt to regain control of your environment. 

Ready to take a closer look at how you and your company can reach your full business potential?  
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