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May 3, 2016   

Dave Veale
Is your workplace Culture by Default 
or by Design?

Interestingly, the concept of culture comes up over and over again in our business.  What we're finding is that more and more progressive organizations are consciously choosing a culture by design.  As you can imagine, it takes hard work.

I had the pleasure of speaking about workplace culture to a room full of very bright minds at the NBIF Cox & Palmer and Deloitte R3 (Recognizing Research Results) Gala recently.

This event aims to connect researchers and business people to network and discover the opportunities they can bring to each other. My presentation took place at the afternoon, during the "Tech Trends & Scaling Startups Successfully" session. 

What was the big take away from my presentation? People want to know how to create a healthy, vibrant work culture.

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Try flying a plane while changing the wings!

From my interview with Jamie Gallagher
Published October 26, 2015 in the Telegraph-Journal.

There are a lot of people in our community who are happy that Rothesay's historic Shadow Lawn Inn has not only survived for decades but is now thriving.

Shadow Lawn has been the go-to place for everything from weddings to special family celebrations for generations of people.

Jamie Gallagher and his wife Mary Ann bought the family business five years ago from Jamie's parents, Patrick and Margaret Gallagher.

Since taking the reins, Jamie has maintained the charm and essence of this sentimental establishment while updating the rooms, the kitchen, the overall decor and the restaurant to bring the inn into the 21st century with a more contemporary look.

I managed to squeeze in a few questions for Jamie during a typical busy day. 

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4. A recent The Globe & Mail article worth the read: Seven factors to boost your mental resiliency by Bill Howatt.   Several factors play a role in defining your ability to be resilient. To deal with the demands of life and stress, the more in tune you become in each of the following factors can provide guidance on what you need to explore and learn. .

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