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March 22, 2016   

Dave Veale
What Ladder are You Climbing?

Have you ever had the wonderful experience of trying something relatively new to you and learning very quickly how inadequate you feel? 

Get Air Trampoline Park I did recently when I went to  Get Air Trampoline Park  with my kids over spring break.

Who knew that playing dodge ball or dunking a basketball on a series of trampolines could be so incredibly challenging?!

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that, as I try to use a new skill, I am clearly starting at the very bottom rung of The Conscious Competence Ladder - sometimes called the 4 stages of Learning ModelAs coaches we often used this model to support leaders as they acquire new skills.

In psychology, the four stages of competence relate to the psychological states involved in the process of progressing from incompetence to competence in a skill. As I was reminded at the trampoline park, it's happening to us and around us all the time. In other words, we all end up on the ladder periodically.

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Entrepreneur reveals secret to Happinez

From my interview with Peter Smit
Published September 28, 2015 in the Telegraph-Journal.

Born in Amsterdam, Peter Smit gained a wealth of life and business experience around the world, beginning as a hard working youngster at a resort on the French Riviera and later as a guide in places like St. Tropez, Monaco and Nice.

After working and climbing the ladder in the hospitality industry in Spain, France and Sweden, he joined Hilton International.

He was the director of food and beverage at the Drake Hotel in Chicago when he left the Hilton chain and came to Saint John in 1987.

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4. Another good read from The Globe & MailTo excel as a leader, you must self-evaluate by Bill Howatt. Leadership development most likely will continue to be a hot human resources topic in 2016, as many organizations are committed to attracting and developing leaders. Total spending on training in North America is estimated at $2.6 billion annually.

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