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February 9, 2016   

Dave Veale
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It's been almost two years and 82 recorded conversations since Greg Hemmings and I started hosting guests for the Boiling Point Podcast.  I've always been a fan of talk radio - I prefer listening to conversations  - like Mike & Mike, on ESPN or Coaches CornerWhile I enjoy listening I've also enjoyed being on the other side of this - the microphone side.

Greg & Dave during a recent live Boiling Point Podcast session.
Boiling Point is a podcast for the ever-evolving entrepreneur and forward-thinking pioneer.

Our show is meant to inform and inspire positive change in businesses and in the world. Our interviews with leaders revolve around their experiences and the moments that have shaped their careers. 

Both my co-host Greg Hemmings and I recognized that we were talking to really cool people every day - Greg through his film making adventures while my interactions with executive coaching clients and through my Leadership Unleashed column

We came to the conclusion that we wanted to have interesting conversations together - and share them! Why not? We launched our businesses at the same time, we enjoy each other's company and we both love being able to promote people who love what they do.   

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Shelley and Evan Doucet, their son Myles and daughter Ava.
Instead of talking about doing things, just do it!

From my interview with Shelley & Evan Doucet
Published June 23, 2015 in the Telegraph-Journal.

'A leader is anyone willing to help, anyone who sees something that needs to change and takes the first steps to influence that situation.' - Dr. Margaret Wheatley

A recent study reported that Saint John is tied with Toronto for the highest child poverty rate in Canada, with an astounding 29 per cent of children in Saint John and surrounding area now living in poverty. Shelley and Evan Doucet were shocked by this statistic and knew without a doubt that they needed to do something.

I started my conversation with Shelley and Evan by asking them what caused them to say,"We've got to do something more than just donate money. We need to create awareness and give in a much bigger way to a really worthy, important cause."

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

1.  Got a company vision?  Listen in to an interesting Boiling Point Podcast where Marcel LeBrun explains how the mission or cause a company serves has become almost more important than the money it can make. And he points out some attributes of great leaders. (Marcel got his start at NBTel and landed as CEO for Radian 6, one of Canada's leading tech acquisitions.)

2.  Help connect a high growth potential entrepreneur to the WMI Entrepreneurial Leaders Program. Email Nancy at Wallace McCain Institute and provide the name of your nominee.  Visit for details about the program.

3. Another good read from The Globe & MailWhat's your emotional IQ?  by Bill Howatt. At its core, emotional intelligence teaches the health benefits of paying attention to others' feelings, monitoring how your behaviour affects others' emotions, and developing the ability to manage your emotions under pressure.

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