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December 3, 2015   

Dave Veale
Dave Veale
A Surprising way to Connect at Work and at the Rink

People assume, because I'm a business coach and I once played competitive hockey, that I'd be a good hockey coach. Those people would be wrong. 
Liam and Kelly VanBuskirk
Coach Kelly & Liam

I'm quickly learning that coaching 8 & 9 year olds is a daunting task. I've mustered up the courage to be an
assistant coach this year for my son's hockey team and I'm paying very close attention to my son's head coach, Kelly VanBuskirk.

What I'm learning from Kelly is how to use hockey as a vehicle to effectively teach, communicate and connect with kids and help them develop confidence in acquiring new skills and working in a team environment. How does he accomplish this? 

He adds competition and fun to his drills. He alternates between drills and games to keep the practices varied and he offers tons of encouragement. But, ultimately, it's Kelly's ability to relate to these kids through storytelling that I find most impressive.

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You have to jump off 
the cliff and do it

From my interview with Sean Creary
Published July 28, 2015 in the Telegraph-Journal.

Thinking of getting into retail entrepreneurship?   
Sean Creary, owner, operator and founder of River & Trail Outdoor Company in Rothesay, took the leap from the corporate world to entrepreneurship almost three years ago and has some sage advice about the venture.

After spending close to 12 years as a sales representative for a blue chip company in the pharmaceutical industry, Sean launched River & Trail which is described on their website as"a little different from your typical equipment outfitter." He has also narrowed his daily commute to work down to 6 minutes.

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