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September 30, 2015   

Dave Veale
Dave Veale
A Really Great Opportunity for Small Business Owners in New Brunswick

Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) just introduced a new program in New Brunswick: Small Business Coaching

CBDC logo Never before has CBDC given access to highly experienced and credentialed coaches to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and you can be one of the first to benefit from this unique program. 

Designed to help business people grow and develop strong, profitable businesses, CBDC will cover 75% of the coaching fees for this program.

Getting a personal coach for a six-month period means having someone who will give you objective Government of NB logo feedback, help you foster self-directed growth, and help elicit solutions and strategies.

Interested? Register soon! Coaching starts as early as October 2015.

For more information & to register, contact Vision Coaching at 1-888-747-4199 or send us an email at [email protected].

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Donnie Fillmore
Donnie Fillmore keeps his goals for business and
personal life on the door facing his desk.
Photo: Greg Agnew/Times & Transcript
From my interview with Derek Riedle
Published June 23, 2014 in the Telegraph-Journal.
If you are looking for straight talk then you have to meet Donnie Fillmore. He calls it as he sees it. And, as I have learned, he is not one to mince words. My guess is that this quality is one of the many reasons he recently received a Top 20 Under 40 Award for trucking in Canada.

Donnie is a strong advocate for the trucking industry and currently serves as chairman of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA).

Donnie, a self-professed continuous learner, is the president and co-owner of Atlantic Pacific Transport LtdDonnie and his brother Mark took over the business from their father, Donnie Sr., who founded the company in 1989 in Clairville, Kent County.

With 42 trucks and 80 employees, Donnie's vision for the company is to be the best flatbed carrier in Atlantic Canada through servicing clients in flatbed and wide-load hauling of building supplies, components and construction equipment. If you want to see the variety of large items the company transports be sure to take a look at its Facebook page - you will see drivers hauling everything from dump trucks to jet airplanes. 

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

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2.  Another good read from The Globe & MailDo you have the grit to reach your goals? by Bill Howatt.  Did you set a New Year's resolution? If so, how are you doing nine months out? If you failed, this article may help provide some insight and ideas so that if you repeat this resolution in 2016 you may be in a better position to achieve your goal.

3.  Get your tickets now for True Growth Presents The Walrus Talks Innovation! Join The Walrus on October 26 for a lively discussion about building new ideas in energy, education, and entrepreneurship. Featuring Rachel Mathis, Marq de Villiers, Monica Adair, and more. Get tickets.

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