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June 11,  2015     

Dave Veale
Dave Veale
Breaking through at Breakthru...


One of the highlights of my year was attending NBIF's popular Breakthru LIVE 2015 event a few weeks ago. 

The event was a huge success with over $750,000 in prizes given out to group of budding entreprenurs to help them start up their company - a record setting amount. It's the largest start-up competition
of its kind in Canada.   

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Photo: James West / Telegraph-Journal
From my interview with Calvin Milbury
Published November 24, 2014 in the Telegraph-Journal.


I made the mistake of thinking the"F" in NBIF stood for "fund"- it actually stands for "foundation" and that misconception happens to be Calvin Milbury's pet peeve. 


"We always have to correct people." According to Calvin - the President & CEO of the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation -"The genesis of NBIF is that it was intended not to just be a fund providing money. It was to be a foundation for innovation and to provide much more than money."

Calvin was born and raised in New Brunswick. He attended school in Fredericton, did his undergrad in science (majoring in biology and chemistry), completed an MBA at UNB and headed to Montréal where he worked for Foragen Technologies Ventures, a national venture capital firm.

In 2003, Calvin was recruited to help set up NBIF's venture capital fund. He was interested in coming back home to work in, and contribute to, the province and started as Director of Business Development, quickly moving to VP Business Development. By 2009, he had been appointed President & CEO.

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