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December 2014       

Dave Veale
Dave Veale
Introducing Measurable Coaching  
Introducing V1 Coaching

We are pleased to announce our new association with Dr. Bill Howatt, president & founder of Howatt HR Consulting.

Together we have developed V1 Coaching, a revolutionary program that seamlessly manages the leadership coaching experience and provides an accurate measurement of coaching outcomes.

Dr. Bill is a fabulous addition to the Vision Coaching team as he brings a wealth of knowledge, unique experiences, education and wisdom.  Our clients have direct access to an international business consultant recognized by some of the leading financial and business organizations in North America. A huge win-win for us, our industry and our clients.

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The No-Limit Belief

Dr. Bill Howatt
Dr. Bill HowattPhoto: Matthew Sherwood/Telegraph-Journal
From my interview with Dr. Bill published 
September 23, 2010 in the Telegraph Journal.

When you get an email from Nova Scotia's Dr. Bill Howatt you'll notice a quote embedded in his email signature from Napoleon Hill, the celebrated author of Think and Grow Rich. It reads "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." 

As you get to know Bill, you realize how relevant this quote is to his personal journey.

Bill is known internationally for his expertise in strategic human resource consulting and organizational learning design. 

Bill has unique experience and perspective on leadership that is derived from working with a diverse group of clients that include investment banking firms, Nova Scotia Power and the New York City Department of Education.

This is all impressive - and maybe even more so - when you discover that early in his life Bill had to learn how to overcome the many challenges that accompany a debilitating learning disability.


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4. Vision Coaching is providing the coaching for NBIF's Breakthru winners to set them on a good path. Interested? Enter here, by Dec 9

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