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November 28, 2013       

Dave Veale
Dave Veale
What Stops Leaders from Being Curious?

The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existing. - Albert Einstein

Being curious can be a game changer in work and in life. When we teach coaching skills during our 5-5-5 Coaching Skills Workshop, universally, people agree that curiosity is an under-utilized skill.

I have often wondered if, in some cases, curiosity may need to simply be re-learned.  We're born curious but seem to lose our capacity for curiosity as we get older. Have you ever spent time with a four-year old (or a class of four year olds as I did recently)? They have an insatiable appetite for exploration and learning new things - it is incredibly refreshing to witness!

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Ray Robinson, President & CEO Saint John Energy Photo: Cindy Wilson/Telegraph-Journal
Keeping the Channels of Communication Open is Essential
Leadership Unleashed ~ Interviews with Leaders

Interview with Ray Robinson, President & CEO
Saint John Energy

Ray Robinson just celebrated his first year - of a five-year term - as President and Chief Executive Officer of Saint John Energy. With 35 years of electric utility sector experience, the board was very pleased to have Robinson take the helm at Saint John Energy last year. It felt Robinson was the perfect candidate to continue the organization's mission of providing reliable, low cost energy to the community.

I began my conversation with Robinson by asking him how he, as the CEO, approaches getting to know and understand a new organization:                       

3 Ways to Stay Fresh...

1. Good insight into sharpening negotiating skills & obstacles to being an effective negotiator in Entrepreneur Magazine.  Read more...

2. Ever feel like you're facing Goliath? Read Malcolm Gladwell's newest book, David & Goliath to see how the small guy can often win!

3. In transition? We recommend reading We Are The New Radicals: A Manifesto for Reinventing Yourself and Saving the World by Julia Moulden. The skills you've acquired in your career can be put to work on the world's greatest challenges.

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