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                                                                                                  August 2013

Dave Veale
Dave Veale
Have you experienced a setback?

Overcoming a setback is a common theme amongst leaders that I interview for my column and work with in a coaching capacity. Just imagine the high degree of resiliency that is required to come back from a crisis like bankruptcy. Sean Dunbar, owner of Northhampton Brewing Company, miraculously managed to do just that. I found it fascinating to hear him describe his 'comeback', which ultimately led to the success of his award-winning brewing company. (My interview with Sean is below).

Resiliency is a critical trait for leaders. Whether I'm interviewing a CEO of a global company or a start-up entrepreneur, I find that successful leaders have an innate capacity to be resilient. Resilient leaders also tend to have an ability to create and communicate a strong vision of the future.

I had an in-depth discussion with Martin Poirier, who was writing for the New Brunswick Business Journal, on this topic earlier this year.

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Sean Dunbar
Sean Dunbar ~ Founder of Picaroons
Staying True to Who You Are
Leadership Unleashed ~ Interviews with Leaders

Interview with Sean Dunbar ~ Founder of Picaroons
The road from starting the company in 1994 to today has not been a smooth ride. Risk-taking, rebellious attitudes and a handful of defining moments led to Picaroons, today's award-winning brewing company. Through it all, the passion for brewing beer stayed alive, and Sean experienced a shift that has fueled the growth and direction of his company.
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