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Dave Veale
Dave Veale 
                                             April 3, 2013

We all appreciate, on some level, the importance of being connected to others. In Denis Lévesque's final article in his  ARC of Leadership series, he explains the power of connection between people - the intangible asset that can create very tangible results.

We shared the first two articles in the trilogy,
How Improved Awareness Leads to Higher Performance and How Change and Uncertainty can Drive Success and now Denis unveils the final element within his ARC of Leadership methodology, Your Connection to Superior Leadership.

Read about what Denis feels are the three differentiating "human" skills that make a good leader a truly outstanding one.
Making the Connection Your Connection to Superior Leadership
By Denis Lévesque

Leaders like you have a vision on how to move the organization forward. Yet the success of your vision is highly dependent on engaging key organizational people - your employees, partners, suppliers, customers, etc. You need these people to turn your vision into reality. So how do you get this buy-in? The answer is simple: you need to connect with them.
Making That Connection.
Creating a connection requires building up trust with your different audience segments. You must reach out to these groups and convince them that what you are asking them to do will have a positive impact on them. Leaders can build this Connection between the vision and results by incorporating what I call the Five Pillars of Connection into their leadership style.

Share and grow, 

Dave Veale 
Certified Executive Coach (CEC) 
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
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Telegraph Journal Business Columnist 

Founder of  Vision Coaching

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PS: It takes an entrepreneurial spirit to be competitive today - take a look at the video I found in last week's Globe & Mail. 


Highlights from Leadership Unleashed ~
Interviews with Leaders from the Telegraph Journal column
Leadership Unleashed Header
As published in the Telegraph-Journal August 23, 2012

Gordie Lavoie, president of Sunny Corner Enterprises, is serious about his role in sustaining a
Gordie Lavoie
Gordie Lavoie
Photo: Wallace McCain Institute
progressive culture that is connected to strongly defined corporate values. In every interaction that I have had with Gordie, he consistently demonstrates the values that have supported the enduring  success of the Miramichi-based construction, fabrication and industrial sales firm that was established in 1965.

For example, when Lavoie accepted the role of chairman of the New Brunswick Business Council, he role-modeled his company's stated cultural value that "people learn by doing." He describes being chair as a great opportunity to interact with business leaders who share a commitment to supporting New Brunswick's economic growth and community development.

Lavoie left a career in the banking industry to join Sunny Corner Enterprises over 21 years ago, and he has been the president for the last five years. He has directly benefited from his company's strong focus on succession planning that, he believes, has kept it growing, thriving, evolving and - most importantly - remaining relevant.

The obvious place to start our conversation was on how succession planning has factored into the company's long-term success.

Read more interviews with leaders at 
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