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Dave Veale
Dave Veale 
                                           March 19, 2013

Earlier this year, Martin Poirier wrote an article for the New Brunswick Business Journal entitled "Secrets to being a top leader in tough times."

He interviewed several leaders, including me, about their leadership secrets for the article and included some of the attributes we discussed such as resiliency and effective communication.  Just in case you missed Business Journalthe article when it first published, I thought I'd share it with you today. I hope this helps you in your leadership ride!

Secrets to being a top leader in tough times
By Martin Poirier, New Brunswick Business Journal

You don't need to look at the recent state of the global economy to know we are in difficult times. New Brunswick is living through them too.
The province's deficit nearly doubled this year and unemployment in the province is the highest it has ever been.

Companies alike are implementing spending cuts, layoffs and downsizing to maximize profits. So what does it take to be a top leader in tough times?

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Dave Veale 
Certified Executive Coach (CEC) 
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
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Telegraph Journal Business Columnist 

Founder of  Vision Coaching

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PS: I just shared this article on twitter...great tips on how to Stay Focused while on the Go!  Connnect with me on twitter ( for more leadership tips and ideas.  


Highlights from Leadership Unleashed ~
Interviews with Leaders from the Telegraph Journal column
Leadership Unleashed Header
As published in the Telegraph-Journal June 14, 2012

Tom Creamer, president and chief executive officer of Eastern Credit Management Services, is a straight shooter. He doesn't mince words as he tells me about how he values his family, his community and his Tom Creamer business.

I would bet that his candid approach is what makes him successful in the credit management and debt collection business. It has perhaps also served him well as the eldest son of nine siblings.

Tom and his wife and business partner, Nancy, always wanted to be in business for themselves. When Nancy's father approached them in 1982 about buying the collection division of the Credit Bureau of Saint John they were excited by the opportunity. Being pragmatic, they took a year to evaluate the business and determined that the potential was good. They purchased the company in 1983 and never looked back.

I began our conversation by asking Tom about the business environment in his industry over the last three decades.
Read more interviews with leaders at