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August 14th, 2013
for Leaders in Education 

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A Look at ELL Performance So Far on Common-Core-Aligned Tests
Help YOUR Teachers Save Time and Implement Formative Assessment
A Little Humor Goes a Long Way...
Tech Implementation and...1:1 Computing

Infuse Your Afterschool Program With STEM!

For over 20 years, PCS Edventures has worked to inspire students to develop a passion and understanding in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. With exciting hands-on activities, PCS Edventures has focused on making learning and discovery fun and interactive for learners in Pre-K to 12th grade.

Professional Learning Academy 2013

The Professional Learning Academy is a suite of programs district leaders can utilize to design professional learning in their districts  to meet their own needs, culture and budget.

A variety of delivery models are available, each with their own benefits and advantages. Look through our menu of programs and decide what best suits you.

Instructional Leader on the Go...

Each PD eBulletin gives the busy district or school-level leader brief, practical, free, high quality learning opportunities in a variety of media formats.

A Look at ELL Performance So Far on Common-Core-Aligned Tests

Student performance on New York's new common-core-aligned tests was weak across the board, as results released earlier this week confirmed the low expectations that education officials in that state had been steeling the public for over the last several months.

Statewide, the proficiency rates in English/language arts sank from 55.1 percent on the non-common-core-aligned exams from the 2011-12 school year, to 31.1 percent on the common-core-aligned tests given this past spring. In math, the proficiency rates fell from 64.8 percent to 31 percent.

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Help YOUR Teachers Save Time and Implement Formative Assessment

The Lightning Grader is a flexible assessment solution aimed at providing educators with insightful information about student learning.  By informing instruction, teachers are better able to focus on teaching the content that needs attention.

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A Little Humor Goes a Long Way...

Angry Wet Dog

Tech Implementation and
1:1 Computing

This thought leadership piece on 1:1  computing was written to provide education decision makers and ed tech companies with information on how to plan and implement effective 1:1 computing initiatives and products.  Effectively planning and  implementing 1:1 to result in improved teaching and engaged learning is complex and takes several years. "1:1 is hard to get right." 1:1 is  at the early stage and the variety of ingredients including quality digital content, appropriate policies, adaptive assessment,  change management, professional development and infrastructure are still evolving.

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