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September 14th, 2011
for District Leaders 

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Four Key Questions to Answer When Facing Tough Trade-off Decisions
Professional Learning Communities
A little humour goes a long way...
Essential Lessons for School Leaders
The Math of Robotics Webinar

Creating A Digital-Rich Classroom

Sep 29, Oct 6, Nov 10,

Dec 1, Jan 12, Jan 19 and

Jan 26 with Meg Ormiston

7 outstanding interactive and engaging professional learning opportunities that come to right to your school site.

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Turn-Key Workshops on Bullying and Student Behavior

Our nation's districts continue to be challenged with the difficult task of maintaining a safe environment in their schools and communities. How will you prevent bullying and help improve the climate in your schools?


Click here to learn about an easy way that you and your schools can provide research-based, effective professional development workshops on bullying and student behavior.  


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Instructional Leader on the Go...

Each PD eBulletin gives the busy district-level leader brief, practical, free, high quality learning opportunities in a variety of media formats.

Four Key Questions to Answer When Facing Tough Trade-off Decisions  


Some decisions have clear a purpose and are relatively easy to make, but many important action choices are often far less clearly defined and usually require that the Superintendent evaluate two or more sound ways to make that choice. When equally sound interests compete for limited time, resources, or direction, trade-offs are inevitable. Among competing good outcomes, how do you decide which pathway to select?

Professional Learning Communities

Educators Working Together for a Shared Purpose:  Improved Student Learning by Shirley Hord 


A great, short 4 page article by one of the key leaders in developing the idea of Professional Learning Communities - Shirley Hord.  This pdf article - will provide leaders with a great introduciton to the concept and can be used to share with your own PLC to prompt dialog to enhance and sustain your own initiatives.


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A little humour goes a long way...

Hilarious British Voice Overs


SEND YOUR HUMOROUS ITEMS TO US: We will place them in upcoming issues and give you credit! Just email them to:  


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Essential Lessons for School Leaders

by Joseph Murphy


This gold mine of wisdom from top education researcher and the best-selling author of Turning Around Failing Schools and Connecting Teacher Leadership and School Improvement contains key tips and strategies every school leader should know. 


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The Math of Robotics Webinar

September 20, 12:00pm EST

On September 20th at 12:00 PM EST, PCS Edventures will offer The Math of Robotics Webinar. Kellie Dean, Director of Professional Development and Joe Egusquiza, VP of Secondary Education, will lead an interactive session in which participants will, literally, see how robots enhance math comprehension and are interdisciplinary. We will share a curriculum samples; offer implementation and environment suggestions, and discuss how to infuse robotics and math into existing curriculum.


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