Education Leader Network Professional Development eBulletin
June 23rd, 2011
for District Leaders 

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In This Issue
"MapQuest" the Emotional Geography of Your Board
Will Richardson: Understanding Instructional Technology
Developing Critical Cultural Competence
Collaborative Assessment of Student Work

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"MapQuest" the Emotional Geography of Your Board


The relationship between reason and emotion can have significant implications for how a school board governs. This is because emotions serve as shortcuts to deeper decision-making and judgment. When the information received is incomplete, intuition rather than intellect often guides a board member's responses. Brain research has taught us that human emotions are inseparable from human thought.


Will Richardson  

Understanding Instructional Technology


Use this 7 minute 2 Part video to start a dialog about The Read Write Web and Web 2.0.


Developing Critical Cultural Competence

Jewell E. Cooper, Ye He,
Barbara B. Levin


We have to know who our students are! This book shows you how to provide professional development for teachers that deepens their cultural understanding.


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Collaborative Assessment of
Student Work


An outstanding short article - providing the rationale and the "how to" for teachers to collaboratively look at student work.


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