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Week of April 11, 2016
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From the Principal
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PTA News
Report from the Nominating Committee
Las Lomitas League News
Science Wonders
Parents of Third Graders
La Entrada PTA News
Parents Needed for our District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)
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Summer Programs
Newsletter Submissions
Important Upcoming Dates:
  • Wed April 13 - PTA Bd. Mtg - 9:00 am - room 20B
  • Wed April 13 - School Bd. Mtg. - 7:00 pm - LE MUR
  • Thur April 14 - Incoming 4th grade Parent Orientation                            6:30 pm - La Entrada Library
  • Fri April 15 - 3rd graders visit La Entrada
  • Wed April 20 - Science Wonders - 6 pm - Cano Hall
  • Thur April 28 - Incoming K Parent Orientation Evening -                      7:00 - 8:00 - Cano Hall
  • Fri April 29 - Kindergarten Round-Up 10:15 - noon


Quick Links

LLFLas Lomitas Education Foundation
foundation logo

Did You Know?

1.     You don't need a lot of time to be a Foundation Board member. 
The time commitment is as low as 4 hours/month, including 1x/month Board meetings in the evenings with plenty of flexibility. 


2.    79% of the Foundation Board members work outside of the home.
Yes, most parents on the Board have "day" jobs and are committed to supporting the education of the children in our district through the Foundation.


3.    The Foundation is comprised of 2/3 Moms, 1/3 Dads. 
Either you or your spouse can get involved.


4.    Joining the Foundation is a fantastic way to be "in the know" on District matters. 
You can hear District news straight from the Superintendent, school board members, and teacher representatives at the Foundation's monthly Board meetings and ask questions.


5.    The Foundation is a great way to learn more about the spectrum of K-8 education in our school district.
Being on the Board is a great way to meet parents with different aged children.


6.    The Foundation Board is made up of a diverse array of parent backgrounds. 
Board members include current and former business & non-profit professionals, doctors, attorneys, stay at home parents venture capitalists, real estate agents, Stanford affiliates, public officials, and more. This allows us to bring diverse talents to bear toward a common, important goal.


7.    The Foundation plans many of our District's signature social events. 

This includes our signature Annual Auction, Fun Run, Neighborhood Progressive Parties, Theme Parties and more.

8.     If you are new to the District or want to be connected to a welcome community of parents who care deeply about the education our students receive, the Foundation is a great place to be. 
Meet new friends and be part of a team that cares about helping our children Receive high   quality award-winning education.


             The Foundation Needs You-Join Us Today!
           Contact Dan Bergeron - / if interested.



Grandparents from Las Lomitas school 
are invited to join us for the...
Annual Grandparents' Day
May 27, 2016
9:00am to 12:00pm


From the Principal

Dear Las Lomitas Families,

Several parents have asked how we create classes for the next academic school year.  This article outlines our placement process

In May, the faculty spends three afternoons putting together the following year's classes.  Each grade level team makes up the classes for the next grade.  The Placement Committee members place incoming kindergarten students into classes.


The teachers work carefully to create classrooms that are evenly balanced in terms of:

  • Gender
  • Sessions (K-2)
  • Academics - high, medium and low performing students
  • Special needs - students who work with our many specialists such as Language Lab, Speech & Language, Resource Program, Reading Recovery, Reading Groups and Math Lab
  • Health and other special factors

Teachers' names are not assigned until after the class configurations are complete.


In order to maintain balance in class size, we often have multi-graded classes.  This year we have a 1st/2nd multi-grade class.  We also have job shares on our campus.  This is when two teachers decide to co-teach a single class.  Multi-grade and job share classes are of the same high caliber as all other classes.  These classes are formed using the same process described above.


In August, the teachers on the Placement Committee volunteer to come into review and finalize class lists, with the Principal, to accommodate students who have enrolled or moved away over the summer.


We put tremendous effort into creating balanced classes to best meet the needs of all our students.  We are continually refining the process and are proud of our results.


If you have important information about your child's placement for next year, please let the classroom teacher know or submit that information to me via Google Form through this tiny URL: 


Please submit the form prior to April 15.  Any placement information received after this date may not be considered due to our placement schedule unless there are extenuating circumstances.  If you've sent information in prior years that is still relevant, please include that information as well.  Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to this deadline.


Until next time,


Alain Camou




From the Assistant Principal

Dear Las Lomitas Families,

This May will be the second year for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) tests.  This is the state standardized test where students in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 11 are assessed in both English Language Arts and Mathematics. Our third graders will be testing the entire month between 9:00am and lunch time. Parents are asked to please refrain from scheduling doctor appointments or other events that will cause your student to be tardy or miss school during the month of May.

Third grade teachers will be working collaboratively in the month of April to help acquaint their students with the assessment by using computer lab time after Spring Break to administer the training and practice tests. These tests are not graded, and are solely used to expose students to the various icons and functionalities of the assessment, as well as acquaint them with the layout and types of questions that will be on the assessment.

Parents interested in reading more about the state's CAASPP assessments may do so by visiting the website:  Once on the website, explore the "About" button at the top of the page and visit the drop down links "California Testing" and "Smarter Balanced".  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the CAASPP assessment, you may contact me at or 650-854-5900 x269.


Christy Chalfant
Assistant Principal
PTA News

Kindergarten Round-up Volunteers Needed
This is a high-visibility, fun, and fast volunteer opportunity!

Please consider volunteering on Friday, April 29 from 9:00a.m. - noon.  Join us as we welcome incoming kindergarteners and their parents into the Las Lomitas family.  This may be the first experience many of these families will have with Las Lomitas, and with your help, we can present a well-rounded view of the many programs we have to offer, as well as the amazing volunteer spirit they can soon become a part of. 
Contact Courtney Bianchi at  or 
to volunteer.

PTA Webmaster/Application Developer

The PTA is looking for parents interested in getting involved with the PTA in a very flexible role in the Webmaster/Application developer team for the Las Lomitas PTA website. Tasks will range from maintaining the Las Lomitas PTA webpages, program-specific web forms and applications. He/she will work with the current webmaster and application developer. A good understanding of HTML and basic web technologies is a plus, but training will be provided. 

This is a great opportunity for parents with limited time availability since the hours are flexible and all work can be done at home (2-3 hours per month as needed for programs). 

Especially calling for Kindergarten parents. Interested? Please contact

PTA Executive Board Positions

Dear Parents,
Your time and talent are essential ingredients in making our school truly outstanding.  We hope upon returning to campus after break, that you think about how you can support your child, his/her classroom, and the entire school.  We are actively recruiting for the PTA Executive Board this month. We hope that you will consider joining other parents and contribute whatever you can to our school.
Please take a few minutes to review the PTA roles and responsibilities by clicking this link: 
If you are interested in learning more about a specific role on the PTA Executive Board, please reach out to us at 

If being on the PTA Executive Board isn't in the cards, we also hope you might consider leading, co-leading or joining a committee within the PTA.  To learn more about committees, click here: and please contact 

You have as much to gain as you have to give by volunteering.  Take it from us! 

Please join us!

Artis Montague & Helen Ungerman

And the Winner is......... 
Congratulations to Sophia C., a third grade student in Ms. Olson's class whose artwork was selected to be featured on the cover of the 2015-2016 Las Lomitas Memory Book.  Every year there are so many fantastic submissions.  We have many talented artists among us at Las Lomitas!

All cover submissions were on display on wall boards in the library and in the display cases near the Flagpole during conference week and will also be printed in the Memory Book.  We will also feature a few submissions at the art show but we will not have the space to feature all our fabulous entries at that time.   Artwork will be returned to students when Memory Books are distributed the last week of school. 

Congratulations again Sophia!


If you haven't taken the time to order your child a Memory Book please order now via the PTA web site.   Orders will be accepted through Thursday, April 21st.   After that date, no orders will be accepted or copies reserved.   A limited quantity of books will be available for sale at the Flagpole the last week of school (times and dates TBA) but we can't hold or reserve copies if you miss the online ordering window. 

- Cost is $25/book and payment is accepted via Paypal.
- You can order multiple copies if you have more then one student at Las Lomitas
- We only began accepting orders February 22nd.   No orders were taken in August/September.  

Visit the PTA web site now to place your order at 

Any questions, please email
Report from the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee has met and discussed individuals from our community who are eligible candidates from the 2016-2017 term of office.  On behalf of the nominating committee, the following slate of officers for the association is presented for consideration:

Anca Rusu 

1st VP  
Adrianne Wonnacott

2nd VP, Volunteer Coordinator  
Diane Bradley

3rd VP, Hot Food Board Chair  
Corinne Burke

4th VP, Technology   
Prachi Shah, Shawn Matloub, and TBD

Brian Lee

Ian Edwards

Maggie Oren


We are currently looking for one additional person to help with website updates. If you are interested, please contact

The Hot Food Program Day Chairs have also been confirmed and are as follows:

Monday - Heather Caelius & Christine Orr
Tuesday - Helen Ungerman
Wednesday - Adrianne Wonnacott
Thursday - Josie Tang
Friday - Sarah Supple and Sarah Chai

If you are interested in helping out next year with Hot Food, please email to get in touch with the day chair of your choosing.

For any other PTA volunteer opportunities as seen on the PTA website, please contact  Thank you PARENTS for keeping our PTA going strong. So many of our programs have reached a level of excellence because of your contributions, whether it be your time, talent or treasure. We look forward to a fantastic 2016-17 school year!

Artis Montague & Helen Ungerman

Join Us to Vote in Our Officers-at the Dutch Goose!
Tuesday, April 19th at 6:00pm
We need a quorum of members to make it official. Voting will be a brief formality and then it's an opportunity to visit with friends-please join us!

Las Lomitas League News

For parents who have registered for an Las Lomitas League class, here are some general
  • Please report your child's absence from a Las Lomitas League class or sport by 
    contacting the Las Lomitas League instructor directly. The school office is not involved in 
    absence reporting for Las Lomitas League classes. 
  • Please be punctual to pick up your child after a Las Lomitas League class or sport at the 
    designated class location, and not at the flagpole. If someone else is picking up your 
    child, please let the Las Lomitas League instructor know in advance and with written 
    notice with the name and contact number of the adult authorized to pick up your child. 
    The Las Lomitas League instructors cannot stay late to supervise your child. If parents 
    are repeatedly late, the student may not be able to continue in the class. 
  • If you have any questions about a specific class, please refer to the Las Lomitas League 
    website (, and contact the appropriate Las Lomitas League 
    Vice President. The Vice Presidents for this year are: 

Science Wonders

Calling All Las Lomitas Students

Science Wonders:

Student Science Fair Exhibition 2016                                     

6:00 - 8:00 PM - Wednesday, April 20
Cano Hall, Las Lomitas Elementary School

For more information (2015 pdf) visit:

What is Science Wonders?  Science Wonders is a science fair event to encourage your children to be inquisitive about the world around them, as well as an opportunity to have FUN while sharing the joy of discovery with the school community. 
Where do we start?

Step 1: Ask a question! Think of something that excites or interests you.

Step 2: Think of how you can find an answer to your question (hint: there are many great books in the Las Lomitas Library and on websites listed in the Student and Parent Guide at the URL above).

Step 3:
 Write down your ideas and develop a plan to present your "science wonder" to your schoolmates.

Will my child's project be judged?  This is a recreational, voluntary activity, designed to be NON-COMPETITIVE and child-driven. Please do this activity with your child after their schoolwork assignments or on weekends/spring break. There will be no judging or class merit for participation, but each child will receive a certificate for completing a science fair project.

Can we still come if we don't participate this year? Yes! Everyone is welcome to come to the event and view all the creative ideas that Las Lomitas students bring to life at Science Wonders.

How do I sign up? In order to help us coordinate, send an RSVP email to Scott & Dawn Smithson at by April 1.  Please include the student's name, grade and teacher in your RSVP.  Thank you!

Parents of Third Graders

Save these dates regarding 4th grade orientation to La Entrada!
As you are well aware, third graders will be off to La Entrada in the fall! Several activities have been organized to address questions that you and your child may have about their "new" school.
In an effort to make the transition to La Entrada comfortable for everyone, we invite you to attend the following events:
All parents are invited to an orientation session on Thursday, April 14th from 6:30 - 7:30 PM in the La Entrada Library. Shannon Potts, Principal and La Entrada staff will provide information about LE and the 4th grade program in particular, so that your transition will be smooth and comfortable. The evening will allow ample time for your questions. Refreshments will be served. Please Note: This evening is for parents only. Students will visit La Entrada for their own special orientation the next day.
On Friday morning, April 15th, third graders will take a field trip to La Entrada. The students will already have corresponded with 4th graders via a pen pal program. They will get to meet their pen pal and participate in an orientation planned by La Entrada staff and students to help your child become more comfortable and excited about his/her new school.
LA ENTRADA OPEN HOUSE - Thursday, May 19th
La Entrada teachers will hold Open House in their classrooms on Thursday, May 19th beginning at 6:30 PM. Incoming 4th graders and their families are welcome to attend this event. It's a great opportunity to meet the fourth grade teachers: Mrs. Mylod, Room 41, Mrs. Behrens, Room 43, Ms. Bicknell, Rm 44, Ms. Carter, Room 70, Ms. Fordham, Room 71, Ms. Cummins, Room 72, Mrs. Nixon, Room 62 and Ms. Logie, Room 64. (NOTE: Next year's teacher assignments have not been determined as of this date.)
Questions? Call Kathy Ruwe, school counselor at Las Lomitas ext. 267

La Entrada PTA News

Calling all incoming 4th grade parents!
We need YOU to join this amazing group of people and complete our 2016-17 PTA Executive Board. The Executive Vice President is a minimal time commitment role that "shadows" our awesome Co-Presidents for the first year to then make a smooth transition into the presidency role the following year. Whether you'd like to be the VP on your own, or partner with a friend to be Co-VPs, it's a great way to get connected with what's going on at La Entrada.  You'll get "behind the scenes" access to our school administration and the opportunity to be a positive influence by sharing thoughtful feedback and ideas around our PTA programs-and have fun, too!
If interested, please reach out as soon as possible to Cindy Tipton.
Proposed Slate of Officers for the 2016-17 La Entrada PTA to be Voted In:

Co-Presidents: Britte Cheng & Marlene Paoli-Kissel
Executive Vice President: 
VP Membership: Jen Coleman                                                                       
VP Volunteers: Monica Albers
Treasurer: Elizabeth Radford
Recording Secretary: Sheriene Saadati
Corresponding Secretary: Sarah Chai
Co-Parliamentarians: MJ Crousore and Molly Drewes
Parents Needed for our District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)
Is your student someone who speaks a language other than English?  
Are you interested in learning more about how our district plans English Language instruction for children at all grade levels?  
Care to share with this group some useful tips that parents new to the American school system would benefit from due to your personal experience?
Please consider joining our monthly meetings!  They are fun and a great way to learn more about our school system.
If you have any questions, please email Sonya Dineen at

Community News

Informational Coffee on Monday, April 18 for All Students Matter
If you've wondered what All Students Matter is all about, then please join other local parents who are already volunteering with us in the classroom of K-4th grade students to learn more.  We invite you for coffee and refreshments while you hear about how you can make a true difference in the life of students in east Menlo Park and East Palo Alto by volunteering for an hour a week.  Monday, April 18 at 10:00 am at a home in Menlo Park.  Please contact to Jeanette Kennedy at to RSVP.
Announcing Open Enrollment  for the 2016-17 school year at Ladera Community Church Preschool!
LCCP welcomes all children aged 2 to 5 years old.  It is a fully licensed, NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accredited preschool that maintains low child-to-teacher ratios. It offers a play-based curriculum without religious content. Currently LCCP has a couple spaces available in all classes: 2s, 3s, and Pre-K. Please call or visit our website for more information.
Phone: 650-854-2997
Web: Ladera Community Church Preschool  

SPRING 2016 @ Portola Valley Town Center
For this session we will learn about what inspires artists to create!  Things that interest them ... things that they love. We will mix colors, study Monet and his love of trains and gardens.  A frog
from Monet's garden will find a place in our Frog Pop-Up Pictures.  After that, we move on to Heart Art and make Giant Stuffed Hearts individually constructed to form a variety of images. 
Wed.     3:30-5:30   k-2nd grade
Thurs.  3:30-5:30   k-2nd grade
Fri.       1-3:00        3-5 yrs
Fri.       3:30-5:30   3rd-5th grade
Sat.      10-12:00    4-8 yrs
Sat.      1-3:00        4-8 yrs                            Teacher: Jeannie Goldman (650) 678-6388


Summer Programs

Las Lomitas Summer Program

Registration forms for the Las Lomitas Summer Program will be available on Monday, February 1, 2016.  They will also be sent home to our current students in our Monday envelope that day.  The theme this year will be AUSTRALIA and the dates are June 20 to July 15.  Register early to avoid disappointment!

Panthers Camp 
I hope all of you enjoyed a fantastic year in 2015 and are off to a great start for 2016. Panthers
"All Sports" Camp  is back for another exciting 2016 summer.  For more information regarding camp as well as registering, the link to the Panthers Camp website is 
2016 Panthers Camp:  
  • Session 1: June 13-16
  • Session 2: June 20-23
  • Session 3: June 27-30
  • Session 4: July 5-8
In order to register, please click on the following link:

If you register before 3/1/16, you will get the early bird special.  Please let me know if you have any questions:

If your child has outgrown camp and will be entering 8th grade, they have an opportunity to build leadership skills as a Junior Counselor in Training (JCIT).  I will be sending out more information regarding this soon. 

I look forward to another great summer with your kids at Panthers Camp.

3rd Annual Kelly Coding and Creation Camps, Summer 2016 
Join Parker Kelly, the tech teacher for 16 years, for an exciting, educational experience at La Entrada's Mac lab this summer! In each 1-week session, students will learn programming, 3D design/printing and other multimedia skills in a fun, self-paced environment. 
Participants will learn from an experienced teacher (23 years) who has an MA in Instructional Technology. Each class will start with fun activities that cover essential computer science concepts using a mixture of visual block programming and coding, all while making fun animations, and video games. 
In addition, students will get hands-on experience designing 3D models and then print their creation with a 3D printer. As a culminating activity, the class will record a video in a broadcast studio environment that will show off their week at camp. 
Participants can enroll in 1, 2, 3 or ALL 4 sessions if they want! Choose from one or more of the following sessions: June 13-17, June 20-24, June 27-July 1 and July 11-15
Each day starts at 8:30 am and ends at 3:30pm. The camps are open to students entering 4th, 5th and 6th grade in the fall. 
Click here for more details and to register.

Coach Tim's Sports Camp will again take place at Las Lomitas this summer.  There are 4 one week sessions beginning the week of June 13.  Some of the activities are softball, soccer, broomball, ultimate frisbee and arts and crafts.  We have flyers in the school office or go to for more information.

There are flyers in the office about Summer Reading Skills classes offered at Hillview Community Center being sponsored by the City of Los Altos.  Classes are for children entering Kindergarten  through entering 11th graders.  For more information or to register call 1-800-903-0162. 

Jeff Arons is the director of tennis for Sacred Heart Schools.  His coaching experiences include founding/directing the East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring Program and coaching a Wimbledon
doubles champion. 

To submit an item, email Carol Clark ( by 12 noon on the Wednesday prior to the Monday publication date.

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