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Yes on S 2013
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This Week: 

  • Wed., Sept. 18 - Student Picture Day - Watch for the order envelope Tuesday, Sept. 17 
  • Sat., Sept. 21 - Pancake Breakfast; 8:30 - 10:30 a.m.


Next Week

  • Wed., Sept. 25 - Holiday Workshop Planning Meeting, Room 22, 9:00 a.m.  (Note location change!
  • Thur., Sept. 26 - Kindergarten and New Family Welcome Dinner    


Coming Soon:

  • Wed, Oct. 2 - PTA Bd. Mtg. -rm. 20B - 9:00 a.m.
  • Fri, Oct, 4 and Mon. Oct 7 - Staff Development Days - NO SCHOOL





Yes on S 2013

Yes on S  




Dear Las Lomitas & La Entrada Families,

We have a beautiful space graciously donated by Quadrus in which to hold our campaign calling evenings (thank you, John and Carla Sakrison). Calling voters is critical to the success of our bond because many voters don't vote in non-primary elections. Please consider volunteering just one night to support the cause. It's easy, fun, and a great way to make a BIG difference.
Names of the other volunteers are listed for each evening--so find a friend and come join them!



Friends of Las Lomitas and La Entrada Schools - YES on S 2013

PTA News 
Your membership sponsors wonderful activities your child enjoys throughout the year including:
  • Field Trips
  • Assemblies 
  • Holiday workshop
  • Fun Fridays
  • Hot lunch and more!!

Directories will be available next month.  Memory Books can also be purchased.  Be sure to join the PTA so you don't miss out on your copies!  Click here to join today!  


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Get involved in  your child's school.
There are many opportunities for every level of time commitment.
  • Need a weekend opportunity?  Sign up to help out with the Pancake Breakfast.
  • Have one hour a week at lunch you can spare?  Help out with Hot Lunch (we need help on Tuesdays!!) or Green Team.
  • Have time for a one-time event?  Or time to spare in the evenings?  Join the art card committee.volunteer PTA button 

Your children love to see you on campus!   Click here to volunteer or contact Pamela Stang at if you have questions about volunteer opportunities.


Thank you to all of you that have "joined" the PTA!  Your contributions pay for many wonderful things at Las Lomitas - including the school wide assemblies! Our first one is scheduled for September 25th so don't forget to ask your kids about it!

And for those of you who haven't yet had the chance to contribute this year...yes, we realize its easy to forget but registration is so easy! PLEASE contribute here now, so that we can plan our future assemblies this year!

Ask your children about the first PTA sponsored assembly on Wednesday, September 25th! Thank you PTA!!

Featuring the 2011 Parents Choice Award winners....The Banana Slug String Band! Dive in! Swim with us, alongside sea turtles and whales, on a musical odyssey into the Earth's one mysterious, marvelous - and precious - ocean. ONLY ONE OCEAN is 14 rockin' new songs from the award-winning Banana Slug String Band all designed to inspire young people and their families to learn about and care for the ocean. Special guests include George Winston, Brett Dennen, Zach Gill & Grammy winners Victor Wooten and BeaSoleil avec Michael Doucet. For more information, including home activities, visit their website.  
Apple for the Classroom




The Apple for the Classroom program is a way for parents to support their children's teachers directly. All the teachers and specialists at Las Lomitas have been invited to create a "wish list" of items that would help to further enrich their classrooms. Donations may be submitted online via PayPal.


Pancake Breakfast

We hope to see you this Saturday, September 21st from 8:30 to 10:3a.m.  for the Pancake Breakfast! This fun family event kicks off the school year with hot-off-the griddle pancakes, delicious sausages, and fresh fruit along with juice, coffee and lattes - plus, Happy Birds will be there to amuse the kids with their amazing performing parrots! Order advance plates online for $6 each. Plates will be available at the door for $10. 

We've extended the advance order and discounted purchase deadline to Wednesday, September 18.  Place your orders online now! 

We need more volunteers at the breakfast! Please contact Susie Gostyla. to sign up. 

From the Principal

Dear Las Lomitas Families,


School has been in session almost a month! Hard to believe, but true. Much of Mr. Camou's and my student contact time is spent on the playground, lunch area or at assemblies. In order to keep up with inside-the-classroom learning, we schedule weekly walk-throughs, either together or on our own. Here is a bit of what I saw during a short period last week in kindergarten and first grades: Art and Second Step lessons; imaginative play with large blocks; students writing their "hopes and dreams" for the year; math activities with students working together to graph data, create number bonds with manipulatives and write checks to practice number words; tossing and catching beanbags in PE; and small guided reading groups. I encourage you to read newsletters from the teacher to learn about a variety of learning experiences your child engages in each day.


The first Morning with the Principal last week was well attended. We discussed a variety of topics. I especially enjoyed being able to share information about our school focus areas this year: writing, Common Core Standards and technology. I appreciate hearing questions and topics of interest from you and, hopefully, the information we shared will be passed on to others.


Until next time,



School News

Safety on Campus

Now that the first week and a half of school is over, all adults who are on campus beyond the flagpole and office area must sign-in and wear a badge at all times. This includes parents who are walking students to class or to the playground before 9:00 a.m.  Staff will stop and ask you to return to the office if you are in the hallway without a badge. Thank you for your support to keep our campus safe and secure for the students.


Head Lice Screening  

A reminder that the most effective way to control the spread of head lice is for families to conduct regular home screenings.  Please keep in mind that school is a very rare source of transmission.Most head lice are transmitted through family members,overnight guests and playmates who spend a lot of time together.  If head lice or nits are discovered on your child at school, we will notify you. In general, the student may complete the school day and be treated at home prior to returning the next school day.  For more information, please see this link from the California Department of Public Health. 


A reminder from the health office: 
If your child will require medication to be given and/or stored at school, please bring it in the original container with a completed Medication Authorization form to the Las Lomitas school office. Important: a new form must be completed annually in order for us to administer medication (prescription or over the counter) at school.


We have Student Accident and Sickness Coverage insurance forms for the 2013-14 school year in the Parent Corner of the school office.    
Las Lomitas Education Foundation
  foundation logo
Father/Daughter Dance 
Friday, October 11, 2013 
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

$75 per Father/Daughter pair and $25 per sibling
Calling all fathers and their gorgeous daughters to Jensen Hall at La Entrada! Dance the night away with your daughter to some great music.  This festive event is open to all grades.  
here to purchase tickets.  (Outreach is available.  Please contact the school office for details.) Please contact Cara Whittaker at if you would like to volunteer to help with the dance.
Coming up in the next few weeks:  Click here, register and come out and play
·       3rd Annual Ladies Tennis Round Robin - Sept. 22
·       7th Annual Camino a los Cerros Progressive - Sept. 28
·       4th Annual Gentlemen's Hold'em Tournament Party  - Nov. 2
If you have a Target credit card, you can enroll in TCOE and designate a school.  Then, 1% of all your purchases are donated to the school.  Click here
Make sure your grandparents are connected to receive an invitation to Grandparent's Day in the Spring, and our newsletter just for them!  Register them here.

LLEF Our Children Our Schools Our Community 
Arrival/Dismissal Protocol

LAS LOMITAS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Arrival and Dismissal Protocol

Safety comes first at Las Lomitas. The streets in our neighborhood, including Camino al Lago, are very congested during arrival and dismissal times, especially on Wednesdays and minimum days.   Please take a few minutes to review these safety tips. With everyone's cooperation, we can be sure that our students are safe and help traffic move smoothly.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please share this information with others who will bring or pick up your child from school. We appreciate everyone's courtesy and patience in the parking area, on Camino al Lago and surrounding streets at arrival and dismissal times.


Sue Sartor, Principal



  • PLEASE BE PATIENT and RESPECTFUL; everyone is working hard to get students in and out of school safely. 
  • PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY and PAY ATTENTION, even on neighboring streets.  Our students are young and not easily seen.
  • PARK IN DESIGNATED PARKING SPACES; please honor the no parkingsigns and only use the handicapped parking spaces if you have a placard. Do not block neighbors' driveways - please model courteous behavior.  Do not park in staff spaces before 9:00 a.m.
  • LEAVE PETS AT HOME. Even the cutest puppy can cause more congestion and possible frighten a student.
  • WRITTEN PERMISSION IS REQUIRED FOR A CHANGE IN DISMISSAL; emails are not always read in time.  Be sure the note arrives at school and is given to the teacher first thing in the morning. 



  • BE READY TO UNLOAD; have backpacks ready so the line doesn't back up.
  • ALWAYS UNLOAD CURBSIDE; please do not ever unload from drive-through lane.
  • approach the crosswalk area slowly! Be especially cautious if you are in the drive-through lane.
  • CHECK TO SEE IF THE CROSSWALK IS CLEAR of students and parents before driving forward. 


  • ALWAYS use the crosswalk! Be a role model for the children, even when tempted to cut across the drive-through or loading lanes. Remember, even when you are alone, other children may be watching your example.
  • LOOK BOTH WAYS before crossing! Cars may not see you - watch for them.
  • WALK BICYCLES on the sidewalk; LOCK them at designated bike racks.




  • STAY IN THE PICK-UP LANE! Do not leave your car. Do not send someone to the flagpole to pick up your child and bring to the car.
  • PUT THE NAME CARD WHERE IT CAN BE CLEARLY SEEN from a distance.  Hold it up or put it on the visor.  If you do not have a name card, you will be given another one and may be asked to circle around again.
  • DRIVE SLOWLY through the drive-through lane if you are ready to go before othere in front of you.



  • KEEP THE HALLWAYS CLEAR; do not wait in the hall to meet your child. 
  • USE THE CROSSWALK! Watch for teachers to help cross through traffic.
  • ONLY PICK UP AT THE FRONT GATE OF THE SCHOOL; do not park in the CCLC lot or behind the school and ask students to meet you there.
  • ON WEDNESDAYS, do not come inside the gate once dismissal is in progress.  Tell the teacher assigned at the gate area your child's name and she will call your child to come meet you.Students will be grouped by grade level in the flagpole courtyard every Wednesday and on minimum days. 
Las Lomitas League

Las Lomitas League 

Registration for Fall 2013 LLL before/after-school classes closed and LLL classes started last week. Please be reminded that we no longer accept late registrations.   The only LLL class that is still accepting students is Chorus. Parents have until September 20th to preview the class and register. Please contact the instructor Pam Donkin directly to arrange for a preview.

For parents who have registered for an LLL class, here is some important information to take note of:   
  • It is mandatory that parents submit or email the dismissal instruction form directly to the LLL instructorbefore class starts. If you have not done so, please submit the form as soon as possible. We thank you for your cooperation.  
  • Please provide your Las Lomitas classroom teacher with your child's dismissal plan so she knows your child needs to go to the LLL class or sport on a given day. Without written instructions stating otherwise, your child will be sent to the flagpole, bus or CCLC as usual.
  • Please report your child's absence from an LLL class or sport by contacting the LLL instructor directly. The school office is not involved in absence reporting for LLL classes.
  • If your child attends CCLC, please inform CCLC directly of the LLL classes that your child is enrolled in so that CCLC can remind your child when it is time to walk over for their LLL class and your child does not miss any LLL classes. The school or LLL is not responsible for informing CCLC of the classes you have enrolled your child in.
  • CCLC has informed that they will only walk Kindergarteners to and from LLL classes. CCLC will no longer escort 1st-3rd graders to and from LLL classes. 1st-3rd graders will have to walk to LLL classes and back to CCLC on their own. If you have any questions on any of the above procedures, please contact the Director of CCLC, Ruby Alter directly at
  • Please be punctual to pick up your child after an LLL class or sport at the designated class location, and not at the flagpole.  If you are going to be late, please let the LLL instructor know in advance and with written notice with the name and contact number of the adult authorised to pick your child up. The LLL instructors cannot stay late to supervise your child. If parents are repeatedly late, the student may not be able to continue in the class.
  • For parents who have registered on a wait list, you will only be notified via email IF a space becomes available - we appreciate your understanding that admittance is not guaranteed. 
For more information on dismissal and procedures, please refer to our FAQ on our website.

For a weekly reference on LLL classes taking place, please refer to our online LLL calendar.

The Las Lomitas League is in need of two registrars.  One for Las Lomitas and one for La Entrada.  This is a great way to volunteer on your own time.  The registrar sets up the online registration for classes and sports, answers questions and provides reports as needed.  All work can be done at home.  Board meetings are held once per month in the evenings.  If interested, please contact Maureen Goode at   

Business Partners

Circle of Friends Preschool
Looking for a great little preschool in the Las Lomitas neighborhood?Come see our developmental, play-based program where children have opportunities to create, explore, problem solve, learn skills and concepts, and integrate knowledge in a hands on supportive environment. 8:30 am - 1:30 pm. Contact Debbie at 650-854-2468 or  Visit their website here.


Studio Rincon Youth Dance and Yoga Classes on Alameda in Menlo Park. Youth classes start the week of September 9th. Signup here!  Pre-ballet, ballet, tap and hip-hop all in a fun and positive atmosphere after school.  Classes for ages 3-Teen.  View the youth schedule here.

Menlo Park Great Clips for Hair  Come visit your local Great Clips today for a great haircut at every day value  prices.  If you mention this ad, each customer with a purchase of ten dollars or more may have one mini ICE Spiker Colorz non-permanent color styling glue from Joico. Great for special events, sports teams, and just all-around fun.   Store location is at the Sharon Heights Safeway, behind Starbucks, 325 Sharon Park Drive.  Hours: M-F 9 - 8, Sat. 9-6, and Sun. 10-6.  Phone: 650-763-3443.  Check out our easy and convenient online check-in by clicking here.  A Great Haircut.  Guaranteed. 


Community News
SmartFit Kids at Menlo Swim and Sport  Acclaimed for coaching excellence, Menlo Swim and Sport's SmartFit Kids is an after-school homework and tutoring program at Burgess that provides academic coaching and homework oversight for students from first to fifth grades. Open Monday - Thursday, 3:30-5:30pm. Visit our website for more details.  

Alpine Strikers FC - Pre-Competitive Soccer Programs
Alpine Strikers FC is a competitive soccer club based in Menlo Park, Atherton, Portola Valley and Woodside - devoted to player development of the community's future soccer players! The fall season has started and there is still room in the pre-competitive programs for preschoolers and kindergarteners. If your child is excited about soccer and wants to develop soccer fundamentals in a fun-filled environment, please visit our website to register or find out more.

NJB Winter Basketball registration is now open on our website. Our focus is on skills-based instruction, personal growth, and positive competition for kids from 1st through 8th grades in MP, Atherton, PV, Woodside, or EPA.  The season runs from November through February. 
Creative Art for Young Children...Fall 2013 @ Portola Valley Town Center...Sept.18-Dec. 7th (no classes Thanksgiving week)  Teacher Jeannie Goldman (650)851-1914.  These classes offer a unique art experience for children 3yrs-the 5th grade with the philosophy that children are natural born creators...each a master of his or her own style. The Fall session begins with pictures of furry little squirrels and clay bird feeders. For more info go to our website.  You can register online or call Julia @ (650) 851-1700 ext 200. 

Ragazzi Boys Chorus Auditions
By appointment through September; 178 Clinton St, Redwood City
The Ragazzi Boys Chorus will teach your boy to sing!  Call to schedule a no-stress audition for boys ages 7-10; no previous singing experience or prepared piece required.  Boys offered membership begin in September and perform during the 2013-14 season, which aligns with Bay Area school calendars.  Beginning singers meet every Monday -or- Wednesday evening for choral singing and theory instruction. Ragazzi offers a complete music education which progresses through a proven, award-winning choral program. Ragazzi performs its own concert series, sings the National Anthem at a spring Giants game, tours domestically and internationally, and collaborates with other prestigious Bay Area arts organizations.  Appointments can be made online, by phone at: 650-342-8785 or email  


Ragazzi's Music and Movement for 5-7 year old Boys
Register Now; Mondays, Sept. 16 - Nov. 18, 178 Clinton St, Redwood City
Ragazzi Boys Chorus' engaging Kodály-based class for active young boys is now open. The class is tailored for boys ages 5-7 with little or no previous musical experience. A child-developmental approach fosters boys' creativity and curiosity. Participants explore rhythm games, channel their energy through music learning and learn concepts they can apply in any musical setting.  $200 per 10-week session; early-bird and sibling discounts. Contact, 650-342-8785. More information available here.   
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