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This Week:


Friday                  Winter Break begins - NO SCHOOL        



Coming Soon:


Dec. 21 - Jan. 4    NO SCHOOL- Winter Break


Jan. 7                  School Resumes  

                           Read-A-Thon begins 


Jan. 8                  Registration begins for Las Lomitas League 

    7:00 p.m.    


Jan 9                  PTA Board Mtg. - 9:00 a.m. - room 20B

                          School Bd. Mtg. - 7:00 p.m. - MUR  at LE 


Jan 21                 NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday


Jan. 30                Class Pictures - Cano Hall                



School News


Dear Las Lomitas Families,

I'm sure you all heard about the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut last Friday. Our hearts are aching for those families suffering such a terrible loss.

As Alain Camou's article in today's Roar states, school safety is a number one priority for us at Las Lomitas. All visitors on campus must sign in at the office and wear a large, visible name badge. Anyone not wearing a badge will be stopped and questioned by staff and will be redirected to the office. Any suspicious behavior in the parking lots or around the campus perimeter is also reported to the office. I encourage all of you to do the same when you are on campus.


In addition to fire and earthquake/disaster drills, we regularly schedule shelter-in-place and reverse evacuation drills so we can get students inside a locked room safely and quickly. We have worked closely with the Atherton Police Department over the years to refine our procedures for optimum safety. Although we cannot fully protect the children and ourselves from all threats, we do our very best to ensure that we are trained and prepared to respond immediately in an emergency.


Our teachers planned to answer questions briefly today, without dwelling on the details. Keeping our routines and a sense of normalcy is very reassuring for young children. I encourage you to listen to your children and answer their questions the best you can. Let them know how much you love them and that you will do all you can to keep them safe.


Our children are our greatest treasure. As we head into the winter break, I hope you all enjoy the holiday, hold your children tight and count your blessings.


Until next time,

Sue Sartor




Dear Las Lomitas Families,


A couple of weeks ago, Las Lomitas conducted a full evacuation drill to assess our overall readiness in the event of a serious emergency. The purpose of this drill is to periodically check our status and ability to respond to a situation that would warrant a complete evacuation. Among the items that were looked into were our emergency food and water rations, various job descriptions of all faculty members, set up of important areas including First Aid, Student Release, and Incident Command Center, as well as our general capacity to safely move nearly 700 students from their classrooms to the blacktop/field. The children were magnificent and patient as the 45 minute drill unfolded to allow all staff members to report to their respective positions and perform aspects of their job description.


The Safety Committee put in several hours of work to ensure we were prepared for this drill and is currently in the process of addressing issues that arose during the drill. While smaller scale drills such as fire and earthquake are systematically done on a monthly basis, the full evacuation drill differs greatly in its scope and purpose. Our plan is to conduct the drill again in the Spring to make sure the issues that were raised this Fall have been addressed and to continue to identify areas of need. The safety of your children is something the entire staff of Las Lomitas takes very seriously so this is a practice we will continue to refine and improve. At this time, we felt it was important to remind parents of their roles in the event of an emergency and bring your attention to page 135 of the 2012-2013 Student Directory. There you will find important information to help ensure the safety of your children in the event of an emergency. The most important things to remember is to keep calm, have your picture ID with you, and inform all people on the emergency release form of their responsibility in the event you are not able to pick up your children.


Rest assured, a great deal of work and research have gone into preparing the school for an emergency and know that your children are always in the caring and capable hands of an extremely dedicated staff.



Alain Camou

Assistant Principal 


PTA News

Dear Las Lomitas Families,

It's the last four days of school before Winter break! We hope all of you have a wonderful break with your family and friends and return on January 7th refreshed and ready for school. In fact, we'll kick off our highly anticipated Read-a-Thon that very day! We want to express our thanks to Cheryl Phan and her team who have been busy behind the scenes to get ready for it.
A HUGE thank you to Josie Tang and Kristina Valentine, and their table leads, for their heroic efforts to pull off another incredible Holiday Workshop. We hope you are all enjoying your beautiful Art Notecards. Thank you Jane Worden, Sook Cho Jung, and Tissha Brumm for orchestrating this project and raising funds to support our art program! 

Thank you Julie Chandik and Rebecca Grant for building our new online Apple for the Classroom website (and thank you teachers and specialists for publishing your wish lists). This is a great way to donate to the classroom for field trips, materials, and special requests that are over and above a teacher's normal allotted budget. It is completely voluntary and we greatly appreciate those of you who are able to contribute--thank you!

When we return in January, we'll have an assembly for the students to look forward to on the 16th, Jr. Great Book training for third grade parent volunteers on the 17th (9-2pm in Cano Hall), and class pictures on the 30th. If you want to get other 2013 events on your new calendar, click here:

Have a wonderful holiday vacation!


The PTA Board 
Cindy Tipton, Christy Chin, Julie Herlihy, Cindy Anderson, Linda Mills, Jennifer Williams,  
Stacy May and Donna Hall

100 Nutcrackers and "Joy" Banner Bring Holiday Cheer to Children 
at Lucille Packard and Ronald McDonald House

We traditionally have a community service project at our Holiday Workshop (e.g., cards, book marks, etc.), but thanks to the generous donation from Banana Republic, this year our children "bedazzled" 100 wooden Nutcrackers (which had been beautifully painted by Cheryl Cho and her family beforehand--thank you)!  The nutcrackers were absolutely beautiful and will be distributed to children at Lucille Packard on December 24th through their Art Life program.

Additionally, our children decorated a lovely "joy" banner that was delivered to the Ronald McDonald House for display in their playroom. Thank you so much to the children that took time during the Holiday Workshop to decorate a nutcracker or the banner. Thank you to the families that took time to deliver them all! 

Happy Holidays!



We are excited to announce the annual Las Lomitas PTA Read-A-Thon to help raise money for our PTA-sponsored programs!   The Read-A-Thon will run from January 7-February 3, starting immediately upon our return from the Winter Holiday break.  A brochure with all the necessary information will be sent home in the Monday envelope on January 7th.  However, if you would like to get started with collecting pledges over the holidays, you can go to our website to download the electronic version of the Read-A-Thon brochure.  Questions? Please contact:


Cheryl Cho-Phan   


Submit your Artwork by Tuesday, January 22nd
The Memory Book team would like to invite all Las Lomitas students to submit artwork for the cover design of this year's Memory Book. We can't wait to see your creativity! Please only one submission per student.
Contest rules:
  • Use crayons, watercolors, or colored pencils.
  • Use watercolor paper or another type of paper with texture, if possible.
  • Use 8˝ by 11 inch sized paper. (Slightly larger is OK.)
  • Drawing should be in "portrait" format, meaning it should be taller than wide.
  • Be colorful! Don't leave the background blank or white.
  • Include the "Las Lomitas" school name and make it stand out.
  • Include the school year "2012-2013" as part of the drawing.
  • Include the Las Lomitas Lion as part of the drawing.
  • Artwork should be "friendly" (no battles or weapons, please).
  • The edges may be trimmed slightly, so don't put anything important close to the edges.
  • Be sure to write the artist's name, room number, and teacher's name on the back of the drawing. Use a pencil for the name and write lightly so the writing doesn't show through the artwork on the front side. Do not use Post-it Notes as they can fall off and become lost.
  • Please see Memory Books from prior years in the Las Lomitas library if you need ideas for your cover art.
Entries should be placed in the Memory Book bin in the Las Lomitas office no later than Tuesday, January 22nd.  All contest entries will be included on the back cover of the Memory Book. They will also be displayed at the Student Art Exhibition during Open House. Artwork will then be returned when yearbooks are distributed in early June.
Questions? Contact Tracy Williams at .


If you have experience building or managing websites, please read on!

We're looking for help with our PTA website and would love to find a couple volunteers who are familiar with HTML, graphic design, or programming. If you have experience in any of these areas, and could help out for about an hour per week, please contact Rebecca Grant ( 
Thanks in advance! 


Lomitas Education Foundation


foundation logo  






Meet Our Participation Match!

For the past several years, over 80% of District families have joined hands to donate funds to our District, as a symbol of our solidarity in supporting excellence in education for our children.  Let's do it again!  If we achieve a minimum of 80% participation, our Foundation will be awarded an additional $80,000 from a small group of District families.  Please donate now at

Fundraising Update  

Our fundraising campaign has been successful so far-let's keep the momentum going!


Through Dec. 10th                                            Goal

Participation                  58% of families                                         100% of families

Contributions                 $2,130,000                                                $3,000,000


Holiday Shopping 

Visit for your holiday cards and gifts! 


Thank you for using the LLEF Shopping website for your holiday card and Amazon orders to date.  Over $20,000 worth of purchases have been made through our site in the past month, and a portion of these proceeds are being donated to our District!   Your purchases have already been adding up to real money for our schools this holiday season.


We hope you'll continue to visit each and every time you shop online. Just click on a vendor and shop as you normally would to trigger donations from your favorite retailers, including Amazon, Tiny Prints, Minted, Shutterfly, iTunes, RedEnvelope, and more!  Please forward this link to family and friends as well-anyone shopping through the Foundation website will help us earn dollars from on-line retailers.


Thank you to last week's donors!

Richard and Lois Abraham, Eric and Melissa Almgren,  Margaret Berkey, Thomas Bligaard and Tatiana Catacora,  Frank and Ann Bradley, Stephen and Mary Jo Brimhall, Matthew and Jenny Brokaw,  Damon and Julie Chandik,  Pervaiz and Shama Choudhry,  Alan and Lori Cohen,  Derek and Victoria Coleman, Mark and Nalin Decker, Robert and Golda Deutscher, Stephen and Beverly Docter , Anne Doktorczyk, Bob and Patrina Donnelly, Alan and Harriet Elisofon, David and Masako Elisofon, Robert and Rebecca Flanagan, Jamie Flight, Donald and Stacey Gerber, John and Joan Gerber, Mehmet and Ozge Goker, Abbas and Claudia Hage, Terry and Bonnie Hanley, John and Heather Hill, Naoki Ito, Ja Hyun Lee and Tae-Ahn Jahng, Joe and Ann Jensen, Jerrell Jimerson and Alison Pape, Kris Johnson and Jennifer Panders,  Jeff Kinder and Julie Herlihy, Charles and Leslie King, Yangseok Koh and Yunju Kim, Kirk and Glynnis Krappe, Norman and Cheryl Kruse, Nora Lindahl, Michael and Susan Matthews, Bruce and Nancy McClain, Linda McGhee, Mark Mendoza and Chynna Bantug-Mendoza, Frances Meredith, Leonid Milenky and Tatyana Purlatz, Suzanne Mitchell, Jeff and Kari Mueller, Curtis and Theresa Neumann, John O'Farrell and Gloria Principe, Eileen Osborne, Sonia and Ken Parekh, Robert and Joan Patch ,Ron and Chris Perris , Hasnain Rashid and Bibi Das, Deborah Rogers, Nick and Sooji Rug, Stephen Ryu and Seunghee Lee, Bill and Bonnie Schaefer, Elaine and Erwin Shalowitz, Christopher and Kimberly Shepard, Laird and Dawn Simons, Sam So and Margaret Tao, Tod and Cathy Spieker, Chris and Kristin Spindt, David Stern and Thareerat Kochatchawan, Charlotte and Harry Turner , Salman Ullah and Marnie Elizaga , John and Mary Wachtel , Stephen E. Wall and Nancy Crandall, David and Jessica Weil, Larry and Liz Wiseman, David Wong and Jane Kwan-Wong,  Voon-Chung and Rosanne Wong, Gary Yang and Gisella Lai


Kindergarten Registration and Kindergarten Session Request Information



Kindergarten registration packets for children who will turn age five on or before October 1, 2013 will be available at the Las Lomitas School office beginning Monday, January 7, 2013. Registration packets for 1st through 3rd grades for the 2013-2014 school year will also be available starting this day in the office, between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m, Monday through Friday. Completed registration packets will ONLY be accepted for enrollment starting January 28, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. Your registration packet will be date and time stamped upon receipt when all required paperwork is complete.


If you are registering a child for Kindergarten, please bring the ORIGINAL birth certificate or passport, your child's immunization records to date, and proof of residence in the form of two ORIGINAL utility bills (i.e. power, water) or one ORIGINAL utility bill and lease agreement or mortgage paperwork. If you are registering a child for 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade, you will need to bring proof of residence (as specified above). If you do your bill-paying online, please print out the bill showing the utility service and your address. If you would like to make copies of these documents for us, it will speed the registration process but we will need to SEE the originals.


There are two sessions for Kindergarten. The first session is from 9:00 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. and the second session is from 10:35 a.m. to 2:05 p.m. with a recess between 10:15 and 10:35 a.m. Kindergarteners living in the Ladera area are placed in the 1st session due to the bus schedule; kindergarteners living in the Woodside area are placed in the 2nd session also due to the bus schedule. All other registrations and session request forms will be date and time stamped for placement.


If your child is a returning first or second grader and you wish to request a change of session, email requests will be accepted beginning January 1, 2013. Please email the Principal, If you are registering a new first or second grader, session request forms are included in the registration packet.  


Tours of the school for parents of incoming new Kindergarten students and new first through third grade students will be offered on the following dates. These tours are for adults only and spaces available are limited to 10 per tour and 1 tour per family, so there are minimal distractions to the academic program. Please call the school office at 650-854-5900 to reserve a tour.


Kindergarten tours are from 9:45 - 11:00 a.m.


            Thursday, December 6, 2012              Friday, February 8, 2013

            Thursday, December 13, 2012            Monday, February 25, 2013

            Wednesday, December 19, 2012        Thursday, March 7, 2013

            Friday January 18, 2013                     Wednesday, March 20, 2013

            Thursday, January 24, 2013               


1st - 3rd Grade Tour

Thursday, March 21, 2013

9:40 - 10:35 a.m.

Session Change Requests for Next Year
Session Change Requests for 2013-2014


If you have a current kindergarten or first grade student and wish to move to first session next year, you must put that request in writing to Mrs. Sartor. She will begin taking requests by letter or email starting January 1, 2013. You may email her at No requests will be honored prior to January 1st.


Do not wait until kindergarten registration in late January to make this request!  New family session requests are not accepted until January 28th, allowing our returning families to have priority on the wait list.   If you are on this year's wait list, you must make a new request for next year. We do not "roll over" the list from year to year. Please call Mrs. Sartor if you have any questions about the session request process.


Las Lomitas League

Las Lomitas League

The Winter /Spring 2013 LLL before/after-school class schedule will be up on our website on December 17th so parents can start planning.  

Registration for Winter/ Spring 2013 LLL classes opens on January 8, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.. Remember to put this date down in your calendar.  
Business Partners
These programs are not supported by or affiliated with the La Entrada School or the La Entrada PTA.

@ Portola Valley Town Center WINTER SESSION 2013 JAN. 9 - MARCH 23 (no classes Feb. 20 - 23)
Teacher: Jeannie Goldman (650) 851-1914 
To register contact the Portola Valley Town Hall (650) 851-1700, Cindy or Teresa (ext. 200) or register online.

Youth Dance Classes at Studio Rincon on Alameda in Menlo Park. 
The next session of youth classes start January 7. Signup here!  Preballet, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, advance hip hop, breakin' & poppin'- all in a fun and positive atmosphere after school.  Classes for ages 4-Teen.  View the youth schedule here.
Community News
These programs are not supported by or affiliated with the Las Lomitas Elementary School or the Las Lomitas PTA.

Baseball and Softball Registration for 2013 Spring Alpine/West Menlo Little League and AMA Softball is now open.
Details can be found on our website 

Holiday Camp Menlo: Open for registration!   Holiday Camp Menlo offers professional swim instruction in a fun-filled camp format for all levels, ages 5-10. Daily level appropriate instruction provided by our excellent team of Menlo Swim School instructors in lessons with a 4:1 ratio.  Out of the pool, campers enjoy various group games and activities that encourage self-confidence, growth, teamwork, and fun. Camp available Monday, November 12 (Veterans Day), December 26-28, January 2-4, and Monday, January 21 (MLK, Jr. Holiday). Register today.


Ragazzi Boys Chorus Free Minicamp

Saturday, January 19, 2013, 9:30am - 1pm, Redwood City

Registration is now open for Ragazzi Boys Chorus' free half-day minicamp for boys, ages 7-10. No previous singing experience is required. Low-key, no-obligation auditions are integrated into the camp. Boys offered Ragazzi membership join rehearsals the week of Jan. 21, 2013. Beginning groups meet one evening per week for choral singing and theory instruction. Ragazzi offers a complete music education that progresses through a proven, award-winning choral program. Ragazzi performs its own concert series, sings the National Anthem at a spring Giants game, tours domestically and internationally, and collaborates with other prestigious Bay Area arts organizations. Contact:, 650-342-8785. Register online.


Ragazzi Music & Movement Class for 5-7 year old Boys

Registration Open Now; Tuesday sessions, Jan 15 - March 19, 2013, Redwood City

Ragazzi Boys Chorus has expanded its program with an engaging Kodály-based class for active young boys. The class is tailored for boys with little or no previous musical experience - no auditions necessary. A child-developmental approach fosters boys' creativity and curiosity. Participants explore rhythm, channel their energy through music learning and generally have a ton of fun.  Kinders, first- and second-graders love this class! $20 per class; discounts available at registration. Contact, 650-342-8785. Register online.


 We are currently conducting a research study at Stanford University on emotion regulation and reactivity among children with and without an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We are recruiting children with ASD and typically developing children (ie. children without a diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, Asperger's, ASD, or any other psychiatric illness) between the ages of 8 and 21. The study consists of up to 4 sessions and participants will be reimbursed $30 for each session and an additional $30 if the online components (questionnaires and a daily emotion journal) are completed. The total potential cash reimbursement is up to $160. US Citizens only (must have social security number to receive payment). Please contact us at if you are interested in having your child participate.  For general information about participant rights, contact 1-866-680-2906."


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