Dear Pastor,

This heartfelt letter from a woman who could have been in your church deserves a few minutes of your time.  It involves the greatest injustice in the world today, and God loves justice.  Isaiah 61:8.

Advancing Life, Liberty and Justice in Him,

Allan E. Parker
Special Message to Pastors
Abortion Hurts.  God Heals!
Dear Pastor,

I have been hurt by abortion. I bought into the lie that aborting my children would be a quick fix to my 'problem'. I believed the lie that 'abortion is legal, so it must be o.k.'. I aborted two of my children, Christian Scott and Nicole Rose. I held onto the pain, silently, for over 20 years.

I first heard the message of forgiveness from Mike, my husband, but I couldn't comprehend anyone ever forgiving me....certainly not God. But God was persistent with His message, as I heard Dr. Carol Everett (former abortion clinic owner) speak at my church. Then God's love and forgiveness was spoken through the voice of Allan Parker (President of The Justice Foundation). Finally, I saw a video at my church in which a few post abortive women were briefly sharing their stories and speaking of God's healing and forgiveness. Maybe there was hope for me, after all. I am forever grateful that my church presented these messages, because each voice was a stepping stone in my healing journey.

The Lord led me to a post abortion healing class (at my church) and I have accepted God's love and forgiveness for my abortions. I have finally been set free!

Then I found out that 1 out of every 3 women of child-bearing age has had an abortion. And then I realized that for every post abortive mother.... There is a post abortive father.

As I looked out across the congregation at my church, I began to realize that many, many could be sitting there in silent guilt and shame, just as I had. My heart ached and God set me in motion.

God has led me to be Founder and Executive Director of Abortion Hurts. God Heals! Our mission is to educate, enlighten and bring the hope of healing to those hurting from abortion, through our heartfelt testimonies.

I would like to schedule a time to meet with you. I would just like to sit and talk about the topic of abortion. I would like God to lead us in our conversation. No... this is not what "I" want.... this is what God wants.

Here is a link to a recent podcast of Abortion Hurts. God Heals! It includes an interview with Pastor Buddy Rattray and his wife Candy Rattray. It is entitled: "Abortion Hurts. God Heals! Partners with Pastors".

I pray that you can find a spare hour to listen to this podcast.

I pray that you will contact me.

In His Love,

Saundra Decker
(210) 264-6767
Abortion Hurts. God Heals! Panel Event
Abortion Hurts. God Heals! Panel Event