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November 30, 2014
Following a wonderful Thanksgiving, we pause to count our blessings. From all of us here at Patti Engineering, thank you for being part of our community. We are deeply thankful for the friendship, confidence and trust you have shown in us. We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With the growth of e-commerce, recapturing lost revenue has become a major concern for shipping companies. Our feature article will give you insight into a recent project which shows how implementing automation technology can lead to an impressive return on investment.

As for our employee spotlight, we think you will enjoy learning more about Charlie Rysenga, a talented engineer with keen problem solving capabilities, and a daredevil side he tries to shield his mother from!
Patti Engineering Completes Phoenix Contact VLC Upgrades with Fives Intralogistics for Revenue Recapture Project  

As the world of e-commerce continues to grow, a growing percentage of a shipping company's revenue is generated from business customers weighing and labeling their shipments in-house. While this is efficient for all parties involved, the accuracy of the scales can vary greatly at the businesses generating the labels. Creating a way to recover lost revenue from shipments that may have incorrectly stated actual weight of packages can add serious revenue to a shipping company's bottom line!
The company Fives Intralogistics is a go-to resource for large shipping companies.  Fives designs and supplies world-class material handling and sorting solutions; automating internal logistics streams for postal and courier companies, distribution centers, and baggage handling systems. A large parcel delivery customer of Fives' wanted to implement a system to recover lost shipping revenue. Fives solution included adding high speed inline checkweighers to its customer's existing parcel sortation systems to recover the lost revenue on mis-weighed packages. Knowing Patti Engineering's expertise in both sortation and Phoenix Contact's Virtual Logic Controllers (VLC), Fives enlisted Patti Engineering to assist with this large, time sensitive project.

"Together, Patti Engineering and Fives Intralogistics successfully executed a large in-line weigh scale project for a parcel delivery company. Meeting the aggressive installation schedule in a fully operational sortation hub was the result of close collaboration and planning between all parties and, simply put, a lot of hard work and long hours on the part of the on-site resources," said Brian Mann, Customer Service Business Unit Leader, Fives Intralogistics. "Hats off to Logan Wohlford and the Patti Engineering team for a job well done. We are looking forward to working with Patti on future projects."

Fives' customer is so pleased with its new system that options for additional control system upgrades on obsolete hardware and software are being evaluated for 2015. The expected ROI for Fives Customer's revenue recapture project is less than a year!

For more information on our sortation expertise visit our website, or call us (248)364-3200 for a free initial consultation.

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Patti Personnel - Charlie Rysenga
Charlie Rysenga has earned the Patti Personnel Spotlight this month. Charlie is a bright young individual with a passion for engineering. So naturally, Patti Engineering hired him right after he earned his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. While Charlie notes that his work here is very challenging, he says it's what he enjoys most about his job, because it's rewarding.

It did not take long for Charlie's training and observance of one of our veteran engineers to cement his abilities in engineering. He tried his hand at several Siemens S5 to S7 control upgrade projects, and even recently served as the lead engineer on a successful Siemens upgrade project.

"Charlie is a very talented and motivated young engineer. He has come up to speed quickly on the technologies we specialize in and he is proving to be a great addition to our team," said Ken Kutchek, VP of Operations at Patti Engineering.

His current professional focus is on a project for Patti Engineering customer Oetiker, which involves upgrading a band clamp machine. We put him on this project because of his passion for his work. He claims that the best thing about engineering is that he gets to practice the skills he needs to take over the world - ambitious!

Born and raised in Berkley, MI, Charlie still resides there. A daredevil who claims his hobbies would give his mother a heart attack, Charlie is adventurous and active. He spends his free time working with an  educational non-profit organization, I3 Detroit. Charlie describes the organization as a community makerspace/hackerspace. "We teach classes and make awesome things," Charlie said. He recently participated in the 'Makers Faire' with I3 Detroit to bring together and collaborate with amateur inventors. The organization had a tent at the fair and used the opportunity to show its inventions and creations, as well as recruit new members.

He is also quite the sailor. This past summer, Charlie was invited to participate in the 2014 Chicago Yacht Club's Race to Mackinac. The race is a 333 mile journey from Chicago to Mackinac Island, Michigan. Charlie and his team sailed a catamaran called Double Time, which he describes as "basically a big trampoline between two 33' hulls."

Charlie has proven to have the technical aptitude to be a 'Patti Engineer,' and it is also clear to us that his fun and adventurous side fits just right with Patti Engineering's company culture!

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We work as partners with our clients. When you need an expert to help solve automation challenges, we are here to add value to your solution - enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and work with your team as a trusted resource. Visit our website for more information on our areas of expertise, or call us (248)364-3200 for a free initial consultation.

Thank you for your interest in Patti Engineering.

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Georgia H. Whalen
Director of Marketing
Patti Engineering

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