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Securing and accounting for law enforcement armory assets is the foundation of why Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices, LLC, aka 'LEID Products',  came into existence as a company. While that continues to be our core business, an important growing segment for our company is our library business.

In our travels to libraries across the country, we have taken note of a few trends which we will share with you in our feature article.  If you are in law enforcement, perhaps you can forward this email to your community's public library director.

LEID's spotlight is on our Senior Account Manager, John Kormanik. John's extensive industry knowledge and his professionalism make him a great asset to LEID Products and the customers we serve.

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Georgia H. Whalen
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LEID Products, LLC
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LEIDing Edge Library Trends
Library patrons used to visit their local libraries to borrow a book or perhaps do some research where they could get lost in the library's quaint, quiet rooms and hallways. Today, like many other aspects of the world, libraries need to become more connected and available. But for some communities, funds are in short supply and the community library must be creative to meet these changing needs. We are seeing librarians stepping 'out of the box' to make the library a community hub and more accessible to outlying communities.

In our work with libraries, a notable trend is expanding services to allow patrons to experience their community and learn new skills. As a community hub for example, some libraries are offering workshops on resume writing and computer skills such as excel. Some are offering free passes for patrons to try out their local YMCA or recreational buildings and/or clubs before they have to commit to membership. Some libraries are even loaning items such as fishing poles for patrons to go fishing in the communities they reside in.

Beyond the
Express Library Sadievilleeffort to serve as a community hub, libraries are rising to the challenge to provide patrons better access in terms of pickup locations and hours. LEID Products iLibrary System empowers libraries to give patrons access to library materials 24/7. Often times, these iLibrary Systems are set up in locations remote from the actual library, which helps alleviate issues related to a library being located too far away from a patron in the community. When libraries expand using the system, they do it at no cost to their patrons. The self-service solution is an innovative and affordable option to provide library access where demand is insufficient to support a traditional 'brick and mortar' library.

The system breaks through traditional 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. business hours, enabling self-service accessibility regardless of the time of day. All patrons need are a library card and a valid email address to request materials from the catalog on the iLibrary kiosk or online. They receive notification of delivery and can pick up materials from the system's electronic lockers at any time of day by swiping their library card and/or entering a code into the keypad.

Using Anoka County's Library on the Go Lockers
Anoka County's Library on the Go Lockers  
Earlier this m
onth, we displayed our revolutionary self-service mini library branch featuring Access.it Electronic Lockers and the innovative iLibrary Kiosk in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Public Libraries Association (PLA) Conference. From Kentucky to California, the award winning iLibrary System is installed across communities to provide expanded services with new locations
, extend hours and increased circulation.

Looking ahead, we'll have some exciting new functionalities for the iLibrary System that we will showcase at the American Libraries Association (ALA) Conference in June. Stay tuned for more 

Spotlight on LEID's Senior Account Manager, John Kormanik 
John and Sharon
LEID Products Senior Account Manager John Kormanik describes his six years with the company as rewarding. "I enjoy working with the team at LEID," John commented. "It's a pleasure to be part of a company that provides the highest level solutions and support to a broad and growing clientele. I'm proud to be a member of the team for LEID, and to be part of providing innovative solutions such as the BACS, Access.it and iLibrary Systems."

In his role, he is often on site with our customers - military and law enforcement facilities, universities, libraries, hospitals and private businesses. His professionalism and deep knowledge of each industry and their needs in terms of asset tracking, storage and management makes him popular among our customer base.

"John has a great ability to form long lasting relationships. Our customers trust and value his expertise and guidance," said LEID President, Sam Hoff. "Many of his customers are repeat customers for LEID, adding to their BACS or iLibrary Systems as their needs grow."

Owen and Domanik
Before LEID, John ran a business in Connecticut focused on home construction and lighting. From there, he transitioned to working in a sales career for American Locker Security, Inc. This is where he earned his experience in security and worked extensively to establish third party partnerships with contract manufacturing.

John grew up in a small town called Nemacolin in Pennsylvania, which is in the southwestern part of the state. He graduated from Waynesburg University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. John and his wife Sharon lived in Connecticut after college where they raised their four children - Kristen, John, Joel and Alyssa. He now lives in Dublin, OH.  John and Sharon have two grandchildren, Owen and Domanik.

John was a jack of all trades when it came to youth sports. He played football, baseball and wrestled. He still enjoys going to a game on occasion, but his main hobbies are fishing at the Outer Banks in North Carolina, playing softball, and flying. His flying experience has been influenced by his brother, who is a commercial pilot and instructor. His brother gave him his first flying lesson when he was only 14 years old. By the time he was 16, John flew alone and received his private pilot licenses by the age of 17. On one of his trips with a good friend and colleague, Skip Richardson, they had the chance to fly and see a T-34 WWII trainer in Houston, TX. John says it was a great day.

About LEID Products 

Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices (LEID), LLC is the leader in electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control. Originally founded to assist police departments in securing guns, weapons, radios, etc. through an electronic tracking and fingerprinting system, LEID products are also utilized to track books within a library system, medical supplies, laptops and even business documents to selected personnel. Their Biometric Access Control Systems (BACS™) streamlines operations and provides full accountability for critical business assets. For more information and demonstrations of our products, visit www.leidproducts.com.