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March 31, 2014
Flashback to early 2010 - with diversification a Patti Engineering priority after a grueling few years of battling the 'Great Recession,' one of our most talented engineers, Steve Palmgren, steps up to the plate, willing to relocate to industrial and energy rich Texas.

With Palmgren at the Texas helm, our team knew we had a great shot at making this work! The gamble paid off; on April 4th we will celebrate the grand opening of our first Texas 'brick and mortar' office with a party! Read more about our Texas expansion in our feature article.

The Patti Personnel Spotlight is on Vice President of Texas Operations, Steve Palmgren. His dedication and commitment to making a name for Patti Engineering in Texas, coupled with his leadership skills and engineering talent has proven to be a formula for success!
Blazing a Trail in Texas

Patti Engineering Austin Texas Blazing a trail in Texas has been fun and rewarding for Patti Engineering. We will celebrate four years of business in Texas on April 4th with a grand opening party at our new office in Austin. Founder and former President of Patti Engineering, Executive Vice President Sam Hoff spearheaded our expansion to Texas in the spring of 2010. Seeking geographical and industry diversification after the 2008/2009 'Great Recession' hit the Michigan area especially hard, Patti Engineering's management team determined the energy and industrial rich state of Texas a perfect fit for our engineers' skill set and a great opportunity to meet diversification goals.

Steve Palmgren With one of our most talented engineers, Steve Palmgren, willing to relocate to Texas, Sam and his team knew we had a great shot at making this work! In a few short years, we have gone from just a handful of spectacular engineers and a PO Box as our official Texas branch address, to exceeding growth expectations and opening our first Texas 'brick and mortar' office!

Steve Palmgren now serves as Patti Engineering's Vice President of Texas Operations. Patti Engineering's executive team attributes our ability to successfully enter into the Texas market with strong growth results to our most valuable assets: our talented and dedicated engineers, whose performance has quickly established Patti Engineering as a trusted and valuable resource to our new clients.

"The vision of opening a remote office has come true for Patti Engineering.  4 years ago it was just me and now we have 7 team members in our office and 2 more to make 9 by the end of May," noted Steve. "We have formed strong partnerships in Austin with our partners and their distributers, many whom were skeptical at first of the markets need for another system integration company.  We have also formed strategic alliances that have been key in much of the growth and opportunity.  We have shown everyone in Austin who Patti Engineering is, and our brand and reputation has grown because of it.  All this could not be accomplished if it were not for the support of our families, all the Patti Engineering team members, customers, partners and strategic alliances."

Our partnerships with Siemens, Mitsubishi, Phoenix Contact, Matrox, Kawasaki Robotics and Indusoft have been critical components to our success in the Texas region. Siemens Austin/San Antonio, Texas, Senior Account Manager, Rich Jacobson commented, "Patti Engineering brings a level of expertise on Siemens based solutions that far exceeds almost any other systems integrator.  I don't hesitate to partner with them on the most challenging applications, knowing our customers are in good hands."

Oil Drilling Technology Patti Engineering has formed great working relationships with several Texas automation suppliers. AWC is a leading automation supplier and distributor of Siemens automation products. AWC and Patti Engineering have work together on many projects, including assisting national oil well equipment manufacturers in the design, development and implementation of complex automated drilling technology.

According to Director of Drilling Support Services at AWC, Brad Rosenhagen, "AWC focuses on developing strategic partnerships with our customers, technology partners and trusted solution partners so that we all can win together on projects and product development. Patti Engineering exemplifies the type of partner to work with. Their professionalism and thoroughness from the start of a project to its completion, keeps us coming back for more. With their very capable and Siemens knowledgeable engineering staff, Patti Engineering provides the skills and the quick responsiveness our customers require.  Whether we are working with them on a small prototype or a larger project, we know that our customer, technology partner, AWC and Patti Engineering will all win together."

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Patti Personnel - Steve Palmgren
Palmgren family portrait taken by Summer Miles of Summer Miles Photography
With the April 4th Grand Opening celebration of our first brick and mortar office in Texas just days away, it is only fitting that we recognize our Vice President of Texas Operations, Steve Palmgren in this month's Patti Personnel Spotlight. "Steve's leadership skills, engineering talent, dedication and commitment are largely responsible for the stellar success we have achieved in Texas," said President of Patti Engineering, Patti Hoff.

Steve has been with Patti Engineering since 2001 and has 18 years of experience in control and information systems from plant floor and assembly automation; to developing auto-drilling technology; to specializing in assessing and manipulating databases. Palmgren earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Engineering from Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. With a strong personal commitment to his career, Steve earned his Professional Engineer (P.E.) license from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers just over a year ago.

Under Steve's leadership, we consistently receive very positive feedback from our customers and partners in Texas. A few years back we asked Siemens Austin/San Antonio, Texas, Senior Account Manager, Rich Jacobson, for his opinion of Patti Engineering's success in Texas, "I just did not see the need for another integrator in our market, but their engineers came in and wowed us with their technical knowledge and capabilities with Siemens automation products." Jacobson's response was a direct result of Steve's technical capabilities and his ability to lead our engineering team.

Steve credits his success in Texas to the support of his family, all the Patti Engineering team members, customers, partners and strategic alliances. Steve and his wife Lindsay have a 6 year old daughter, Reese, and a 10 month old son, Isaac. The Palmgren family recently made a trip back to Michigan to visit family and friends.  Isaac flew for the first time and loved it.  Reese was able to celebrate her 6th birthday with all her family and friends in Michigan.  The Palmgren  family also celebrated Isaac's baptism in Michigan with close friends and family.

Back home in Texas, the Palmgren family enjoys spending time outdoors with trips to Port Aransas/Corpus Christi beach and camping. In October, the family took a camping trip to Pedernales State Park. While Steve and Lindsay are both Michigan natives, it is clear they have settled in nicely to life in Texas. As Steve says, "Lindsay holds the house on  the ground," she enjoys cooking, helping at Reese's school and PTO, swimming, yoga, parent groups and playdates for Reese and Isaac.

In Steve's free time when not with his family or at Patti Engineering, he likes tinkering in the garage on cars, RC cars, or anything else that needs to be fixed as well as volunteering in Destination Imagination tournaments. He was thrilled to recently have the opportunity to drive a stock car on a small track near Austin! Steve also enjoys gardening especially in Texas where you can grow year round outdoors. While he loves his adopted state of Texas, Steve remains a big Michigan fan, especially football!

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If you can make it to Austin Texas on April 4th and would like to join us at our Grand Opening celebration, please email Anne Marie Thomas ( for the details! Thank you for your interest in Patti Engineering.

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Control Engineering Magazine Did you see our article in the February's issue of  Control Engineering Magazine? While the concept and movement toward standardization is not new, we have seen an 'up-tick' in manufacturers requesting assistance with standardizing operator interfaces with human machine interfaces (HMIs).

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