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February 31, 2014
Is your machinery working to its full potential? Technology has been evolving rapidly, just think of how far the PC has come in the past decade. Just like your PC, the control systems powering your machinery has advanced at the same rate. If you want peak productivity and maximum profit from your machine investment you may want to consider a control system upgrade. We consider this one of our 'sweet spots,' check out our article for details of a recent project.

We congratulate Steve Buffmyer on his promotion last month to  Director of Project Management! Steve's contribution to our team over the past decade has been invaluable, earning him the Patti Personnel Spotlight for the second time in the past two years!
An Inside Look at a Control System Upgrade
The Patti Engineering team frequently goes above and beyond to complete difficult projects. The project selected for this article, while complex and worthy of highlighting, is really just an indicator of what happens on a daily basis in our offices.

Quality built industrial equipment can often outlive the support available for the PLC and other industrial controls that make it operate. We have built our company, in part, on our ability to perform control system upgrades that keep valuable capital equipment in operation well past the intended life of the original control systems. Helping our customers to maximize asset value and return on investment.

We recently completed a project for one of the world's largest automotive part manufacturing organizations and were pleased to share some of the details with the Patti Engineering community via our blog. Now, we make sure our newsletter readers have a chance to see what it took for our engineers to conduct control system upgrades for three obsolete control systems on UBE Injection Molding Machines (IMM). The customer brought us in to update its original Mitsubishi A Series PLC control systems installed on the IMMs, which Mitsubishi no longer supports. We knew that in order to avoid costly production downtime, the machines controls needed to be upgraded from the legacy A Series PLC to the new Mitsubishi Q Series PLC control systems.

Mitsubishi Q Series And that's just what we did. Plus, we upgraded the Human Machine Interface's (HMIs) on the IMM machines to current standard technology selected by the customer. We recreated the functionality of the current Indusoft HMI application and updated the operator interface PC to a 64 bit, Windows 7 system. This conversion ensures uninterrupted machine performance and reliability with the added efficiencies and functionality the modern technology provides.

The customer has since gained the many advantages of the technological advances in automation while extending the usable life of valuable capital equipment.

And for those of you interested in a deep dive into more of the technical
information, check out the full blog post by clicking on the blog button:
Patti Personnel - Steve Buffmyer
Steve Buffmyer
Steve Buffmyer
For more than a decade, Senior Engineer Steve Buffmyer has worked tirelessly for Patti Engineering to ensure our team of engineers is always on track and our customers remain satisfied. We recognized him in a spotlight article two years ago, and the value of his contribution to the engineering team has earned him the spotlight again. Steve has progressed over his 10+ years with the company and, most recently, was promoted to Director of Project Management.

In 2012, Steve said the thing he liked most about Patti Engineering is the diversity of our customer base. "This diversity results in a wide variety of projects. Almost every project offers some new challenge and opportunity to learn. Management is obviously very committed to continuing and expanding this diversity. I also enjoy my co-workers. We have a group of very talented individuals who come together to get the job done. Everyone is obviously committed to the continuing success and growth of the company."

As background, Steve joined the company in 2003 and was immediately immersed in most complex projects the engineering team was involved in. Steve has provided tremendous support across a variety of industries that Patti Engineering serves: garment sortation systems, automotive projects including paint and sealer systems, power train assembly, component balancing and various other projects including pie palletizing, industrial cut to length saws and ammunition loading.

Just this past week, we asked Steve about his more recent years at Patti Engineering and his accomplishment of promotion to Director of Product Management. Here is what he had to say, "I'm excited about my new position with the company. I've been working in the automation industry for more than 25 years and I look forward to passing my experiences on to some of our younger engineers."

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We work as partners to our clients. When you need an expert to help solve automation challenges, we are here to add value to your solution - enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and work with your team as a trusted resource. Visit our website for more information on our areas of expertise, or call us (248)364-3200 for a free initial consultation.

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Control Engineering Magazine Did you see our article in the February's issue of  Control Engineering Magazine? While the concept and movement toward standardization is not new, we have seen an 'up-tick' in manufacturers requesting assistance with standardizing operator interfaces with human machine interfaces (HMIs).

When the decision is made to standardize, manufacturers with U.S. and overseas plants need global automation technology providers, like Siemens Automation and Mitsubishi Electric, for better access to continued support across the globe. As a an integration partner to both these providers, Patti Engineering has worked on numerous projects developing standardized intelligent HMI operator interfaces for top tier manufacturers. See the article for details! 

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