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May 2013 - Vol. VII, Issue 5 
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CSIA Certified

Removing yourself from the day-to-day operations of your business in order to step back and take a 30,000-foot view of your company has proven to be invaluable to the Patti Engineering team. The 20th Annual CSIA Conference which took place earlier this month in St. Pete Beach, FL, provided that opportunity. Sam Hoff, president at Patti Engineering, recaps the event in this month article.

In this issue of Patti Perspective, we will shine the personnel spotlight on Erik Pedersen. If he could sell Sam Hoff tickets to the Detroit Pistons, he can sell anything! Check out the details on Erik in his article below, he is a great asset to Patti Engineering's business development team.

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Patti Engineering Team Recognized
for Integrator of the Year Award at CSIA Conference
CSIA Conference 2013 Award
20th Annual CSIA Conference Delivers Value 
CSIA Conference 2013
The Patti Engineering staff recently attended the 2013 20th annual Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA) Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL. In 1989, Charlie Bergman started this organization with a monthly newsletter that targeted Control Systems Integration (CSI) companies. In 1994, Charlie, who retired from Bailey Controls, organized a conference with approximately a dozen companies in Wrightsville Beach, NC. The 2013 conference had more than 500 people in attendance representing the 400+ member companies. The Patti Engineering staff has attended 17 of these conferences, missing only one since 1996.

Some people are hesitant to go to the conference, feeling that perhaps they will lose a competitive advantage by talking to their competition, but we at Patti Engineering look at it as a helpful review with our peers. The conference features a dynamic group of speakers who focus on improving one's business; it is a great way to remove yourself from the day-to-day operations in order to step back and take a 30,000-foot view of your company.

CSIA Certified During the 362 days you are not at the conference, the connected community, accessed via the web site, is a great way to collaborate with other companies and automation supplier partners. There were over 60 partner member automation suppliers that displayed at the CSIA conference. Our own president, Sam Hoff, who serves on the CSIA Board, is also head of the CSIA Partner Committee.

In 1997 the CSIA released the "Best Practices and Benchmarks" publication and then in 2001 the CSIA started auditing companies against this standard to verify that its certified member companies are implementing these high standard practices.  Patti Engineering has been certified for over 10 years now and was one of the early adopters; passing the comprehensive audit in 2003 and passing the recertification audit every three years since.

Patti Personnel - Erik Pedersen
Erik Pedersen_Patti Engineering Erik Pedersen joined Patti Engineering in 2012, bringing a wealth of sales knowledge to the company to support ongoing business development efforts.

"Pedersen's dynamic personality and broad  sales background have been tremendous in supporting growth," said Sam Hoff, president at Patti Engineering.

Erik brings five years of sales experience to his current role. Previously, he worked for Olympia Entertainment managing premium sales. Prior to Olympia, he was responsible for corporate sales with the Detroit Pistons. He earned a Bachelor's degree in sports administration with an emphasis in business, management, marketing and communications from Cornell College. He also earned his Master's degree in education from Marietta College.

Erik Pedersen with Friends Erik first met Hoff in his previous job working in corporate sales for the Detroit Pistons. Hoff is a huge sports fan, but not a particular fan of the local NBA team. "I knew that if he could sell me Pistons tickets, he could sell anything," Hoff said.

His decision to join the Patti Engineering team was an easy one. Erik always admired Sam and Patti Hoff for their success. It was clear to Erik that they strive to maintain a family atmosphere at their company. "For the six years I knew Sam and Patti, I watched the incredible growth they were able to achieve with their business," said Erik. "There wasn't a doubt in my mind that this job would be a good opportunity for me."