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Securing and accounting for law enforcement armory assets is the foundation of why Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices, LLC, aka 'LEID Products',  came into existence as a company. While that continues to be our core business, a very successful growing segment for our company is our library business.

In this month's LEIDing Edge Newsletter we will share how libraries are using our products to bring compelling value and service to the communities they serve. If you are in law enforcement, perhaps you can forward this email to your community's public library director.

Everyone knows the economy has not been robust for an extensive time period. Public libraries are not immune to the suffering and pain of reduced budgets while the demand for services continues to increase. Check out our article this month on how Scott County Library Director, Earlene Arnett, decided to tackle this challenge. The spotlight is on Arnett and her long career in serving the Scott County community.

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Library Express Sadieville Earning Rave Reviews   

Delivering Better Library Access to Patrons

Express Library Sadieville Ribbon Cutting In June of 2012, the Scott County Public Library in Kentucky cut the ribbon for a remote self-service location called the 'Library Express Sadieville.' To offer the new 'mini' library branch, the library purchased LEID Products' innovative iLibrary System  complete with the iLibrary computer kiosk, Access.it electronic lockers with keypad, and a book return box. The system has been extremely well received by the community and more locations are now in the works. According to Library Director, Earlene Arnett, "We are always looking for more ways to save time, money and energy for our patrons; and the Library Express project helps us to meet those goals."

Express Library Sadieville Angela Boonstra, a busy mother of two teenagers and Sadieville resident, gave her feedback in the town's newsletter: "It takes 5 minutes for me to drive from the house to pick up our books. It's a huge resource for my teens - we enjoy borrowing documentaries and my son enjoys Jacques Cousteau, tracking books and sports stories. We drive to the lockers, open the door and it's like receiving a gift!"

LEID Products Library Express Scott County is comprised of three cities, Georgetown (population 29,690), Sadieville (population 303), and Stamping Ground (population 673). As part of the Scott County Public Library five year strategic plan, Arnett explained, "Our facility goal is to expand the outreach of the library facility to serve the growing population of Scott County and further the mission of being the 'Center of the Community.' Library facility refers to all physical services of the library regardless of location. When discussing services for our outlying communities of Stamping Ground and Sadieville, we looked at outreach as a way to service these areas without building branches in areas where population cannot efficiently supp
LEID Produdts iLibrary Sadievilleort a facility." Bringing service and convenience to these communities required an inventive solution. The investment in expanding library access to better serve patrons was a team effort. Arnett attended Sadieville's city council meeting and presented the concept of the Library Express and asked for permission to continue the project with the location being at city hall. With their approval the project began.



Spotlight on Scott County Library Director Earlene Arnett
Earlene Arnett, Scott County Public Library Born and raised in Scott County in Kentucky, Earlene Arnett says her greatest achievement has been her career and becoming the Scott County Public Library Director. She loves the opportunity to try new things, which has translated in the last year to tremendous progress for the library and its community. She has been the point person implementing the 'Library Express' project with remote library locations - through the LEID Products' iLibrary System - in Sadieville, and soon in Stamping Ground, KY. We are taking the opportunity this month to shine the spotlight on Earlene.

When Earlene graduated from Georgetown High School, she sort of fell into a position at the Scott County Public Library when her mother fielded a phone call from a friend of her sister suggesting Earlene apply for a newly available position. Little did Earlene know at the time, that phone call would send her down a path that would become a life-long rewarding career. She immediately started working at the library where she was a part-time clerk. She was responsible for typing catalog cards, checking books in and out, and after a few years, she started helping the library director with book orders, paying the bills and other secretarial duties. While working at the library, she attended Georgetown College for two years. She has also audited many library sciences classes at the University of Kentucky.

Earlene Arnett in Japan
Earlene Visits Tahara Public Library in Japan
With the guidance of her mentor, former Scott County Library Director, Patsy Hall, Earlene flourished in the library environment, reaching her greatest professional achievement when becoming director in 1977.  "My library career has allowed me to move the library in many directions including developing a professional staff, automating the library, ensuring financial stability, and building a new 28,000 square foot facility in 2000," Earlene said. "Beyond my career, when I think about the relationship we have with our sister city in Japan, the quilting group connection is the personal accomplishment that I am most proud of!"
Earlene Arnette reading to BB
Earlene reading to her dog BB, the library has a program called 'Books and Best Friends' where children read to dogs.

The city of Georgetown has had a sister city relationship with Tahara, Japan since 1990 - both communities have a Toyota plant, both were about the same size when the relationship wasdeveloped, and both were agriculture communities at the time. In 2005, the Elkhorn Creek Quilters (she is one of the founding members) formed a sister relationship with the Friendship Quilters of Tahara. In 2007, the Scott County Public Library formed a sister relationship with the Tahara Public Library and Earlene was able to visit Japan through that program. In 2010, nine quilters from Tahara came to visit Georgetown during its Kite Festival and the two clubs participated in a joint quilt show.

About LEID Products 

Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices (LEID), LLC is the leader in electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control. Originally founded to assist police departments in securing guns, weapons, radios, etc. through an electronic tracking and fingerprinting system, LEID products are also utilized to track books within a library system, medical supplies, laptops and even business documents to selected personnel. Their Biometric Access Control Systems (BACS™) streamlines operations and provides full accountability for critical business assets. For more information and demonstrations of our products, visit www.leidproducts.com.