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SIUE Installs BACS Asset Management System
Spotlight: SIUE Chief of Police Gina Hays
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Property control and tracking are two very important issues for university police departments and the law enforcement industry as a whole. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) is made up of 39 police officers across two campuses who share department equipment. Several months ago, SIUE successfully installed LEID Products' BACS Asset Management System. Read our article and view the video on the SIUE Police Department, their reasons for implementing the BACS Asset Management System and the results.


LEID Products is shining the spotlight on Chief of Police Gina Hays. Chief Hays is an inspirational leader who embraces innovation. A 24 year veteran, she broke new ground as SIUE's first female officer and then 8 years ago, broke ground again as the first female police chief for the university.

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SIUE Successfully Installs the BACS Asset Management System to Electronically Secure and Track University Police Department Assets

"I highly recommend the BACS Asset Management System to any university police department desiring a better solution to tracking and controlling access to shared equipment. Our department has realized significant benefits in terms of efficiency and accountability."

-SIUE Chief of Police, Gina Hays


Property control and tracking are two very important issues for Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) Chief of Police Gina Hays. With 39 police officers staffing two SIUE campuses, the majority of department assets are shared. Chief Hays and her command staff were not happy with the inefficiencies of officers quickly grabbing equipment with no true protocol to record what equipment was assigned to each officer. Maintenance records and general oversight of department equipment was disorganized. 


Campus Safety - University Police Department Installs LEID Products BACS System to Secure Assets

 The tipping point to take action and address this concern occurred when a set of master keys went missing; after an extensive and time consuming search was conducted, they could not be found. Commanders could not determine how long they had been missing nor who had them last. After much wasted time and the concern about the cost and headaches associated with the potential need to rekey the campus - at a cost of more than one hundred thousand dollars - the keys were found. This event was unacceptable to Chief Hays and thus, she began her search for a solution.

Chief Hays evaluated a variety of solutions available. LEID Products Biometric Access Control System (BACS) stood out as the best choice for the department's needs. It was the only biometric access system Chief Hays could find and the depth of the tracking and reporting capabilities were impressive. Chief Hays recognized the great value to the command staff - the ability to see, in real time, when an officer checked out an item, if or when they returned it, or if it had not been returned. This would create officer accountability. The fact that LEID's system could track maintenance requirements and would be user friendly for both officers and supervisors was an extra bonus in the decision process.




Spotlight on SIUE Chief of Police Gina Hays
Chief Gina HaysSeveral months ago, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) installed LEID Products' Biometric Access Control System (BACS)  in its police department. Chief of Police, Gina Hays, initiated the search to find a better solution for property control, tracking and accountability. Chief Hays is an accomplished leader in her field, known for her innovative approach to law enforcement and for making progressive changes rather than accepting the status quo. For this month's LEIDing Edge newsletter, LEID Products is pleased to shine the spotlight on Chief Hays!

A veteran at SIUE, Hays has been with the department for 24 years, serving the last eight years as Chief of Police. In 2006, she was named the president of the Southern Illinois Police Chief Association and was the first female to ever hold the position. At the time of her appointment, she was one of only five women in the association made up of more than 150 chiefs.

Chief Hays started her law enforcement career at the Edwardsville Police Department - as the only woman on the force. She worked in patrol at SIUE and was promoted to Lieutenant after only 15 months. She was responsible for the oversight of its Investigations Division for nine years. From there, she was promoted to Captain and held the position for five years before she was appointed Police Chief in 2004. Prior to SIUE, Chief Hays attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale where she earned an undergraduate degree in Administration of Justice. While working for SIUE, she went back to school to earn a Masters Degree in Public Administration.

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