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Featured Product: BACS Evidence Management System
North Andover Police Department Highly Recommends BACS Evidence Management System
Spotlight: NAPD Detective Daniel G. Cronin
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Property and evidence control has historically been a problematic area for law enforcement. The inconsistency or lack of proper documentation for the temporary storage of evidence going into and coming out of the property room is of great concern. North Andover Police Department (NAPD) in Massachusetts addressed this concern by implementing our BACS Evidence Management System in their new Police Station.  


The System has been in place for nearly six months now. NAPD is impressed with the resulting time savings for their officers, and the significantly improved chain of custody for evidence. In this month's article, we have a new video to share with you, as well as, NAPD's feedback on their BACS System.   


Detective Dan Cronin, a 22 year veteran of the NAPD, is in our spotlight this month. Detective Cronin's duties include evidence control officer, crime scene services and the latent print examination, to name a few. He is an expert in his field; called on by other departments to help solve difficult cases. As NAPD Chief of Police, Paul J. Gallagher says, "He is an officer that has a 'blue light' beating in his chest." 


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North Andover Police Department Highly Recommends

BACS Evidence Management System

North Andover Police Department Highly Recommends BACS Evidence Management System
"The system is fantastic! The North Andover Police Department is very happy with how easy the BACS Evidence System is to use. All of our officers agree that the system makes their jobs easier. Dropping off evidence is a much faster process than ever before, and chain of custody has been significantly improved."

   Chief of Police Paul J. Gallagher, NAPD




The town of North Andover in Massachusetts, located just 24 miles north of Boston, is home to roughly 28,000. In March of 2012, the North Andover Police Department (NAPD) announced its intent to implement the new LEID Products BACS Evidence Management system. The system - comprised of Electronic Evidence Lockers and BACS Evidence Management ID Station Kiosk - provides access and tracking capabilities for evidence moving into and out of the police department property room.

With a brand new police headquarters, the department sought a better solution than their prior keyed locker system with its inherent inefficiencies - lack of time and date stamp, property with missing or incomplete paperwork, etc. One of the many reasons Chief of Police Paul J. Gallagher decided to purchase the BACS Evidence Management System was because it allows his officers to efficiently maintain detailed documentation and avoid defense motions. There are very strict rules around evidence control that his officers must adhere to. Chain of custody is also a major factor in courtroom presentation.


Chief Gallagher also recognized the value of the labor time savings his evidence control officers would realize with the BACS System; allowing for them to focus more time on other important duties such as detective work. NAPD was the 29th police department to earn accreditation from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission for their commitment to increasing department efficiency and accountability. The department's commitment to efficiency and accountability is further demonstrated through its use of the BACS Evidence Management System. In fact, NAPD's Detective Dan Cronin, with his 17 years of experience as an evidence control officer, was instrumental in formulating the blueprint of needed requirements used in the development of LEID's new state-of-the-art evidence management system.


Spotlight on Detective Daniel G. Cronin 
Detective Daniel G. Cronin Detective Daniel G. Cronin is a 22 year veteran of the North Andover Police Department in Massachusetts. He started as a patrol officer and moved his way up the ranks quickly to hold the position of detective. Cronin's duties include evidence control officer; crime scene services and the latent print examination to name a few. He is a member of The Fingerprint Society, the International Association of Identification, the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association and the New England Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association.  Cronin is also a member of, the very active NAPD Honor Guard unit, where he participates in many local events, including presenting the colors for both the Boston Red Sox and Celtics.

North Andover Chief of Police, Paul J. Gallagher, shared his perspective on Detective Cronin's contribution to the NAPD, "Detective Daniel G. Cronin is a highly regarded veteran of the North Andover Police Department. He earned his assignment as a detective 17 years ago and continues to serve in that position due to his diligence and attention to detail. Detective Cronin has been assigned to numerous federal, state and regional Task Forces and duly deputized as such. He is a recognized expert witness in state and federal courts for his forensic skills, specifically - fingerprints, shoe impressions, tool marks and arson. He is an officer that has a 'blue light' beating in his chest."

In fact, other police departments have often turned to Detective Cronin for his forensic expertise. Serving as a qualified expert witness, Cronin has the ability to recover prints when others simply could not. He has proven instrumental in putting criminals behind bars in difficult cases. Cronin has fingerprint analysis training both through the FBI and from a two-year apprenticeship. He is a qualified expert court witness in friction ridge analysis and he has made more than 275 fingerprint recovery identifications.

NAPD Honor Guard
Detective Dan Cronin (all the way to the right) and fellow officers in the NAPD Honor Guard unit presenting the colors for the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston.

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