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October 2012 - Vol. VI, Issue 9 
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We all want to see job growth in the United States, right? Chrysler is leading the way, bringing back job growth to Kokomo, Indiana. We are proud to be involved in the innovation driving that job growth!

Chrysler Fiat
The Kokomo Transmission Plant has become a symbol of Chrysler's comeback. In operation since the 1950's, it was scheduled to be closed following the auto maker's 2009 bankruptcy. After Fiat acquired a majority stake in the U.S. auto maker, that plan was changed and $1.3 billion was invested in upgrades and job hires at the facility.

Following several years of a near-complete plant overhaul, the Kokomo Transmission Plant launched new renovations last year to build the auto industry's first 9-speed transmission, thus utilizing thousands of square feet that had sat vacant for a decade. Through our work with ThyssenKrupp System Engineering (TKSE), Patti Engineering has been afforded the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking project to make American cars more fuel efficient. In our feature article, we will share some of the details of our work.

Nick Clark, one of our young 'rising star' engineers, is in the Patti Personnel Spotlight this month. His performance on the TKSE/Chrysler project has earned Nick this recognition.

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Patti Engineering Provides Engineering Expertise for Auto Industry's First 9-speed Transmission


Thanks to our relationship with ThyssenKrupp System Engineering (TKSE), Patti Engineering is excited to be part of the TKSE team implementing the equipment to build the auto industry's first 9-speed transmission in the Chrysler Transmission Plant in Kokomo, Indiana. This is another step in Chrysler's biggest U.S. investment plan since the company's bankruptcy: transmissions with more gears to enhance fuel economy and performance. Chrysler was the first domestic automaker to introduce an 8-speed transmission in its models, starting with the 2012 Chrysler 300S and Limited models. The new 9-speed front-wheel drive transmission is expected to be in production the first half of next year.


For almost a year now, we have been working in conjunction with TKSE on various assembly lines that will be used to build the new 9-speed transmission for Chrysler. TKSE designs, manufactures and delivers complete assembly lines adapted to the requirements of its customers. These assembly lines integrate various types of transport systems, assembly, test and high precision measurement machines.

Patti Personnel - Nick Clark


Nick ClarkThis month, we are shining the spotlight on Nick Clark, one of our young engineers who has quickly proved to be a valued member of our Patti Engineering team. Nick joined our engineering team in late March. He is a graduate of Kettering University, with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. In addition to being chosen for our spotlight, we congratulate Nick on his marriage to Patricia Clark earlier this month!


Nick previously worked with Consumer's Energy designing power systems, where he gained enormous experience in the large corporate atmosphere. Nick sought to make a change to more challenging work in the field of electrical engineering. He was also looking for a smaller company where hard work and dedication are recognized and valued. Patti Engineering was the right fit to meet Nick's desire for challenge and opportunity.

A valuable member of our team working with Thyssen Krupp System Engineering (TKSE), Nick has been hard at work on a project to build the assembly lines for Chrysler's new 9-speed transmission. "I jumped right in and completed one entire line that builds the 9-speed transmission valve body, which is one piece of the puzzle in building an entire transmission," Nick told us. "I was recently been told by Thyssen Krupp that the line is already up and running parts in Kokomo, Indiana at the Chrysler Transmission Plant. They are very happy with how fast and successfully the line is running. They told me it speaks to the quality of our work at Patti Engineering."