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American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians News  | May 28, 2014




  1. Room Block ends Friday, May 30 for June 20-21 Spinal & Non-Spinal Interventional Techniques Workshop  
  2. Doctors Split on Zohydro, a Longer-Lasting Painkiller 
  3. When Physicians' Careers Suffer Because They Refuse to Prescribe Narcotics
  4. How GOP's Health-Law Attacks Are Evolving
  5. VA Approves Plan Allowing More Vets to Access Private Care
  6. Insurers Push to Rein In Spending on Cancer Care
  7. Some Democrats Talking Up Health Law On Stump
  8. Court deals setback to hospital 340B drug discounts
  9. ASIPP Now Offers Animations to Enhance Your Communication and Marketing Needs
  10. 10 things rehab centers won’t tell you
  11. State Society News 
  12. Physician Wanted 

juneRoom Block Ends Friday, May 30 for June Spinal and Non-Spinal Interventional Techniques Review Course and Cadaver Workshop - Register Today!



This 2-day comprehensive review course and cadaver workshop on spinal interventional techniques (basic and intermediate levels) and non-spinal interventional techniques. Participants experience a comprehensive and intense learning opportunity, focusing on interventional pain management techniques.



This intensive review course in spinal and non-spinal interventional techniques is planned as a CME activity for interventional pain physicians-for review, skills improvement or to fullfil state board requirements for CME hours.



After this course, participants should be able to:

- Describe the delivery of multiple aspects of interventional pain management.

- Review multiple areas of interventional pain management including spinal and non-spinal techniques.

- Demonstrate skills through interactive hands-on cadaver workshop.



Physicians should be able to integrate multiple aspects of spinal and non-spinal techniques in interventional pain management in treating their patients so that patients have better outcomes and reduced side effects.






212 N. Kingshighway, St. Louis, MO 63108 - (877) 587-2427

The discounted nightly rate of $160 is available through May 30, 2014 or until sold out which ever occurs first. Ask for the ASIPP room block when registering.


CLICK HERE for Brochure


CLICK HERE to Register

DoctorDoctors Split on Zohydro, a Longer-Lasting Painkiller 

Experts See More Consistent Relief From a New Drug, But Also Potential for Abuse


James Patrick Murphy, a pain specialist, and nurse Debbie Tichenor at the Murphy Pain Center in Louisville, Ky. Dr Murphy has prescribed Zohydro to patients. Heather Chester

Striking the right balance between relieving chronic pain and reducing the risk of addiction is a task that continues to bedevil doctors.


The new painkiller Zohydro has sparked worries that it will worsen an epidemic of abuse of pain medications. But some doctors are prescribing it because they say it fills a gap in patient care by providing long hours of relief, in contrast to older drugs with the same active ingredient that are taken every few hours.


Wall Street Journal 


WhenWhen Physicians' Careers Suffer Because They Refuse to Prescribe Narcotics



Tony is a 50 year old Midwestern emergency physician who quit practicing medicine last year, in large part because he was frustrated with his patient satisfaction scores. Tony is not an incompetent or uncaring physician. Quite the opposite-he was known by his colleagues and the majority of his patients to be a first-class doctor, though he did not want his real name used to avoid professional repercussions. How then could low patient satisfaction scores drive him from the practice of medicine?



The Atlantic
How How GOP's Health-Law Attacks Are Evolving



Republicans have engaged in an unrelenting attack on Democrats running in tough elections over the Affordable Care Act. But as the primaries give way to the general elections, GOP strategy around health care also may shift.

Republicans won't back off their push to repeal the law, but the message is likely to be more nuanced, said Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who has long studied the politics of health care.


In the primaries, attacking the health law in broad strokes was a stand-in for attacking President Barack Obama, he said. But to appeal to a wider swath of voters in a general election, and to respond to increasingly aggressive Democratic attacks, he said Republicans will need to be more specific about what isn't working.



Wall Street Journal Blog



VAVA Approves Plan Allowing More Vets to Access Private Care


Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil offers thoughts and solutions on the issue.



America's Newsroom


InsurersInsurers Push to Rein In Spending on Cancer Care


Cleveland Clinic's Taussig Cancer Institute will participate in the WellPoint program 'where it makes sense,' and the extra $350 payment 'is not something we'd ignore,' said Taussig Chaiman Brian J. Bolwell. Bloomberg

Insurers are changing how they pay for cancer care, aiming to blunt soaring costs and push oncologists to adhere to standardized treatment guidelines.


The largest effort yet is set to be unveiled by WellPoint Inc., WLP -0.31% which will begin offering oncologists a $350-per-month payment for each patient who is on one of the insurer's recommended regimens. WellPoint, the No. 2 insurer in the U.S., will roll out its new program July 1 in six states and through its entire network by the middle of next year. Initially, it will focus on breast, lung and colorectal cancer, but it will expand to other forms of the disease.



Wall Street Journal 


Access to this article may be limited 



SomeSome Democrats Talking Up Health Law On Stump


Democratic candidates have begun to take a more assertive stance on the Affordable Care Act, highlighting the most popular benefits of the law and attacking Republicans for trying to repeal them.


Not long ago, many Democrats were in a defensive crouch when it came to health care, amid public anger about the botched rollout of the federal website to sign up for insurance and stories of people who lost existing coverage because it didn't meet federal standards. Many focused on fixes they said should be made to the law rather than trying to convince voters of its benefits. 


Wall Street Journal 


Access to this article may be limited.

CourtCourt deals setback to hospital 340B drug discounts 


The pharmaceutical industry scored another victory Friday in its battle to limit access to lower-priced drugs through HHS' 340B drug discount program.

A U.S. district court judge ruled rural and cancer hospitals participating in 340B program could not buy high-priced rare disease drugs at discounted prices if the drugs were being used for common conditions, according to Drug Discount Monitor, the newsletter of the Safety Net Hospitals for Pharmaceutical Access.


Modern Health Care



ASIPPASIPP Now Offers Animations to Enhance Your Communication and Marketing Needs


ASIPP Marketing Services (AMS) is now a reseller of View Medica Pain Management procedure animations. Procedure animations can be used on ASIPP-TV24 in your waiting room, your web site, and/or hand held devices in consultations with your patients. These high-quality, low-cost animations can be purchased through ASIPP by contacting Ray Lane at rlane@asipp.org or 270-554-9412. ext. 220. 


Things10 things rehab centers won't tell you

Look out for pricey programs, unorthodox therapies and lackluster success rates


1. We're not always that effective.


Amy Winehouse sang about it in a Top 10 hit. Celebrities have embraced it as almost a rite of passage. And one former First Lady made it a key part of her legacy. We're talking rehab, as in the process of undergoing extensive - and sometimes costly - treatment for substance abuse, often in an inpatient setting. 


WSJ Market Watch


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