Restorative Practices
October 2015
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"The fundamental premise of restorative practices is that people are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in authority do things WITH them, rather than TO them or FOR them." 
- Ted Wachtel, The International Institute for Restorative Practices


At PLC, we believe all people want to live in peaceful and supportive communities, but we know it's often hard to do this while also holding people accountable for their behavior and managing the feelings of others and ourselves. 

That's where Restorative Practices can help. They are specific tools which can be utilized in many types of groups that are proven to build relationships and create communities which reduce/prevent conflicts. 
This month's newsletter is focused on how restorative practices can be utilized in families and schools to create welcoming places in which all people feel heard and valued.   
This issue of PLC News includes:
  • Upcoming events - Including tabling opportunities at our 18th Annual MLK Fest!
  • "How to choose effective strategies for disciplining kids" in Family Programs
  • The impact of The Impact Fund in Children & Youth
  • 3 Steps to Peace in Tim's Peace Update
  • "Family Rules We Live By" in Grow Yourself

Peace on,
WHAT: Join us and volunteer instructor Kimberly Demaree for a restorative yoga session.
WHEN: Sun., Oct. 25 at 11 am, Mon., Oct. 26 at 6 pm, and Sat., Oct. 31 at 9 am
WHERE: Peace Learning Center - Eagle Creek Park
Click here to Register and LEARN MORE

APRIL 4, 1968 
Presented by our friends at Kennedy King Memorial Initiative 
and the Indiana Repertory Theatre
WHAT: A play based on the story of an Indianapolis family that witnesses the historic Robert Kennedy speech about the tragic death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Written by the IRT's playwright-in-residence, James Still.
WHEN:  World Premiere - Oct. 20 - Nov. 15
WHERE: Indianapolis Repertory Theatre (Note: This is not a PLC event.)
Click here to Register and LEARN MORE
Please use promo code: PARK1968

A PLC Partnership with the Desmond Tutu Center (DTC)
WHAT: Youth Fellows, ages 16-21, from Central Indiana will be selected to travel to South Africa on an educational tour led by DTC Executive Director, Allen Boesak, close colleague and friend of Desmond Tutu. The two-week trip will take place during the last two weeks of July with expenses covered by the Desmond Tutu Center.
WHEN:  Applications are due January 1, 2016
Click here to apply and LEARN MORE

Planting Seeds of Peace
WHAT: A free multi-generational festival to celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his vision of "Beloved Community". This year's festival will highlight environmental justice issues through workshops and speakers while also including annual favorites such as music, art, dancing, poetry, a non-profit resource fair, and many other family-friendly activities. 
TABLING: We are currently reserving tables for other local 501(c)3 nonprofits to connect with the 800 plus attendees during the event. Please click here to reserve a table online.
SPONSORSHIP: We also still have sponsorship opportunities available for business and organizations that wish to demonstrate their support for peace and diversity in our community. Click here to learn more.
WHEN:  Saturday, January 16, 2016, 11 am - 3 pm
WHERE: Christian Theological Seminary
Visit peacelearningcenter.org/mlk to learn more.

"be the change"
WHAT: Includes 30 permanent interactive exhibits designed to build empathy and compassion by showing people of all ages how small changes they make in their daily lives can make a big difference for our planet and in our world. 
WHEN: Mondays-Fridays, 9:30 am - 4 pm and by appt. on evenings and weekends
WHERE: Peace Learning Center - Eagle Creek Park
Alex Rowan is this month's Volunteer of the Month.  As a volunteer Alex, has been joining us weekly to lend a hand and help with our school field trips!   Jay Horan, our volunteer and intern coordinator, has worked closely with Alex and said,  "Alex is a part of our team.  He jumped in into program ming feet first and he did it all with a smile!   He is funny and kind and we love having him around.  When we talk about our youth team, we definitely include him as a part of that.   He has helped us be successful this year and he deserves this recognition." 

Thank you Alex for everything you have done for our organization. We are very grateful to have you on our team!
Indy Do Day Volunteers pose for a group photo after teaching "be the change" lessons to students at IPS #34.
As always, PLC volunteers are busy making a difference everyday! Thanks to all of you who helped support our mission to educate, 
inspire and empower people to build peaceful communities this past month!

To learn about other volunteer opportunities, contact Jay Horan at jhoran@peacelearningcenter.org or visit peacelearningcenter.org/volunteer to complete an online volunteer application.


Indy Bar Foundation Supports Restorative Practices

We are very excited about the impact we'll be able to have in schools this year, thanks to the Indianapolis Bar Foundation! PLC was recently awarded a $35,000 Impact Fund grant to implement two restorative practices as effective alternatives to suspensions and expulsions at IPS elementary schools in the city's high crime areas. 

With their support, we will train peer mediators utilizing Peers Making Peace, a nationally recognized evidence-based program, and implement restorative justice circles at our One Indy elementary school partners.

All PLC programs teach conflict resolution, communication, and healthy relationship skills (i.e. Social-Emotional Learning skills) to students, but this approach is different because it will combine our preventative programming with two other restorative practices that will impact overall school culture. 

Click here to read more.

Interested in learning how restorative practices can make your school an even better place to learn? Contact Kristina Hulvershorn, director of youth programs, at 317-327-7144 or by email at khulvershorn@peacelearningcenter.org

How to Choose Effective Consequences for Disciplining Children

Research shows the best way to help children learn how to behave is not about how well parents, teachers, or other caring adults punish them, but rather how strong their relationship is with the child they are guiding. 

Gordon Neufeld, PhD Psychologist and Author, explains this concepts and shares advice for parents on how to choose effective consequences that will help children learn the proper way to behave in this two minute video:

Interested in learning more about PLC Family Programs? Email Naeemah Jackson, Family Programs Director at NJackson@peacelearningcenter.org or call her at 317.327.7144.

Three Steps to Peace
At the core, Restorative Practices are about building and sustaining positive relationships and community. This is why family relationships can tremendously benefit by implementing components of Restorative Practices. 
Much of what I've learned about peace comes from my family, who've helped me instill a sense of love and belonging in my heart. 
Click here to read more.
This section was written by Tim Nation, Executive Director and Co-founder of Peace Learning Center.
Family "Rules" We Live By

Our house has a revolving door.  Our friends, neighbors and kids friends are always stopping by and sometimes stay for a day or two or....more.  I often wonder why these individuals like to "hang out" at our house. 

My ego says "WOW! We must be great parents and friends!" So I went on a quest and asked why our home is their "landing hub" and here's the answers I received:  Your house is so calm and peaceful.  There's no judgments made here. I feel like part of your family. It keeps me out of my parent's "messes" and makes me feel calm. I love that you always do things together and I feel included.  

This made me realize that the rules we try to live by in our home are working - although, admittedly, we aren't always successful at following them ourselves.  We're not perfect, but we try and that has to count for something, right?   

So, here are some of the family rules we live by, not in any specific order, that I'd like to share with you.  We don't have all the answers, I just know these work for us in our home. 

Click here to learn more.

Written by Lisa Jones, PLC's director of human resources and operations. 
Make Good Changes Happen!  
Please help us thank some of our donors this past month who are helping make peace possible!

Business/Organization Donations:
  • Northview Church of the Brethren
  • Citizen's Energy Group
  • Maurer Family Foundation, Inc. - Mickey's Camp
  • Kimberly Demaree by donating her time and talents to lead Mindful Yoga sessions
  • Teresa Baker, PLC Board Member
  • John and Janie Westermeier
If you'd like to join them in supporting peace education, please click here to donate now! 
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