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September 2015
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"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things."
- Mother Teresa  
Proposal at the Mustached Turtle Dash...
she said "Yes!"

This month's newsletter is focused on how all of us have unique gifts that add to the common good. After 18 years of teaching conflict resolution, communication, and healthy relationship skills to people of all ages, we have found this to be true without fail.  

This issue of PLC News includes:
  • Upcoming events - Including a fantastic opportunity for youth (hint: South Africa)
  • The story of Mr. Anybody in youth programs
  • 7 Things to Always Say to Your Family 
  • Frederick the mouse and his special gift
Finally, many thanks to all of you who joined us for the 3rd Annual Mustached Turtle Dash this past Saturday! It was a fun event that was made even better by a surprise marriage proposal! Click here to see more photos from the event.  
Peace on,
WHAT: Middle school is one of the most challenging times in a child's life which makes parenting and/or teaching middle schoolers equally challenging. During Part 2 of the Parenting Through Peace workshop series, PLC volunteer and expert in Montessori Integrated Learning, Tamara Castleman will share tips to help parents and teachers ease tensions with middle school children and avoid conflicts that break down communication. 
WHEN:  Sunday, Oct.  4, 2-4 pm
WHERE: Peace Learning Center - Eagle Creek Park
MORE DETAILS: Childcare is available for children 5-12 years old. This workshop is being offered free of charge, but registration is required.
Click here to Register and LEARN MORE

WHAT: Join us, and volunteer instructor Kimberly Demaree, for one or more of the eight scheduled yoga sessions in October!
  • Mondays: Oct. 5, Oct.19, and Oct. 26 at 6 pm
  • Tuesdays: Oct. 13 at 6 pm
  • Saturdays: Oct.17 and Oct. 31 at 9 am
  • Sundays: Oct.11 and Oct. 25 at 11 am
WHERE: Peace Learning Center - Eagle Creek Park
Click here to Register and LEARN MORE

APRIL 4, 1968 
Presented by our friends at Kennedy King Memorial Initiative 
and the Indiana Repertory Theatre
WHAT: A play based on the story of an Indianapolis family that witnesses the historic Robert Kennedy speech about the tragic death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Written by the IRT's playwright-in-residence, James Still.
WHEN:  World Premiere - Oct. 20 - Nov. 15
WHERE: Indianapolis Repertory Theatre (Note: This is not a PLC event.)
Click here to Register and LEARN MORE
Please use promo code: PARK1968

A PLC Partnership with the Desmond Tutu Center (DTC)
WHAT: Youth Fellows, ages 16-21, from Central Indiana will be selected to travel to South Africa on an educational tour led by DTC Executive Director, Allen Boesak, close colleague and friend of Desmond Tutu. The two-week trip will take place during the last two weeks of July with expenses covered by the Desmond Tutu Center.
WHEN:  Applications are due January 1, 2016
Click here to apply and LEARN MORE

"be the change"
WHAT: Includes 30 permanent interactive exhibits designed to build empathy and compassion by showing people of all ages how small changes they make in their daily lives can make a big difference for our planet and in our world. 
WHEN: Mondays-Fridays, 9:30 am - 4 pm and by appt. on evenings and weekends
WHERE: Peace Learning Center - Eagle Creek Park
Josh Herrington is one of PLC's newest volunteers and played an integral role in preparing for the One Indy Launch Party. Jay Horan, our volunteer and intern coordinator, has worked closely with Josh and said, "Josh is easy going and a team player. He doesn't mind doing the 'dirty work' that often goes on behind the scenes of programming. It's because of volunteers like him that we can pull off our events!"

Thank you Josh for everything you have done for our organization. We are very grateful to have you on our team!
The volunteer crew that made our 3rd Annual Mustached Turtle Dash a huge success!

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who've supported us recently by helping with our events, tabling to share our story, reading to children through our Peace Pages program, and maintaining our beautiful building in the woods of Eagle Creek Park. We couldn't do what we do without your support!

To learn about other volunteer opportunities, contact Jay Horan at jhoran@peacelearningcenter.org or visit peacelearningcenter.org/volunteer to complete an online volunteer application.


I have been known to ask educators and youth workers, "How do we get better at basketball or become better readers?"  Without hesitation, they always tell me, "practice."  Next I ask, "how do we get better at resolving conflict?"  Almost always I am answered with silence.  In some groups who are willing to be honest, I hear things like "You get sent to the principal's office" or "you get told to be quiet."  

The skills required to coexist peacefully with each other are the same skills that help us learn together and help us create healthy communities.  Believe it or not, much of our time is spent convincing those who work with children that these skills deserve time and attention. 

Click here to read more.

Written by Kristina Hulvershorn, Director of Youth Programs. Learn more about Peace Learning Center programs by visiting our website at peacelearningcenter.org/what-we-do/ or email Kristina at khulvershorn@peacelearningcenter.org

And 7 Things You Should Always Say to Family

Today, right now - all families face challenges that can and do put terrific strains on establishing and maintaining harmony and peace.

That is why we decided to offer PLC multi-family workshops throughout the year at each of our One Indy partner schools. Through all PLC family workshops, we help families understand how to grow and nurture the love that binds them.

These interactive, non-threatening, and non-judgmental workshops start by focusing on the positive qualities in each family and highlight the unique gifts each family member adds to their small community. The goal is to help families understand they are working to make what is good even better. 

Click here to read more.

Interested in learning more about PLC Family Programs? Email Naeemah Jackson, Family Programs Director at NJackson@peacelearningcenter.org or call her at 317.327.7144.


IPS students learn how to raise their kindness quotient
Indianapolis Star, Sept. 14 by Maureen C. Gilmer
Click here to read the article.
Peace Learning Center in Eagle Creek Park teaches lessons in conflict resolution, compassion, and anti-bullying.

It isn't very often that a news article perfectly describes what we do at Peace Learning Center AND why we do it. That's why we are excited to share this recent Indianapolis Star article with all of you. 

It showcases many of the critical components in our programs developed during the last 18 years through research-based best practices and our own experience teaching people of all ages how to resolve conflicts without violence, maintain healthy relationships, and communicate well with others. 

This article also demonstrates the range of audiences we serve - preschool children, k-5th grade students, teenagers, families, teachers, organizations, and corporations. 

Finally, it describes how through our new One Indy initiative we are bringing the best of everything we have to offer to schools serving students who face tremendous challenges in their lives - students who deserve peaceful, supportive communities that help them achieve success in the classroom and throughout their lives.

This is our city, these are our children. We are calling this initiative One Indy because it means we care about each other and we are working together to create a better future for all children in our community.

We invite you to join us this school year by sharing the best of what you have to offer, no matter how small or unusual it may seem, to make a real, lasting difference for children and youth in our community. 

Be sure to check our One Indy web page for updates about the initiative. And be sure to give your local school a call to see what you can do to support the students they serve.
This section is written by Tim Nation, Executive Director and Co-founder of Peace Learning Center.
Frederick Taught Us - We All Have Gifts to Offer
Frederick - Animated Version

Children's book often teach very important life lessons. Frederick by Leo Lionni is one of those books. Through delightful illustrations and an enjoyable story about a family of field mice, we learn Frederick, who at first appears not to be contributing, is actually a mouse who has a unique gift he shares with his family.  

By reading this story and taking time to think about it later, we can gain better understanding about the gifts all of us have to share for the common good of all people. What an inspiring idea! 

In a recent Teaching Tolerance article, Dr. Ruth A. Wilson shares how Frederick can be used with children to inspire deeper thinking about their own gifts, the gifts of those around them and the concept of "common good". If you have children (or just love reading children's books), her article is an excellent how-to resource to create a powerful social-emotional skills building lesson. 

Make Good Changes Happen!  
Please help us thank some of our donors this past month who are helping make peace possible!

Students from IPS #51 thank the Gordon Flesch Charitable Foundation for their generosity!
Business/Organization Donations:
Click here to read more.

If you'd like to join them in supporting peace education, please click here to donate now! 
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