On being the change
March 2015
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"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."

- Barack Obama



There are so many ways you can "be the change" that sometimes it's difficult to know where to start! However, in this month's newsletter, we're sharing a few easy ways you can get started on making a big difference.

We're featuring a new program launched in collaboration with HEART called "be the change" that inspires and empowers people to make a difference by distilling some of our world's most pressing challenges into easy to understand and fun interactive displays. 

We've also included ways you can get involved in making our community a better place. And, Tim Nation, PLC's executive director, shares why you can rest easy knowing the youth we serve should give all of us hope for the future. 


Finally, we are very proud to report PLC's work at John Marshall High School and several other Indianapolis Public Schools and successful partnership with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was featured recently in several news stories.

Click on the links below to see these recent news stories about how your support is making an impact in our community: 

Together, we can be the change!


Peace on,

POP Logo 


When: Tuesday, April 14, 6-7:30 pm, networking until 8 pm

Where: TBD
What:  Visit peacelearningcenter.org/pop for more details and for registration information.

What is POP? Peace Learning Center's young professional's group that empowers its members to build bridges within central Indianapolis by increasing community awareness through the impact of service.


Please contact jhoran@peacelearningcenter.org for more information.  


Intergenerational Understanding Workshop

When: Thursday, April 16, 1-4 pm 
Where: Peace Learning Center, 6040 DeLong Rd., Indianapolis, IN 
What: Intergenerational Understanding Workshop: Gain a better understanding of generational differences in your home, workplace, and community and practice new skills to bridge those generational divides. To learn more or to register visit:

Click here to register and learn more. Or, click here to see a full list of our 2015 Third Thursdays: Community Workshop Series. 

The $25 workshop fee includes a park pass. To ensure PLC programs are financially accessible for all, we are offering course discounts based on a sliding fee scale. Please contact Director of Community Programs John McShane at jmcshane@peacelearningcenter.org or by phone at 317.327.7144 to request a workshop discount.

Blaze Pizza Peace Crew Fundraiser

When: Thursday, April 16, 5-8 pm
Where: Blaze Pizza, 913 Indiana Ave, Indianapolis (By IUPUI)
What: Bring a copy of the event flyer (click on link below for PDF copy), present it to the cashier before you order, and 20% of your purchase will benefit PLC's Peace Crew program. Blaze Pizza prices are very affordable and they offer vegan and gluten free options as well. All pizzas are 11 inches and prepared to order in less than 5 minutes.



 GRAND OPENING: Open House & Tours


When: Saturday, April 18, 10 am - 2 pm

Where: Peace Learning Center - Ground Floor

What: Tours starting at 11 am and 1 pm. Registration is not required, but those who register to attend will be sent a gate pass for Eagle Creek Park and will not be required to pay the $5 gate entry fee. Click here to register to attend! 


What is "be the change"? After 15 years of changing lives through peace education, Peace Learning Center in partnership with HEART Indy has created "be the change" - an interactive eco-inspiration space and workshop series designed to show people of all ages how small changes they make in their daily lives can make a big difference for our planet and in our world. Click here to learn more about be the change.



PLC's 3rd Annual Mustached Turtle Dash:

Registration is open!


When: Saturday, Sept. 26th, 8:30 am

Where: Peace Learning Center - Eagle Creek Park

What: 5k run/walk, 10k and 15k run to benefit PLC's peace education programs

Click here to learn more and register. 




Peace Learning Center would like to recognize Rose Voigt as the volunteer of the month.


Rose attends Cardinal Ritter High School and dedicates three hours a week to volunteer for Peace Learning Center.  She has been extremely helpful in the implementation of many exhibits for "be the change".   

Kristina Hulvershorn, PLC's youth program director,  has worked closely with Rose and said, "Rose is such a sweet and dedicated volunteer. Her smile and willingness to do whatever it takes has helped us in so many ways.  Whether advising us from a teenage perspective to sanding and painting, we couldn't do what we do without her."


Are you interested in volunteering at Peace Learning Center? 

Conact Jay at jhoran@peacelearningcenter.org to learn how you can make a difference or click here to visit our website to complete a volunteer interest survey. 





Join together in the spirit of GENEROUS SHARING through the Koinonia Project to clean-up and beautify the community! #CommonUnity


This street clean-up and neighborhood beautification project is being organized by youth in a PLC Peace Crew program at John Marshall Community High School and other neighborhood schools. 


200-300 volunteers needed from 9 am - 2 pm for a street clean-up on the following days:

  • March 24 at 38th Street & Franklin to 38th Street & Mitthoffer
  • March 25 at 42nd Street & Post to 42nd Street & Mitthoffer
  • March 26 - Finishing-up
To register as a volunteer or learn more about the project, visit www.peacelearningcenter.org/koinonia-project or contact Jay Horan at jhoran@peacelearningcenter.org.

Sneak Peek of be the change

What is "be the change"?


At Peace Learning Center, we think of peace as a series of concentric circles starting with self, others, and then rippling out to the community.  If we are to truly have a peaceful community (both global and local), we must not only take fellow humans into account but also the environment and the creatures who share our environment with us.  


To that end, we work hard to encourage participants in our programs to consider the world beyond themselves-which is no easy endeavor.  Let's face it, although compelling, the facts and figures about our world's most pressing problems cause most of us to glaze over.   


To address this challenge, we have created an interactive exhibit at Peace Learning Center called "be the change."  "be the change" will give participants an inviting space to learn meaningful ways that they can use their own lives to help other humans, animals, and our environment.


In the true spirit of Ghandi's notion, "be the change you wish to see in the world" we have used repurposed, reused, and sustainable materials to create a series of thoughtful and interactive exhibits for both youth and adults.  


Have you ever wondered how much a pound of CO2 really is?  Come check out our CO2 display! 


What about the impact of your dinner on pollution or water use?  We've got that, too!  


Finding ways to convey wonky, often depressing data and statistics in playful and hands-on ways is one way we are helping people make the connections between their everyday actions and the impacts they have on our planet, on animals, and on other humans.   Activities are designed to be interesting for adults and kids alike, making this a great place to bring your family!


"be the change" is a collaborative effort with HEART (teachhumane.org) and will open its doors to the public on April 18th.  Please come join us for our grand opening on April 18, 2015 from 10:00-2:00 with tours at 11:00 and 1:00. 


To register for the open house (and for a free park pass) go to: peacelearningcenter.org/be-the-change


Tim Nation, Executive Director and Co-Founder


While news stories of teen mayhem and conflict focus our attention on the dark side of violence and mental illness, it may seem as if there is little hope for our children and our future.


However, we at Peace Learning Center get to see the real side of youth in our community and I'm proud to report you have nothing to fear.


Sure there are youth fights and disagreements, but that has always been the case.  What is different is that most people now have video cameras on their phones and are able to broadcast their problems for all to see.


Peace Learning Center works with more than 1,500 middle and high school students right in their classrooms - we are stationed at John Marshall, Northwest, Crispus Attucks, and Washington high schools to provide conflict resolution and peace education in health and social studies classes on a daily basis.  We take over a day at a time for a teacher and stay in the classroom all semester or year depending on the needs of the school.


Many of the young people we serve want to change their school and neighborhood environments and are eager to step up to share their ideas and put their words into action.


We mobilize these youth to be the change they want to see.  Our Peace Crews are made of high school students who learn how to facilitate our curriculum to their peers and younger students.  It is amazing to see them build relationships with elementary students to give them hope that they too can graduate from high school and go on to college.  Teachers are impressed to see their former elementary students now in high school ready to go to college.


When you give youth responsibilities, they will rise to the challenge and grow with the opportunity for service. 


How can you be the change by creating internships, jobs, mentoring or other opportunities for youth to grow? 


Change Starts with You: Seeing the World Around You


Last weekend, my husband and I took our cameras on a trek to Fountain Square in Indianapolis. If you live in the area, it's worth a trip to enjoy all the interesting things going on there. There's a little bit of everything. The photo to the side is a shot that captivated me.

Walking about with our cameras, we started with the simple shots - an interesting manhole cover, some beautiful trim around a door frame, figures around a fountain in a forever pose. The fine details came into view and were captured in the camera viewfinder. I began to notice more and more small things. Some glitter and shiny metallic shapes had been strewn across the sidewalk. I got down on my knees to try and get just the right shot to capture their sparkles against the matte texture of the sidewalk.

I invite you to identify something like photography that speaks to you and your interests. When you immerse yourself in it and enjoy the moments, what do you notice? What do you appreciate most? What do your interests tell you about yourself and what you value? This week, I hope that you'll have a chance to pay some attention to your personal mindfulness and enjoy where it takes you.


Click here to read more.

This section is written by PLC guest blogger Lisa Robinson who is the creator and author of the Mindful Path blog series.

Make Good Changes Happen!  
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