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October 2014
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"We focus so much on our differences, and that is creating, I think, a lot of chaos and negativity and bullying in the world. And I think if everybody focused on what we all have in common - which is - we all want to be happy." - Ellen DeGeneres


Hi (Contact First Name), 


October is National Bullying Prevention Month which is a perfect time to learn how to prevent bullying and other forms of peer aggression in schools.     


Peace Learning Center is focusing on Bullying Prevention because preventing it is an important component of creating peaceful and healthy communities.   

However, bullying doesn't just happen in schools. We were recently awarded a $20,000 grant from the Central Indiana Senior Fund, a fund of the CICF, to expand our peace education programs to local senior living programs due to their need for effective bullying prevention to protect the physical and mental health of their vulnerable residents.   


Our approach to bullying prevention involves engaging entire communities (be it schools, workplaces, or even retirement homes) to create cultures of peace where differences are embraced, everyone has a voice, and all members are able to coexist peacefully. So, no matter what kind of community you belong to, we are here to help.   


Read on to learn about upcoming PLC events and find out how people like you are making an impact in our community by supporting peace education.


Peace on,



  All Focus 2020 workshops are offered at no cost to you, but registration is required. Please note: The Focus 2020 workshop series will end in December 2014 which will allow us to offer a series of new public learning opportunities! 


Focus 2020 Orientation 
Thursday, Nov. 20, 12:30 - 3:30 pm at Peace Learning Center 
Click here to register or learn more.

Creating a Culture of Peace   
Thursday, Dec. 11, 12:30 - 3:30 pm at Peace Learning Center 
Click here to register or learn more. 


 Who:  Youths ages 9-17 who grasp our climate reality and want to get engaged in solutions both personal and civic in scope.

What: A fun and interactive mini camp that will allow you to...
  • come meet or catch-up with past Climate Campers and help reconnect our community;
  • help plan our series of 2015 mini camps that will culminate in next summer's week-long camp;
  • and, join our community if you haven't already gotten involved.

When: Saturday, Nov. 8, 1-6 pm at Peace Learning Center   

Please RSVP to Jim Poyser at  jimpoyser@earthcharterindiana.org  to confirm your attendance and also to receive a parking pass.


POP Logo

What:  A night to meet other young professionals and share your thoughts about peace. $5 suggested donation, appetizers provided. POP (People of Peace) is Peace Learning Center's young professional's group that empowers its members to build bridges within central Indianapolis by increasing community awareness through the impact of service.

When: Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014, 6-7:30 pm, networking until 8 pm 

Where: Peace Learning Center, 6040 DeLong Road, Indianapolis

Click here to RSVP to receive a park pass. 



"Ain't gonna Study War no More" and "Gonna lay my burdens Down"

What: Featuring presentations and a testimonial by Kizito D. Kalima, Rwanda Genocide Survivor and Peace Activist

When: Fridays: Nov. 14, 2014, Dec. 5, and Dec. 19 from 5:30-6:30 pm

Where: Center of Interfaith Cooperation, 1100 W. 42nd St. Room 145, Indianapolis


To register please RSVP with number of attendees to zkalima@yahoo.fr or call 317-363-8065.  

What: Free family-friendly Community Festival to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Saturday, Jan. 17, 11 am - 3 pm 
Where: Christian Theological Seminary, 1000 West 42nd Street, Indianapolis

Click here to learn more about sponsorship, tabling, and volunteer opportunities!   
PLC PROGRAMS:  Youth Programs

After another wonderful summer,

ABC News Reporter Katie Heinz introduces the Peace Crew and shares how they are making a difference. 

our team has been busy getting this school year off to a peaceful start. In fact, we are very proud of our Peace Crew students at IPS Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School who were featured in a news segment on RTV6 ABC News on Friday, 10/3 at 6

pm! Click here to see the segment and learn more. 


This year we will continue to partner with many schools and organizations and to build relationships, foster critical thinking, and encourage youth to build bridges for peace and justice in their own communities.


We have already worked with groups from Central Elementary; Decatur; Arsenal  Technical High School; Crispus Attucks High School; and IPS Elementary Schools 63, 49,  82,  46, and 31. We are also implementing long-term partnerships with IPS Elementary Schools 93, 105, and 15; Meridian Transitions; John Marshall; and George Washington.


We were able to host a weekend-long retreat for more than 200 Starfish Scholars at Camp Tecumseh where youth learned about finding their voice and their passions.


In early September we trained a group of pre-service teachers from Marian University to work with students at IPS Elementary School 15 to institute Peace Tables into their school.  


How can you create a more peaceful school or organizational environment?

This season can be a challenging one in schools in which teachers and youth often feel unheard due to a focus on testing and just getting in back in the swing of things. So, it's a good time of year to aake a moment and listen to those around you - a little more than you usually would. Just beyond our tendencies to dismiss and judge, are the places where we can find common ground.  If thousands of Peace Learning Center participants can do it, so can you!


For additional information PLC's youth programs, please contact Kristina Hulvershorn at KHulvershorn@peacelearningcenter.org or visit www.peacelearningcenter.org to learn more about how PLC can help you! 



Indy Do Day is a people-powered community day of service when the residents of Indianapolis take ownership of their neighborhoods and take care of their neighbors.   


And that is exactly what happened at Peace Learning Center's Indy Do Day Project on Oct. 2.  Nearly 30 volunteers from Exact Target and Roundpeg Marketing came together to craft for a cause.   Volunteers created flowers out of recycled paper for our Peace Crew to sell as a fundraiser for their spring service trip to the Big Apple!    


Peace Learning Center's Peace Crew at Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet is a group of high school students who volunteer every Friday at local elementary schools to teach their elementary school peers about peace, conflict resolution, and the importance of graduating. After serving locally for over a year, it is their dream to spend a week doing service in NYC!   


Do you want to support their cause and sponsor a student?  A donation of  $500.00 ensures that one young Indianapolis Youth gets the experience of the lifetime!  (Any size donation is accepted and of course appreciated!)   Contact Stacy Robinson at srobinson@peacelearningcenter.org or click here to make a secure online donation. 




Peace Learning Center would like to recognize Ashley Tucker as volunteer of the month! Ashley has worked diligently to lead groups of volunteers in major renovation projects at the Peace Learning Center.  She is also a member of People of Peace (POP), Peace Learning Center's young professionals group.   


Jay Horan, volunteer and intern coordinator, has worked closely with Ashley and says, "Ashley Talker is just a ball of passion.  It seeps from her pores and infects anyone who comes in contact with her.  She has accomplished so much for the PLC and I am so proud and thankful for all her hard work.  She loves PLC and will do anything to help spread our message and help us work towards a more peaceful Indy."

Thank you Ashley for everything you have done for our organization.  We are very grateful to have you on our team!


Are you interested in volunteering at Peace Learning Center? Conact Jay Horan at
jhoran@peacelearningcenter.org to learn how you can make a difference.

You can also visit our website at www.peacelearningcenter.org for additional information about volunteering at Peace Learning Center.



  • More than 175,000 people have participated in our programs. 
  • Our research-based programs are proven to reduce fights and discipline problems by more than 70%.
  • Our curriculum has been implemented in nine US cities and five countries worldwide. 
  • More than $18.6 million has been raised to invest in youth peace education initiatives. 

This is Peace Learning Center's record since we started in 1997.


How do we do it?  With help from people like YOU.  You are part of a community of people who believe and participate in our mission and vision - to educate, inspire and empower people to live peacefully.


This year alone, by supporting our $1 million Be Peace Campaign, you've made it possible for us to achieve the following: 

  • Daily summer programs with a wide variety of camps from Indy Parks, neighborhood centers and schools.  We also hosted a Social Justice Leadership Camp that lasted two full weeks and a Climate Camp through a partnership with HEART and Earth Charter IndianaMore than 2,000 youth and camp staff participated in our 2014 summer programs.
  • The first ever Make Some Noise!  Upstanders Unite Against Bullying Teen Summit
  •  Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard recently demonstrated strong support for PLC by including our programs in his crime prevention plans for the city.

It is not complicated.  We need to focus on teaching peacemaking to children like we teach sports, math, and music.


Values of compassion, empathy, forgiveness and perseverance are integral to peace, but somehow our society has gotten off track.


PLC's strength is starting with an assumption - that everyone attending our learning sessions has something to teach us - that knowledge is in the group, not just in one individual.


Exploring the root causes of violence, sharing each other's experiences with failure and success, and learning to deal with stress gives youth and adults tools to build safety and community.


When we face our fears, stereotypes, and assumptions, we learn to focus on similarities more than differences.  We learn that today's youth are intelligent, creative leaders who are more than capable of leading us when it is their turn.


Let us all build hope and understanding to bring light to darkness, and love to fear.


Thank you for being part of the Peace Learning Center team.



This month I'm focusing on willpower.   


With all the Halloween chocolate and candy out there, I'm going to need to "kick-up" my willpower quite a bit. Temptation is chasing me! Chocolate in the stores, chocolate I give trick or treaters, chocolate my kids bring home, chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate frosting, and cookies shaped like witch fingers with chocolate accents that co-workers bring into work.  




Sitting at my kitchen table repeatedly writing, "Stay away from chocolate." isn't helping, but there is hope for me (and for you) yet.  Prevention Magazine has a helpful article called "Six Simple Ways to Pump Up Your Willpower.  Click here to read the article and save yourself from writer's cramp!  


This section is written by Lisa Jones, PLC's Director of Human Resources and Operations.   

Make Good Changes Happen!  

 All donations to Peace Learning Center are currently being used to support our $1 million Be Peace Campaign. Thanks to people like you, we've already raised $870,626. Please make a donation today to help us reach our goal to serve 10,000 people in 2014. Click here to donate now!
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